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This is a listing of plants that we will have in the spring.  Not all items are kept in stock throughout the summer and fall, so please call before coming to inquire about availability.  Phone # 618-483-5798.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc. and Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc., Willoway Nursery, Missouri Botanical Gardens, Proven Winners

ACANTHUS  (Bear's Breech)

A. spinosus
 A very handsome 'Bear's Breech' variety with distinctive, deeply cut glossy leaves with spiny margins. Soft mauve flowers to 3' long are produced from late spring to midsummer. Zone 5-9.
ACHILLEA  (Yarrow)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/ACH_Pomegranate_0001_copy.jpgAchillea  'Pomegranate'  Nice compact full sturdy habit with flat topped, red–purple flowers.  A dependable and carefree perennials with a strong and vigorous growth habit blooming summer into fall. Foliage carries a spicy fragrance.  Grows 2-3’ tall. Zone 4-8

A. millefolium ‘Paprika’  Gray-green, ferny foliage is topped with paprika red colored flowers with yellow centers from early to late summer. Grows 24” tall and wide. Zone 3-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15748-Achillea-millefoliumSaucy-SeductionPP20782.jpgA. m. ‘Saucy Seduction’  The seduction series of Yarrow have a compact, sturdy and robust habit. ‘Saucy‘, has flowers that open and intense fuchsia pink, lightening to medium pink. New flowers are produced all summer providing an array of color over an extended time.  Grows 18-24” tall. Zones 5-9 hardy.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16767-Achillea-millefoliumStrawberry-SeductionPP18401.jpgA. m. ‘Strawberry Seduction' Large clusters of strawberry red flowers with a gold center form a domed canopy atop a robust com­pact, upright clump of grey-green foliage. Grows 18-24”. Zone 3-8. 



ACTAEA (Formerly known as Cimicifuga) (Bugbane, Snakeroot)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Actaea_Black_Negligee_7m.jpgA. simplex 'Black Negligee' Lacy black foliage shrouds lovely dark stems. Foliage grows to 48" with a spread of 24". Beautiful purple-tinted, white flowers project 2' upward and carry an exotic perfume of grape and jasmine. More vigor than other 'black' varieties. More sun gives the darkest foliage.

A. simplex 'White Pearl' Grows 48-56" tall. Exceptionally long bottlebrush flowers, blooms in very late summer through fall, pale green foliage, majestic plant with quite a presence in the yard.

AGASTACHE  (Anise Hyssop, LicoriceMint) 

(For more on Agastache see June/July 1994 Herb Companion, pages 52-55.) 

Agastache_Blue_Boa_9m.jpgAgastache ‘Blue Boa’ Luxurious, deep violet-blue flower spikes over super green foliage. Flower spikes are long, wide, and extremely showy. Drought tolerant when established and a great spot of color in any perennial garden. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Full sun. 24-32 inches tall and 16 inches wide.
Zones 5-10


A. ‘Astello Indigo’ True indigo colored flowers on top of dark green foliage attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. This variety is great for borders, growing only 20-24 inches tall. Zone 6-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO641-AgastacheBlue-Fortune.jpgA. 'Blue Fortune'  Beautiful lavender blue flowers held above strong and upright stems.  It is a very long blooming Agastache.  Blooms until late September in the garden.  Zone 5.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18027-AgastacheBolero.jpgA. 'Bolero'  Long blooming vivid rose purple flower spike.  Bronzy green foliage forms a compact branched clump that is slug and deer resistant.  Great for dry and tough soil conditions.  Grows 16” tall. Zone  5-10



Agastache_Kudos_Coral_4m.jpgAgastache ‘Kudos Coral’ Wonderfully free flowering and easy to grow. Impeccable habit and long lasting, glowing color. Dense plumes with a sweet, honey-mint scent. Full sun.  17-20 inches tall with a 16 inch spread. Zones 5-10

Agastache ‘Kudos Mandarin’ Cheery, bright orange plumes with real staying power! Keeps a neat compact habit. Developed to be a hardier orange agastache. Full sun. 17-20 inches tall and 16 inches wide.  Zones 5-10

WaltersGardens-LO22074-AgastacheRosie-PosiePPAF.jpgAgastache ‘Rosie Posie’ This aromatic plant bears hot pink flowers in midsummer. A compact variety, growing only 18-22 inches tall and spreading 24-30 inches. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, resists deer and is drought tolerant. Zones 6-9

Agastache Tango.jpgA. ‘Tango’  Gray-green foliage produces spires of orange flowers. Attracts hummingbirds. Stays short and compact growing 12-14”.  Zone 5-10


Agastache ‘Violet Vision’ – Blooms violet spikes of flowers from summer into fall. Fragrant foliage attracts bees and butterflies and flowers attract hummingbirds. Plant in full sun in average, well-drained soil. Grows to 18 inches tall and wide. Zone 5-10

AGAPANTHUS (African Lily)

Agapanthus__Blue_Yonder_.JPGA. ‘Blue Yonder’ This perennial, known as the African Lily, likes the full sun and an average well-drained soil. The clusters of large, blue flowers appear over grass-like foliage and look great in containers, planted in mass, or makes a lovely cut flower. This summer bloomer attracts hummingbirds. Grows 24-30 inches tall with an 18-24 inch spread.

ALLIUM (Ornamental Onion)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19085-AlliumMillenium.jpgAllium 'Millenium'   A  profusion of large 2” round, bright rosy purple flowers.  Flower clusters appear on a strong stem with a compact upright clump of glossy green thick leaves.  Does not reseed,  making  it one of the best alliums to be introduced in years.  Grows 15-20” tall. Zone 5-8

A. ‘Summer Beauty’ This ornamental onion grows 18-24 inches tall with a 12-15 inch spread. They like full sun-partial shade and average, well-drained soil. Flowers are large, round, soft purple in color, and will bloom from June to August. The flowering stems will take on a red tint in fall and the foliage turns yellow. Resists rabbits and deer while attracting bees and butterflies.  This perennial tends to colonize but does not get invasive. Drought tolerant.

AMSONIA (Blue Star)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO7324-AmsoniaBlue-Ice.jpgA. 'Blue Ice' Has dark blue buds and flower and blooms considerably larger and stronger than the species. Forms a dense, compact 12-15" mound of dark green leaves that turn brilliant yellow in the fall. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16077-Amsonia-hubrichtii.jpgA. hubrectii (Arkansas Amsonia) Amsonia (commonly called Blue Star) are graceful and long lived native plants that take a few years to ge established. Arkansas Amsonia has clusters o steel blue flowers in May/June on very fine foliage to 3'-4' tall. Excellent golden fall color. Thrives in full sun or part shade. No insect or pest problems.

A. tabernaemontana (Eastern Blue Star) Small, tubular, pale blue flowers on 3' native clump perennial.

ANEMONE  (Windflower)

Anemone Fantasy™ ‘Pocohontas’ – Features bubblegum pink flowers in mid to late summer, seed pods resemble cotton balls adding fall and winter interest. Plant in full to part sun in moist to average, well-drained soil. A vigorous grower, reaches 12-18 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches. Zone 5-8

WaltersGardens-LO22575-Anemone-sylvestrisMadonna.jpgAnemone ‘Madonna’ A spring blooming anemone that acts more like a groundcover. Bears white flowers 2-3 inches across in late spring to early summer and the possibility of a rebloom in fall. Grows 9-12 inches tall and spreads 12-18 inches. Resistant to deer and rabbits.  Likes full sun to part shade, more shade in dry areas. Zones 3-8


A. ‘Whirlwind’ A Japanese Anemone with semi-double, snow-white flowers with soft ruffled edges. A medium to tall grower to 34”. All Anemones are prized for their late summer color that lasts into the fall. Easy to grow. Zone 4-8.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Honorine_Jobert.jpgA. x hydrida alba 'Honorine Jobert' Large single white flowers, an excellent old variety that grows 36-48" tall. Zone 4-8.

A. x ‘Queen Charlotte’ Pretty. semi-double blossoms. One of the best large-flow­ered, mid-pink cultivars. Grows to 36”. Blooms Aug-Sept. Zone 5-8.

A. x ‘Pamina’
 Semi-double, lavender-rose flowers. Lengthy August to September bloom period. ‘Pamina’ is a vigorous, fibrous rooted, mounding compact cultivar that grows to 36” and spreads by creeping rhizomes. Grows best in part shade. Prefers moist, humusy soils with good drainage. Soils must not be allowed to dry out. Avoid wet soils in winter. Zone 4-8.

ANTHEMIS  (Marguerite Daisy, Dyers Chamomile)

A. tinctoria ‘Charme’
 Has a dwarf, compact habit and abundance of golden yellow flowers which bloom for several months starting in early summer. Does not set viable seed. Drought tolerant. Grows 12-16”. Zone 3-9.


A. cordata 'Sun King'   A unique shade plant that compliments hostas and other woodland perennials.  Large compound leaves up to 3' long in a bright gold (light will affect the leaf color - more shade, greener leaves).  Grows 3' tall and wide. Zone 3-9.

ARTEMISIA  (Wormwood)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO794-Artemisia-schmidtianaSilver-Mound.jpgA. schmidtiana 'Silver Mound' Neat, mound­ing ferny silver foliage. Zone 3-7.

ARUNCUS (Goat's Beard)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO801-Aruncus-dioicus.jpgA. dioicus  Open plumes of showy white flowers on a stout 3-4' plant with feathery foli­age. Zone 4-8.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13651-AruncusMisty-LacePP15798.jpgA. x ‘Misty Lace’ PP15798. The perfect size Aruncus for city gardens. Large, creamy white, feathery plumes on dark red stems. Selected by Dr. Allan Armitage for its heat and humidity tolerance. The best Aruncus for the south. Grows 18-24” tall. Zone 3-7.

ASARUM  (Wild Gin­ger)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO805-Asarum-splendens.jpgA. splendens (Asian Ginger) A stunning form of the evergreen Asian Ginger. Thick, arrow shaped leaves have silver marbling overlays. This variety has a clumping habit and makes a wonderful addition to the moist woodland gar­den. Hardy Zone 6 to 9. Place in a protected spot in Zone 5.

ASCLEPIAS (Butterfly Weed)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4056-Asclepias-incarnataCinderella.jpgA. incarnata ‘Cinderella’ (Swamp Milk­weed) A hassle-free perennial offering three months of vanilla-scented, rose-pink flowers in 3-4", compact clusters followed by typical milkweed seed pods. Clump former, spreads by rhizomes. Non-invasive. Grows 3-5'. Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO808-Asclepias-tuberosa.jpgA. tuberosa  Clumping perennial with clusters of bright orange blooms that attract butterflies. Typically grows 1-3' tall with a 1-1.5' spread. Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18115-Asclepias-tuberosaHello-Yellow.jpgA. t. ‘Hello Yellow’ Hassle-free perennial with three months of golden yellow blossoms. Excellent long-lasting cut flower. Grows 24 in. tall. Has deep roots and likes good drainage. Does not like to be moved after it is established. Zone 3-9.


WaltersGardens-LO22187-Aster-KICKIN-reg-Carmine-Red.jpgAster KICKIN® ‘Carmine Red’ Another addition to this series of short, compact Asters bearing dark magenta flowers with yellow centers. Grows 2-3 feet tall and wide and requires no maintenance. Blooms in late summer to early fall in full sun. Attracts butterflies. Zones 5-9


http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19718-Aster-KICKIN-trade-Lavender.jpgAster Kickin Lavender  Natural compact asters form a bushy short mound of foliage.  In late fall the entire plant is covered with flowers creating a huge splash of color in the landscape.  Flowers are a soft lavender color with gold button centers.  Grows 18-22” tall.  Zones 5-9.   

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19360-Aster-KICKIN-trade-Lilac-Blue.jpgAster Kickin Lilac Blue   Natural compact asters form a bushy short mound of foliage.  In late fall the entire plant is covered with flowes creating a huge splash of color in the landscape.  Flowers area a lilac blue with gold button centers.  Grows 18-22” tall.  Zones 5-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19363-Aster-KICKIN-trade-Pink-Chiffon.jpgAster Kickin Pink Chiffon  Natural compact asters form a bushy short mound of foliage.  In late fall the entire plant is covered with flowers creating a huge splash of color in the landscape.  Flowers area a pastel pink with a gold button center.  Grows 15-18” tall.  Zones 5-9.


A. mongolica (Kalimeris pinnatafida ‘Hortensis’)
 Tough and easy to grow, this en­chanting Aster cousin is covered in hundreds of double white Daisies from mid- summer to frost Undemanding by nature, it is ideal for most any sunny garden spot and is a great container plant Grows 2-3’. Zone 4-8.


WaltersGardens-LO21275-AstilbeAmber-MoonPPAF.jpgAstilbe ‘Amber Moon’ Foliage is a beautiful chartreuse color with a red tinge on the newest growth making this perennial a stand-out in the shade garden. Bears pink flowers on strong stems in midsummer which make great cut flowers. Prefers part to full shade. Compact plant growing 34-38 inches tall and spreading 22-28 inches. Resistant to deer and rabbits. Zones 4-9


Astilbe ‘Bumalda’ – Features dark green, fern-like foliage with a tinge of purple. Blooms feathery, pure white plumes in midsummer. Prefers part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 24-30 inches tall. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16987-AstilbeDelft-LacePP19839.jpgA. ‘Delft Lace’ Red stems carry panicles of deep salmon pink buds which open to soft apricot pink flowers. Forms a robust clump of lacy, deep blue-green, waxy foliage. Belongs to the Japonica group of Astilbes. Grows 24-36 inches. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO864-AstilbeFanal.jpgA. 'Fanal'  24" tall, deep blood red, bronze foliage.  Early bloomer.  Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO12565-Astilbe-chinensisMaggie-Daley.jpgA. 'Maggie Daley'  Rich violet. Grows to 18" Mid season fuzzy blooms. Deep green shiny foliage.  Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO5285-Astilbe-chinensisMilk-and-Honey.jpgA. chinensis ‘Milk and Honey’ (Chinese Astilbe)  A white Astilbe that holds up under sun and drought! Creamy white plumes turn light pink as they age. Bushy foliage is somewhat marbled with green and silver when young Vigorous prolific bloomer. Grows to 30”. Zone 4-9. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO9267-AstilbeRadius.jpgA. ‘Radius Red’ An impressive selection that forms a large and robust clump similar to chinensis types but with more refined, green foliage that has a reddish copper cast in spring. Burgundy buds open to bright red triangular flower plumes on burgundy scapes. Grow 20-26” tall. Zones 4-10.



WaltersGardens-LO15110-AstilbeRise-and-Shine.jpgAstilbe ‘Rise and Shine’ This astilbe bears large, hot pink flowers that are up to 8 inches long in midsummer. This variety boasts superior genetics that give it a solid root structure and more vibrant colors while still providing the sun and drought tolerance. Grows 27 inches tall and spreads 12-18 inches. Plant in full sun to full shade. Resists deer and rabbits. Zones 4-9



 A. c. 'Visions' Lilac purple flowers, bronze green foliage, more sun tolerant. Grows to 16".

A. c. ‘Visions in Pink’ Pale pink plumes with a dense, upright form. Large, blue-green leaves with a coarse texture form a robust clump. Grows 18-20”. Zone 4-9.  Drought tolerant and easy to grow.


 BAPTISIA  (FalseIndigo)  

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO955-Baptisia-australis.JPGB. australis (Blue Wild Indigo) Blue-green foliage and dark blue flowers. Tolerates poor soil. Grows 3-4'.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17599-Baptisia-DECADENCE-trade-Blueberry-SundaePPAF.jpgB. Decadence 'Blueberry Sunday'  Vibrant indigo blue flowers with a short well branched habit .  Deep blue- green foliage forms a compact upright mound topped with a wonderful floral display.  Has a nice decorative seed pod in the fall and winter months.  Grows 3’ tall. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17575-Baptisia-DECADENCE-trade-Lemon-MeringuePPAF.jpgB. Decadence ‘Lemon Meringue’  Impressive vigor compared to other yellow Baptisias. Forms an upright, vase shaped mound of attractive blue-green foliage topped with long, charcoal stems carrying charcoal buds and lemon yellow flowers. Decadence series are selected for their shorter, more compact habit, and unique colors. Produced from cuttings, will bloom longer. Grows to 3 ft. Zone 4-9. A Proven Winner.


Baptisia Decadence ‘Sparkling Sapphires’ -  A new addition to this series that features a bold violet-blue flower in late spring to early summer, and compact growth habit. Does well in full to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 2.5-3 feet tall and wide. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14226-Baptisia-SOLAR-FLARE-PRAIRIEBLUES-tradeSolar-FlarePP20408.jpgB.  ‘Solar Flare Prairie–blues™  Tall spikes of pea flowers start out yellow and fade to deep orange as they age, beautifully complimenting the emerging yellow blooms above. Another great Baptisia from research at Chicago Botanical Gardens!

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14224-Baptisia-TWILITE-PRAIRIEBLUES-trade-xi-variicolori-TwilitePP19011.jpgB.  ‘Twilite Prairieblues’ This is the first introduction from the Baptisia breeding program conducted by Dr. Jim Ault at the Chi­cago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, IL. The austra­lis x sphaerocarpa cross has brought a very strong plant with excellent hybrid vigor. By the third year these plants produce almost 100 flower spikes of unique deep violet-purple flowers high­lighted by a lemon-yellow keel. Held above the handsome foliage, the inflorescences can be up to 32” long! Grows 4-5’. Zone 4-8.
http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/BAP_Carolina_Moonlight_0001_copy.jpgBaptisia 'Carolina Moonlight'    Creamy yellow bloom spikes rise above tidy blue green foliage in early summer.  Very showy  in the landscape.  A long blooming, tough addition to the Baptisia family.  Grows 3’ tall.  Zones 4-8.

B.  ‘Midnight Prairieblues' (Midnight Prairieblues False Indigo)  Developed by Dr. Jim Ault at the Chicago Botanic Garden. This variety has unsurpassed longevity with a bold vase-shaped habit and two intermingling bloom cycles. Primary deep blue-violet inflorescences emerge in June and are held high along the perennial border as shorter secondary branches lengthen the bloom period upwards of a month. Grows to 4’ tall. Zones 4-9.



Begonia grandis subsp. Evansiana – Commonly known as a hardy begonia. Forms a bushy mound of foliage and blooms pink flowers all summer long. Grows between 1.5-3 feet tall in moist soil. Prefers part to full shade. Zone 6-9


BELAMCANDA (Black­berry-lily) 
http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14121-Belamcanda-chinensisFreckle-Face.jpgBelamcanda chinensis ‘Freckle Face’ A profusion of 2 inch wide showy orange blossoms with heavy red speckling and shading are produced atop a clump of green, sword-like foliage. Grows 18-24” tall. Zones 4-10.


BERGENIA  (Pigsqueak)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Bergenia_Angel_Kiss_1m.jpgBergenia 'Dragonfly Angel Kiss'  Semi double, soft sweet white to light pink flowers.  Foliage is a dark green with red and purple highlights.  Easy to grow and really lights up and early spring garden.  Adds a splash of color to a shady spot.  Grows 10-12” tall.  Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Bergenia_Pink_Dragonfly_5m.jpgB. 'Pink Dragonfly'  More narrow leaves (like dragonfly wings) than common varieties. Has deli­cate coral pink flowers, and shiny plum-red winter color. Grows 12" tall and wide. Zone 4-9. Sun to part shade


Bergenia ‘Sakura’ – Features large flowers in bold pink shades that stand out against its evergreen foliage.  Grows only 16 inches tall and 18 inches wide and tolerates full sun to full shade in an average, well-drained soil. Zone 4-9

BRUNNERA   (Siberian Bugloss)

Brunnera__Alexanders_Great_.jpgB. m. ‘Alexander’s Great’  A bigger plant than the more common ‘Jack Frost’, this Brunnera grows to 14 inches tall with a 30 inch spread. Provides great color contrast in the shade garden, preferring part to full shade but it can take part sun. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. In late spring, blooms in clusters of small, blue flowers. Deer resistant.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Brunnera_Jack_Frost_8m.jpgB. m. 'Jack Frost'  Leaves have a heavy silver overlay and prominent green veining. Tiny, baby blue, forget-me-not like flowers. Great for bright -ening up shady areas. Grows 12-15". Zone 3-8



BUDDLEIA (Butterfly Bush)
For continuous flowers from June to October, Buddleia are without equal. Most varieties need to be occasionally restrained by judicious prun­ing. We mulch ours heavily in the winter and cut back severely in the spring. This keeps the size down although they would probably flower ear­lier if we were not so radical in pruning. All Buddleia cultivars will respond with vigorous new growth and abundant flowers with pruning. Do not be afraid to prune virtually anytime from late winter before new growth ensues as well as throughout the season into August. Pruning dur­ing the summer, which consists of removal of spent inflorescences, stimulates new growth and continued flowering. 
Fast growing 3'-5' woody shrub with fragrant flowers attractive to butterflies. Root hardy. They bloom on new wood, so cut back to 8"-10" each year before spring growth begins; they'll grow 6'­8' tall. Mulch in winter.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/PWMissMolly.jpgB. ‘Miss Molly’    Blooms boast rich hues of dark Sangria-red. An awesome flower color in a butterfly bush! Can grow 4-5’ tall. Zone 5-10. A Proven Winner


 lo_behold_blue_chip_jr_buddleia.jpgB.  Lo and Behold® ‘Blue Chip Jr.’ A more compact plant than ‘Blue Chip’ growing between 20-28 inches tall andwide. A Proven Winner. Zone 5-9


Buddleia__Lilac_Chip_.jpgB.  Lo and Behold® ‘Lilac Chip’ This butterfly bush is another from the Lo & Behold® series and only grows 18-24 inches tall and spreads 18-30 inches. A nice compact plant that likes the full sun and average well-drained soil. Starts blooming lilac colored flowers in late spring and will keep going until frost. Deadheading encourages more blooms. They attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other songbirds to your garden while resisting hungry deer. Drought tolerant.  A Proven Winner. Zone 5-9

lo_behold_pink_micro_chip_buddleia_-7669.jpgB.  Lo and Behold® ‘Pink Micro Chip’ Fragrant, continuous flowers in orchid pink. Compact plant growing only 18-24 inches tall and wide, good for perennial borders. Likes full sun and well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies, resists deer. Drought tolerant. A Proven Winner. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/PWPurpleHaze.jpgB. Lo & Behold® ‘Purple Haze’ Has a unique, horizontal, low spreading habit with feathery, deep green leaves, making it an excellent ground covering plant. The dark purple-blue flowers radiate outward and downward like a purple pinwheel. It continues blooming and is a sterile plant. Grows 24-36” tall and 36” wide. Zone 5-10. A Proven Winner. 


lo_behold_ice_chip_buddleia.jpgB.  Lo & Behold® ‘Ice Chip’ Another great butterfly bush with a neat, compact habit. Grows only 18-24 inches tall and spreads 24-36 inches wide. Fragrant white flowers bloom consistently against silvery-green foliage, great for mixing up the perennial border. Drought tolerant. Attracts butterflies, resists deer. A Proven Winner. Zone 5-9



Calamintha ‘White Cloud’ – Features flowers that are larger than others in the species, blooms a spray of white from early summer into fall.  Tolerates all sorts of weather conditions with no problems. Prefers full to part sun in dry to average, well-drained soil. Grows 1-2 feet tall and wide. Attracts bees. Zone 5-9

CAMPANULA  (Bell flower)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15776-Campanula-glomerataFreyaPPAF.jpgC. 'Freya'  (Clustered Bellflower) Lilac purple flowers on tall, strong sturdy stems.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Campanula_Summertime_Blues_1m.jpgC. ‘Summertime Blues’  Ever-blooming Campanula. The longest blooming Campanula we have ever seen! Has masses of large silvery blue bells on 2’, upright stems — all season long. A clumping habit that does not spread or reseed. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO20053-Campanula-persicifolia-Takion-Series-Blue.jpgC. persifolia ‘Takion Blue’
 A genetically compact, shorter cultivar. Produces a showier display of lavender blue, bell-shaped, upward and outward facing flowers rather than downward. Grows 16-20”. Zone 3-8

CARYOPTERIS   (Bluebeard)

C. x. clandonensis ‘Sapphire Surf’  Lovely dark blue flowers completely cover this low mounded shrub of 2’ tall and 24-30” wide. Dazzling blooms and compact growth makes this variety especially suitable for mass plantings or mixed into the perennial border as a charming accent plant. Zone 5-9.

CERASTIUM  (Snow In Summer)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1102-Cerastium-tomentosumYo-Yo.jpgC. tomentosum 'Yo Yo'  10". Good selection for rock gardens. Creeping, compact and free flowering habit, with everlast­ing very fine and silver foliage. Zone 3-7.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1107-Ceratostigma-plumbaginoides.JPGC. plumbaginoides   A creeping, semi-woody perennial with deep-green, diamond-shaped leaves and clusters of intense blue flow­ers. Low ground cover.  Zone 5-9.

CHELONE (Turtle Head)

C. 'Hot Lips'
  Deeper green foliage, topped in August and September with rose pink turtle head shaped flowers. Red stems persist most of the season. Bronze green early season growth is another distinctive feature. Grows to 2-3'



Chelone ‘Tiny Tortuga’ – This variety of turtlehead has glossy, dark green foliage that is topped with hot pink flowers in late summer into fall. Prefers part to full shade in average to moist, well-drained soil. Grows 18-24 inches tall and spreads 12-16 inches. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Zone 4-9


Actea cimicifuga racemosa – a perennial native to Missouri, it typically grows 4-6 feet tall and spreads 2-4 feet. Blooms white flowers in late summer/early fall. Prefers full to part shade in average, well-drained soils. Zone 3-8

 Cimicifuga ‘Hillside Black Beauty’ – Known as the darkest variety you can get with dark purple to black foliage and a contrasting white flower from late summer into fall. Grows between 4-7 feet tall and spreads 3-4 feet wide. Prefers part to full shade in an average, well-drained soil. Resistant to deer and rabbits. Zone 4-8


WaltersGardens-LO1118-Cimicifuga-ramosaJames-Compton.jpgCimicifuga ‘James Compton’ – A shorter and more compact plant, the leaves emerge green and quickly darken to purple-black tones. White flowers with a pink tinge appear in late summer into fall. Grows 36 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches. Plant in part to full shade with an average, well-drained soil. Resistant to deer and rabbits. Zone 4-8


C. 'White Pearl' Grows 48-56" tall. Exceptionally long bottlebrush flowers, blooms in very late summer through fall, pale green foliage, majestic plant with quite a presence in the yard.

 COREOPSIS  (Tickseed) 

WaltersGardens-LO22308-CoreopsisBerry-ChiffonPPAF.jpgCoreopsis ‘Berry Chiffon’ A great variety for many reasons. Flowers are white with a raspberry colored center that will spread throughout the whole bloom in cooler temperatures. The threadleaf foliage is resistant to powdery mildew. Grows 15-18 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches wide. This variety is sterile, no reseeding. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun. Zones 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15828-CoreopsisCosmic-EyePPAF.jpgC. 'Cosmic Eye'   A very large 1 1/2-2" flower with burgundy center.  This is a compact selection that blooms non-stop for several months in the garden. 12-15 inches tall.  Zone 5-9.



WaltersGardens-LO22285-CoreopsisDaybreakPPAF.jpgCoreopsis ‘Daybreak’ Another gorgeous bi-color variety, the blooms are gold with an orange-red center. Part of the LI’L BANG™ series, this compact plant only grows 8-12 inches tall and spreads 12-18 inches. Blooms from early summer into late fall. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Foliage is disease resistant. Full sun. Zones 5-9

WaltersGardens-LO22288-CoreopsisEnchanted-EvePPAF.jpgCoreopsis ‘Enchanted Eve’ Another from the LI’L BANG series, this coreopsis also stays small and compact growing only 8-12 inches tall and spreading 12-18 inches. A golden bloom with a soft red eye that will be more prominent in cooler temperatures. Flowers appear from early summer into late fall. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun. Zones 5-9

C. ‘Full Moon’  The result of eight years of intensive breeding with eight species of Coreop­sis. Full Moon has bright canary yellow flowers that measure up to 3” across on well branched stems. Healthy green foliage. Grows 24-30”. Zone 5-9.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15830-CoreopsisGalaxyPP21999.jpgC. 'Galaxy'   Large semi-double yellow flowers on compact green foliage. Grows to 12” tall and wide. Attracts butterflies and resistant to deer. Blooms all season long in full sun. Zone 5-9 



WaltersGardens-LO22305-CoreopsisRed-ChiffonPPAF.jpgCoreopsis ‘Red Chiffon’ This coreopsis is part of the SATIN & LACE™ series which were created to have better cold tolerance. This compact plant grows 15-18 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches. The blooms are yellow with a bold red eye and they rest on threadleaf foliage that is mildew resistant. Flowers appear from early summer into late fall. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun. Zones 4-9

WaltersGardens-LO22297-CoreopsisRed-ElfPPAF.jpgCoreopsis ‘Red Elf’ If you like the look of ‘Mercury Rising’, you’ll love this one. Part of the LI’L BANG series, this coreopsis only grows 8-12 inches tall and spreads 10-15 inches. Blooms are a solid red color that can take on a slight white tinge in hot temperatures. Consistent blooms from early summer into late fall. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun. Zones 5-9

WaltersGardens-LO19756-CoreopsisRed-SatinPPAF.jpgCoreopsis ‘Red Satin’ Blooms ruby red flowers with orange centers on dark green threadleaf foliage. Stays compact growing only 15-18 inches tall and spreading 18-22 inches. Flowers are sterile and bloom from early summer into late fall. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun. Zones 5-9


Coreopsis ‘Sun Up’ – This award winning variety has a yellow, semi-double flower that blooms from early summer into early fall. A compact plant that grows 10-12 inches tall and spreads 12-14 inches, it prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Easy to grow, attracts butterflies and resistant to deer. Excellent heat and drought tolerance once established. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19004-CoreopsisMercury-RisingPPAF.jpgC. 'Mercury Rising'   A true hardy red form of      oreopsis for zone 5.  Has a Velvety wine red 1.5 to 2” flower that covers the bright green foliage in a mounding form.  Some blossoms may have a lightly frosted white tip.  Shown to have excellent disease resistance.  Grows 15”-18” tall.  Zone 5-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14316-CoreopsisLittle-SundialPP18460.jpgC.  ‘Little Sundial’  A compact, upright selection that produces 1 and 1/2 inch diameter, single, golden yellow flowers with a deep maroon eye over a long time in summer. Naturally com­pact, growing 6-12”. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14235-Coreopsis-grandifloraPresto.jpgC. grandiflora ‘Presto’  An unique combo of a dwarf habit and large flowers. Golden yellow, semi-double to double flowers measure 2” across. Naturally compact, forms a uniform rounded mound. Great for containers or as a bedding plant. Grows 6-8”. Zone 4-9.


http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/arc_Delosperma_Fire_Spinner_habit-flwrs.jpgDelosperma cooperi 'Fire Spinner'  This plants spreading mat-like carpet makes an excellent groundcover that is both heat and drought tolerant.  It has vibrant, bi-colored flowers with an inner band of purple- pink that transitions to a glowing orange. Grows 2” tall. Zone5-8.  

WaltersGardens-LO20479-Delosperma-TABLE-MOUNTAIN-regJohn-Proffitt.jpgD. TABLE MOUNTAIN® (‘John Proffitt’) This particular variety was created specifically to be cold hardy. Purple blooms blanket the evergreen foliage from late spring into early fall. Grows 2-4” tall and spreads 18-24”, perfect for groundcovers and rock gardens. Full sun. Zone 4-9


Delosperma Tiffidell Magenta.JPGD. ‘Tiffendell Magenta’ This ice plant will put out a mat of bright magenta flowers from June until September. Likes full sun and requires a dry, well-drained soil. Stays short, only growing to 3 inches tall and spreads 1-2 feet. These should be planted in a protected area.


DIANTHUS  (Pinks, Clove Pinks)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO7995-DianthusApple-SlicePP21842.jpgD. ‘Apple Slice’  These fragrant, intri­cately patterned, deep velvety red, 1.5 inch double blossoms have pale pink to white markings in the center of each petal with a matching narrow picotee edge. Glamorous blue-green, grassy foliage. Grows to 10”. Zone 4-9.

WaltersGardens-LO16112-Phlox-paniculata-FLAME-tradeSeries-Coral-BarsixtytwoPP22234-CPBR4172.jpgD. ‘Coral Reef’ From the Scent First™ series, the double blooms are a gorgeous coral color and have frilly edges of light pink to white. Flowers have a strong, spicy fragrance. Foliage is silvery-gray and forms a neat mat. Grows 9-12” tall and spreads 12-18”. Full sun to part shade. Zone 5-9



WaltersGardens-LO15847-DianthusFire-and-IcePP23483.jpgDianthus ‘Fire and Ice’
Fragrant, raspberry colored blooms with pink spots and a white picotee edge make these flowers a standout in any garden. The gray-green foliage stays dense and compact. Great for borders, it grows only 10 inches tall and spreads 14 inches. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun to part shade. Zones 4-9


Dianthus FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Cranberry Cocktail’ - Features large, fragrant flowers that could pass for small carnations in a gorgeous dark magenta on top of gray-green foliage. Grows 8-10 inches tall and 12-14 inches wide in full to part sun and an average, well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies, resists deer, and makes a great cut flower. Zone 4-9

WaltersGardens-LO24930-Dianthus-FRUIT-PUNCH-reg-MaraschinoPPAF-CPBRAF.jpgDianthus FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Maraschino’ – Blooms fragrant, cherry red double flowers on silvery-blue foliage from early summer into early fall. Grows 9-11 inches tall and spreads 12-14 inches. Prefers full to part sun and an average, well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies, resists deer, and is a great cut flower. Zone 4-9

WaltersGardens-LO24935-Dianthus-FRUIT-PUNCH-reg-Sweetie-PiePPAF-CPBRAF.jpgDianthus FRUIT PUNCH® ‘Sweetie Pie’ – Features semi-double flowers on silvery-blue, evergreen foliage in a beautiful pink tone with a darker eye. Blooms in early summer and a quick shearing can encourage another set of blooms in early fall. Grows 10 inches tall and spreads 12-14 inches, a great choice for the border. Prefers full to part sun in an average, well-drained soil. Zone 4-9


WaltersGardens-LO1267-Dianthus-gratianopolitanusFirewitch.jpgD. gratianopolitanus ‘Firewitch’ Bold pink blooms with a serrated edge top silvery-blue mats of foliage in early summer and if deadheaded, will rebloom in early fall. Full sun to part shade. Grows 7-8” tall and spreads 12”. Attracts butterflies and resistant to deer. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO20074-DianthusFrosty-Fire.jpgD. ‘Frosty Fire’ Double, Chinese lac­quer-red blooms explode above mounds of icy blue-green, evergreen foliage. If deadheaded, will flower in early summer and in the fall. Dian­thus grow best in loose, well drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soils. ‘Frosty Fire’ grows 6” tall and spreads 9”. Zone 3-9.



WaltersGardens-LO22384-Dianthus-ROSY-CHEEKS-Valda-LouisePP14045.jpgDianthus ROSY CHEEKS (‘Valda Louise’)
Blooms coral-peach flowers, that are said to resemble tiny roses, and matures into pink. Foliage is gray-green and stays compact and mounded. Grows 10-14 inches tall and spreads 14-18 inches. Flowers appear in late spring and again in late summer. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun to part shade. Zones 5-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15623-DianthusRuby-SparklesPPAF.jpgD. ‘Ruby Sparkles’  Large 1-2”, magenta red blossoms with a well-defined, deep ruby red eye and sharply serrated petals blanket the short, tight clump of grey-green foliage. Strong, spicy fragrance. Grows to 8”. Zone 4-9.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4544-Dianthus-barbatusHeart-Attack.jpgDianthus barbatus ‘Heart Attack’  (Perennial Sweet William)  Very deep crimson red flowers are presented in rounded clusters above the glossy, dark green lance-shaped leaves. Foliage is deep red when it emerges in spring. Grows to 24” tall. Zones 4-9.


DICENTRA  (Bleeding Heart)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16430-DicentraKing-of-Hearts.jpgD. ‘King of Hearts’  (Fern-Leaved Bleed­ing Heart) Vigorous sun and heat tolerant culti­var with unstoppable blooms. Bright rose, heart-shaped flowers fade to pink. Lacy, soft blue-green foliage. Does not go dormant until fall if given adequate moisture. Grows 8-10” tall. Zone 5-9.



WaltersGardens-LO22375-DicentraFire-IslandPP22488.jpgDicentra ‘Fire Island’ This bleeding heart boasts a more vigorous growth rate, bushier habit, earlier and more flower production. The heart shaped flowers that appear in spring are a bold red with a white tip and rest on blue-green foliage. Grows 12-15 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches wide. Attracts hummingbirds and resists deer. Full sun to part shade. Zones 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1307-Dicentra-spectabilis.jpgD. spectabilis (Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart)  Pink, heart-shaped flowers on arching, leafless stems. Prefers part to full shade. Grows 30-36" tall and wide. Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1312-Dicentra-spectabilisAlba.jpgD. s. 'Alba'  White, heart-shaped flowers on arching, leafless stems. Prefers part to full shade. Grows 30" tall and a spread between 18-36". Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17781-Dicentra-spectabilisGold-Heart.jpgD. s. 'Gold Heart'  A brilliant spring beauty will shine like a beacon in the spring and summer landscape. It has shocking gold foliage from which arching sprays of pink bleeding hearts are produced in spring. Best planted in light shade and moist soil. Excellent planted to contrast dark foliaged plants like burgundy Heucheras. Zone 4­-6

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14507-DicentraBurning-HeartsPP20797.jpgD. ‘ Burning Hearts’  (Fern-leaved Bleeding Heart) Absolutely fantastic!!! Striking rose-red, heart shaped flowers with a white edge are produced all season atop a compact mound of lovely blue-gray , finely textured foliage. Does not go summer dormant if given adequate moisture. Grows 10-12” tall. Zones 3-9.


WaltersGardens-LO1304-DicentraLuxuriant.jpgD. ‘Luxuriant’ Heart-shaped flowers are dark pink and arches off of ferny foliage. Blooms in spring and will continue into early summer. Does not reseed. Will not go dormant in midsummer if given adequate moisture. Grows 12-15” tall and spreads 12-18”. Full sun to full shade. Zone 3-9


http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18330-Dicentra-spectabilis-VALENTINE-regHordivalPP22739-COPF.jpgD.  'Valentine'  Bright red, puffy heart shaped flowers with a white tip dangling from a deep red arching stem.  Quickly forms a robust clump of attractive foliage of dark green.  Goes dormant in the heat of the summer.  Grows 30“ tall.  Zone 3-9

DIGITALIS (Foxglove) 

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19376-DigitalisPolkadot-Princess.jpgDigitalis 'Polkadot Princess'  Well branched bushy plant with a uniform habit that bloom all summer into the fall.  Flowers are produced around the stem creating a colorful show in the garden especially in mass.  Flowers are a bright pink in color. Grows 30-36 inches tall.  Zone 4-9. 



DICTAMUS (Gas Plant)

WaltersGardens-LO1319-Dictamnus-albusPurpureus.jpgDictamnus ‘Purpureus’
This neat perennial has been a focal point in our gardens and now it can be in yours too! Known as the gas plant, it forms a clump of dark green leaves that mock the scent of lemon when crushed making it resistant to deer. The pink blooms appear in late spring to early summer. Attracts butterflies. Grows 24-36 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches. Full sun. Zones 3-7


ECHINACEA  (Coneflower)  

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19011-Echinacea-purpureaButterfly-KissesPPAF.jpgEchinacea 'Butterfly Kisses'  Double pom-pom selection with bright pink, fragrant flowers.  Numerous blooms appear on sturdy stems above a compact, well branched deep green foliage.  A must have introduction from  Arie Blom.   Grows 18” tall Zone 4-8.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19730-EchinaceaCheyenne-Spirit.jpgEchinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit'  Flowers with shades of red, orange, purple , scarlet, cream, yellow and white.  Extremely well branched plants produce an abundance of flowers making it a showy addition to the garden.  2012 and 2013 award winners.  Grow 2’ tall and 2’ wide.  Zone 4-9. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1351-Echinacea-purpureaMagnus.JPGE. ‘Magnus Superior’  A new and improved selection. Deeper lavender pink blossoms, darker stem color, larger coppery orange cones, and a more consistent growth habit. Grows up to 40”. Zone 3-8 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17911-Echinacea-purpureaPowWow-White.jpgE. p. 'Pow Wow White'  2-3" white flowers on sturdy, upright clumps with branching that does not require staking.  A compact variety that grows 2-3' tall with a spread of 1-1.5'.  Zone 3-8.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16864-Echinacea-purpureaPowWow-Wild-Berry.jpgE. p. 'Pow Wow Wildberry'  2-3" rose-purple blooms on sturdy, upright clumps. Branching does not require staking. Grows 2-3' with a spread of 1-1.5'. Zone 3-8.

Echinacea purpurea ‘Evening Glow’ – Features a gorgeous, long lasting, bicolor bloom in golden yellow to orange red in the center. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Plant in full to part sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 20-24 inches tall. Zone 3-9
New Sombrero® series have been through extensive testing in the Chicago area at Ball Seed Trial Gardens for hardiness.

Sombrero® Adobe Orange – Same compact size and excellent winter hardiness of the series in a bright orange. Grows 18-20 inches tall, spreads 22-24 inches. Zone 5-9

Sombrero®Flamenco Orange – Compact size and very floriferous coneflower in a bold orange. Grows 18-22 inches tall and 22-24 inches wide. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/web_ready_hot_coral.jpgE. p.  Sombrero® ‘Hot Coral’  Compact, well-branched and winter-hardy with bright blooms. Very floriferous. Proven hardiness for years of enjoyment in the garden. Grows up to 24” and a spread of 16-22”. Zone 5-9.



Sombrero® Lemon Yellow – A lemony yellow version from this series. Grows 18-22 inches tall and spreads 22-24 inches. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/web_ready_salsa.jpgE. p  Sombrero® ‘Salsa Red’  Bright red blooms on compact plants. Grows up to 24” and a spread of 16-22”. Zone 5-9.


EPIMEDIUM (Barrenwort)  

Valued for their unusual semi-ever green foliage. Leaves often become bronzy in cold weather. Superb as a slow-spreading groundcover for shady areas. Short sprays o starry flowers are a delight when they appear in the spring looking like tiny Columbines. Varieties can be either clumping or spreading. Slightly drought-tolerant.

E. ‘Amber Queen’  Easy-to-grow variety has gently arching stems over mottled leave with golden-yellow flowers that turn to orange later in the season. Grows 14” tall. Zone 4-8.

Epimedium ‘Orange Queen’ – Blooms coppery-orange flowers in spring on mounded foliage. Prefers part to full shade with a dry to average, well-drained soil. A shorter variety, only grows 8-10 tall. Zone 4-9

Epimedium ‘Pink Elf’ – Features spiny green, heart-shaped leaves that are topped with tiny pink flowers with deep pink centers in spring. Prefers part to full shade in a dry to average, well-drained soil. Grows to 20 inches tall. Zone 5-8

E. 'Rose Queen'  Dark rose flowers with long white spurs bloom late spring to early summer. Grows 8-12" tall. Zone 5-8.

E. x perralchicum 'Frohnleiten'  Bright yellow flowers in airy clusters that bloom in spring. Attractive spiny green leaves that turn a marbled bronze in the fall.  Stays short at a height 6-12" with a spread of 1-1.5'. Zone 5-9. 

E. x youngianum ‘Niveum’  Neatly foli­aged plant with elegant divided leaves of smooth appearance. The leaves are a warm plum brown in spring, though not all of the leaves color fully, so the foliage charms in its detail. The starry white flowers are held on the slenderest stalks, and a large clump, full of flowers, is delightful. This only spreads slowly and provides beautiful groundcover for the summer.

E. rubrum



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/sulphureum.jpgE. x versicolor 'Sulphureum'  Superb as a groundcover forming a thick mass of leaves that will deter weeds. Spreads 4"-5" a year. Long sprays of pale yellow flowers produced above red mottled leaves. Semi-evergreen. Grows to 16" tall.


Eriogonum allenii ‘Little Rascal’ – A tough but beautiful long flowering plant that features gray-green leaves that are topped with golden yellow flowers that mature into a bronzy-orange in late summer. A great nectar source for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Plant in full sun with dry to average, well-drained soil. Grows 16-24 inches tall and spreads 16 inches. Zone 5-10

ERYNGUIM (Sea Holly)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO7680-Eryngium-planumBlue-Glitter.jpgE. planum ‘Blue Glitter’  Selected for its shorter crop time, higher yield for fresh and dried cut flowers, and brighter flower color. Hundreds of small shimmering blue blossoms on silvery blue stems. Blue-green, non-spiny leaves. Foliage 6-8” with flower stalks 36-40” tall. Zone 5-8.


Eryngium ‘Neptunes Gold’ – This variety of sea holly features a blue, thistle-like flower on top of golden-chartreuse foliage for good contrast. Prefers full sun in a dry to average, well-drained soil. Grows 18-24 inches. Zone 4-9

EUPATORIUM  (Boneset, Joe-PyeWeed, Mist Flower) 

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/EUP_Baby_Joe_0001_copy.jpgEupatorium 'Baby Joe' Cabernet colored flowers are fragrant and appear on bright green foliage late in the season.  Makes a great cut flower and is good in the border or in a container.  One of the shortest of the Eupatoriums, making it nice for the smaller garden.  Grows 30” tall. Zone 4-9

E. maculatum 'Gateway' Huge red flower clusters on wine-red thick stems. Very choice, 3­-5' tall. 


GAILLARDIA (Blanket Flower)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4165-GaillardiaFanfarePP15892.jpgG. 'Fanfare'  Fantastic new introduction from Plant Haven Inc. One of the best new flowering perennials introduced recently. The upward facing scarlet flowers flare out like trumpets with bright yellow at the ends for a vivid medley. A high-powered flowering performance starts in early June and lasts into fall. Has a neat, mounding form. Grows 18-24". Hardy Zone 3-10.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4918-Gaillardia-aristataArizona-Sun.jpgG. aristata 'Arizona Sun'  Petite form with impressive bloom power and a compact, uniform habit. Large, 3" wide, fiery orange-red flowers are tipped by a ring of yellow. Provides continuous color all season long. Grows 8-10". Zone 3-10.


Gaillardia_Arizona_Red_Shades.jpgG. ‘Arizona Red Shades’ Sister plant to ‘Arizona Sun’ but produces loads of bright red flowers. Growth habit is compact and uniform and blooms last all season long. Grows 10-12” tall and spreads 12”. Full sun. Zone 3-10


Gaillardia x grandiflora ‘Sun Devil’ Bright red and yellow flowers with fluted petals. A strong, compact plant, useful for containers or in the garden. Tolerates heat and drought. Full sun. Grows to 8-14 inches tall by 12 inches wide. Zones 3-9

Gaillardia MESA™ Bright Bicolor – Features red flowers with a wide yellow band. Tolerates a variety of conditions including wind and rain, prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies and resistant to deer. Grows 14-16 inches tall, spreads 20-22 inches. Zone 5-9

WaltersGardens-LO15903-Gaillardia-grandiflora-MESA-tradeYellow.jpgG. MESA™ Yellow Another great choice for a compact and uniform growth habit. Blooms earlier than other varieties and flowers are bright yellow from early summer into late summer. Grows 16-18” tall and spreads 20-22”. Full sun. Zone 5-9



GAURA  (Windflower)

G. l. 'Crimson Butterflies'  Hot pink flowers from early spring till frost. A very compact 18" plant with dark crimson foliage and stout reddish stems. Strong plant is tolerant of high humidity and drought. 

Gaura__Rosy_Jane_.jpgG. ‘Rosy Jane’ This gaura is white with a pink picotee edge. Grows 24-30 tall on slender stems which should be cut after blooms fade to encourage more blooms. Prefers an average, well-drained soil and full sun. Plants can be cut back halfway through season to keep a neater appearance. Attracts butterflies. No serious insect or disease problems, root rot can occur in poorly drained soils. A great choice for the naturalized garden, cottage garden, and borders.

G. l. 'Whirling Butterflies'  Plants bloom for many weeks. In the breeze these move con­stantly, looking like a cloud of small butterflies Very drought and heat tolerant. May be short-lived in wet winter areas. Mulch recommended 3' spikes of white blooms. 

GERANIUM  (Crane's Bill)

Hardy geraniums are valued for their summer-long blooming period, as well as attrac­tive foliage. True geraniums are a diverse group of plants and easy to grow. Some are great border specimens while others make a very nice ground cover. Hardy geraniums are tough plants that establish quickly and live long. Generally, larger leafed varieties are for light shade and smaller leaf will handle more sun.

Geranium ‘Crystal Rose’ This easy to grow perennial forms a low, spreading, compact mat topped with magenta pink flowers. Blooms from late spring to late summer. Foliage is tinged with orange in the fall. Deer and rabbit resistant. Full sun to part shade. 6-8 inches tall by 12-18 inches wide. Zones 4-9

G. ‘Perfect Storm’ – Blooms small cup-shaped flowers that are a dark magenta-pink with dark purple/black veins on soft foliage. Plant in full sun to part shade. Grows 12 inches tall and 20 inches wide. Zone 5-8
http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1501-GeraniumRozannePP12175.jpgG. 'Rozanne' Has large 2.5", saucer-shaped violet-blue flowers above mounds of slightly marbled, deep green foliage. A free flowering spreading bush 18-20" tall that makes a terrific garden impact from June to October. Will cover up to a 2-3 square foot area in one growing season. Is also great to use in a hanging basket or large container. A Blooms intro. PPAF.

G. cantabrigiense 'Biokovo'  One foot semi-evergreen plants with flower petals that are white with a tinge of pink. Blooms June-July. Tolerates full sun to part shade.




G. c. x 'Karmina' Intense raspberry-pink flow­ers, outstanding fall foliage color. Prized for its ground cover effect. 6-8" tall. Very showy! Zone 5 


G. macrorrhizum ‘Ingwersen’s Variety’ A great groundcover geranium, this selection has been working well in gardens since 1929. Light pink
flowers with darker sepals and stems are held high above thick green foliage. Tolerates bright shade and drier soils. Grows 12-18”. Zone 4-8.

G. maculatum – This wild geranium is a native to the Eastern US and thrives in the woodland gardens. It features spring flowers in pink to lavender shades on top of attractive, textured foliage. Easily grown in part to full shade with average to moist, well-drained soil. Grows 12-24 inches tall and 18 inches wide. Zone 4-8
http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15168-Geranium-pratenseDark-Reiter.jpgG. pratense 'Dark Reiter'  Plum foliage selection with lilac flowers.  Compact habit reaching only 8-10" tall.  Zone 4-8.

G. sanguineum ‘Alpenglow’ – Forms a carpet of uniquely cut leaves that bloom cup-shaped light purple flowers in late spring. Foliage turns a brilliant red in fall. Grows 12-18 inches tall and spreads 18 inches. Prefers full sun to part shade in average, well-drained soil. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1510-Geranium-sanguineumNew-Hampshire-Purple.jpgG. sanguineum 'New Hampshire Purple'  An improved form of the species; larger deeper magenta flow­ers and better, somewhat broader foliage. Not as aggressive. Flowers all summer. Grows 16" tall, spreads 2'. 



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/web_ready_geranium__striatum.jpgG. s. var. striatum   Forms a mound of spreading foliage topped with pale pink flowers with dark lines on the petals. Primary bloom time is May and June with sparse reblooming throughout summer. Grows 6-8" tall with a spread of 18-24". Zone 4-8.


GEUM (GrecianRose) 

"Rose of the Rockery" prefers a cool, moist but well-drained spot so plant in partial shade or where you have morning sun. They bloom in spring and early summer. These tough, hardy perennials have basal rosettes of fuzzy, pinnately divided ever­green stalks bearing fiery-orange, red, or yellow flowers. They grow from stout, slow-creeping roots.


WaltersGardens-LO13244-Geum-flora-plenaBlazing-Sunset.jpgG. flora plena ‘Blazing Sunset’  Blooms bright red, double flowers from late spring into summer. Foliage forms a fuzzy mound that looks presentable while not in bloom. Good choice for a cut flower garden. Grows to 24” tall and spreads 12-18”. Full sun to part shade. Zone 5-7



WaltersGardens-LO20767-Geum-TOTALLY-TANGERINETim-s-TangerinePP22041.jpgG. TOTALLY TANGERINE (Tim’s Tangerine’)  This geum is a top performer blooming from late spring into summer. Tangerine-orange flowers can reach 30” tall on top of a neat mound of foliage that can reach 14”. Attracts butterflies and resistant to deer. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4-7


GYPSOPHILA  (Baby's Breath)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1525-Gypsophila-paniculataPerfecta.jpgG. p. 'Perfecta'  Produced from cutting. Large panicles of perfectly double white flowers all summer. Grows 2-3'. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17646-Gypsophila-paniculata-FESTIVAL-STAR-tradeDanfestarPP14818-CPBR2631.jpgG. paniculata ‘Festival Star’   This neat and compact selection forms a short, uniform mound of grey-green foliage. Dense sprays of pure white flowers are produced on relatively short stems over a exceptionally long period. Grows 12-18” tall. Zone 3-9.

HELENIUM (Helen's Flower)

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/HEL_Fuego_0001_copy.jpgHelenium 'Fuego'  Produces a orange flower with rings of yellow around the small button cone and the petal tips.  Shorter than most Heleniums reaching a height of 18- 20” the first year.  Grows 18-20” tall. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14153-HeleniumRed-Jewel.jpgH. ‘Red Jewel’ 
 One of the best native perennials for late season color. Produces tight clusters of small, dusky red flowers with a hint of blue. Some flowers may have yellow tips; color remains consistent thru maturity. Grows 30-36” tall. Zone 4-8.


Helenium ‘Siesta’ – Features deep red blooms with a blue tint and a maroon and yellow center, giving it an incredible two toned effect. A shorter variety that stays at heights between 18-20 in year one and reaching 24-30 in year two. However, if they are cut back in June, they will remain at 18-20 inches tall every year. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil.

HELIANTHIS (Sunflower) 

H. salicifolius ‘First Light’  An explosion of golden yellow flowers in combination with it manageable height makes ‘First Light’ a superior selection. Dark green, fuzzy clumps of linear foliage produce spikes of flowers from September thru October upon upright, sturdy stems A wonderful source of color late in the season Grows 48". Zone 5-9. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18144-HelianthusHappy-Days.jpgH. ‘Happy Days’  This perennial sunflower has large 3-4”, golden yellow blossoms with an anemone-like center and short ray petals. Very cheerful looking upright habit with purple, branched stems. Helianthus does best in the well-drained sun garden and will spread slowly to form a dense clump. Plant in an area that stays dry in Winter and Spring and divide as necessary to control its spread. Relatively short habit to 24” tall. Zone 5-9.


H. x ‘Low Down’  Dwarf Perennial sun­flower that blooms late (September-October). Shines like the sun when in bloom late in the season. Compact habit with masses of yellow flow­ers. Grows to 12”. Zone 5-9. 

HELIOPSIS  (False Sunflower, Oxeye) 
H. x 'Ballerina'  A beautiful, carefree perennial with showy semi-double, 2-3" golden flowers. Excellent cut flower. It has a bushy, well branched form with glossy, deep green leaves. Grows to 3' tall with a spread of 18-24". Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14323-HeliopsisLoraine-SunshinePP10690-CPBR1596.jpgH. h. ‘Loraine Sunshine’  
Variegated white leaves with extensive green veining that darkens late in the season. Golden yellow, single daisy-like flowers on upright stems to 30” tall.  Zone 3-9. 


H. ‘Summer Sun’ – A compact version of this versatile perennial. Features golden yellow, daisy-like flowers on strong stems. Grows 2-3 feet tall and 1.5-2 feet wide in full sun. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19412-Heliopsis-helianthoides-varscabraSunburst.jpgHeliopsis 'Sunburst'  Wonderful cream and green variegated foliage is complemented with a 2-2.5” golden yellow flower.  Foliage greens up a bit in the summer heat.  Grows 30-36” tall. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18853-Heliopsis-helianthoidesTuscan-SunPP18763.jpgH. h. ‘Tuscan Sun’  A beautiful and carefree native that offers a more compact habit and good disease resistance. Golden yellow, daisy-like flowers are produced on strong stems atop the deep green foliage. Grows 24-36”. Zone 3-9.

HELLEBORUS (Lenton Rose)

Hellebores are the most captivating of all spring flowers. While winter is still at its worst, their buds burst through, their delicate and mysterious blooms opening in an ever-expanding range o colors and forms as spring progresses. Helleborus x hybridus is an evergreen, late winter or early spring flowering member of the Ranunculaceae family. Members of this species are hardy from at least Zone 0 to Zone 4, and possibly colder with snow cover. These long-lived plants are drought and cold tolerant, and are relatively deer resistant and almost pest free.Once established, the plants require little effort to provide year-round enjoyment. Long lasting 2-3" blooms are available in a wide range of colors both in single and double forms. Mature plants form a 18-24" tall by 24-30" wide mound an often have 100 or more blooms per plant. Foliage is leathery with coarsely toothed edges, and is renewed each year in late winter with more dark green, shiny leaves. Flowering stems come up before new leaves appear. Leaves of Helleborus hybridus can reflect their species ancestors, and can vary in size and shape. In southern regions Hellebore plants grow best in the shade of deciduous trees. In cooler area (Zones 4-5A) they will grow in full sun, and perhaps produce more flowers after plants are established and can handle the brighter light. The primary requirement for happy Hellebores is good drainage; a slope is best, whether natural or created by the gardener. The plant's crown cannot be planted too deeply or stay too wet. Beware of automatic sprinklers, which can be plant killers. Soil should be high in humus if possible. Since hellebores are heavy feeders; an annual application of any good fertil­izer is appreciated, although well rotted manure or mushroom compost are especially good if avail­able. The roots of Hellebores grow strongly down­ward rather than spreading sideways. Deep culti­vation and improvement of the soil before planting is vital. Add organic matter at this time. After planting and watering in with a can full of water, give the plants a 1-2" mulch of weed-free organic matter such as mushroom compost or bark. It's also advisable to leave plenty of room between plants to allow room for development and for other wood­land plants to be planted between. Hellebores need little regular routine work and there are only a few times during the year when they need special attention. From the aesthetic point of view, although the Orientalis Hybrids are evergreen, by flowering time the foliage can be disfigured, hardly an ideal setting for the flowers. Cleaning off the leaves that have become unsightly during the winter will prevent disease and make room for the new growth. Hellebores put on a growth in the spring and fall; they tend to rest in the summer. For more information on Hellebores, see us at Alwerdt's Gardens.

H. x 'Harlequin Gem'  
Groups of double blooms with contrasting colors of black and purple on the outside and the inside streaked with red, green, or yellow. 

Helleborus_Ivory_Prince.jpgH. x ‘Ivory Prince’ This early spring bloomer starts in March and goes into early summer. The blooms are a creamy white that develop pink tones with age. Prefers part to full shade area with average well drained soil. Grows 12-18 inches in height and spread. Good choice for a woodland garden, or plant near windows so early blooms can be seen. Makes an attractive ground cover when planted in mass.

H. niger 'Honeyhill Joy'  It is exceptional for its quantities of large, outfacing, cream centered, white flowers over vigorous, shiny blue tinted foliage. A 2 month show of flowers in late winter. Foliage is weather resistant.  Grows 18" tall (28" with flowers) and 24" wide. Zone 6-9.


Pink Lady helleborus.jpgH. ‘Pink Lady’  Produces cup-shaped, pink flowers with overlapping petals from late winter into late spring. Grows 12-15” tall. Zone 4-9


Helleborus Red Lady.jpgH. ‘Red Lady’  Produces cup-shaped, burgundy-red flowers with overlapping petals from late winter into late spring. Grows 14-18” tall. Zone 4-9



Yellow Lady helleborus.jpgH. ‘Yellow Lady’  Produces cup-shaped pale yellow flowers with maroon spots from late winter into late spring. Grows 12-15” tall. Zone 4-9



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO6837-HemerocallisBarbara-Mitchell.JPGH. 'Barbara Mitchell'  A "must have" daylily. Baby doll soft pink 6" blossoms with celery-green throats. Petals are consistently round, edged with deep, flowering ruffles. Long-flowering and a re-bloomer. One of the very best pink diploids. Grows to 20" tall.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19206-HemerocallisBill-Fall.jpgHemerocallis 'Bill Fall'  Vibrant red flowers with a radiant gold watermark and a light green throat.  One of the most vigorous rebloomers  with a 4-way branched scape.  Blooms in mid season “July”  with a very large 5-6” flower.  Grows 26” tall.  Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1639-HemerocallisBright-Sunset.jpgH. ‘Bright Sunset’ Burnt coppery-orange self with a golden orange band and small, deep green throat. Petals have prominent gold midribs and tightly ruffle edges. Sepals have smooth, gold edges. Very fragrant. A vigorous grower to 36”

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17925-HemerocallisChristmas-Ribbon.jpgH. ‘Christmas Ribbon'  Gigantic, 8-9", red, star-shaped flowers with a prominent gold throat.  Reaches 34" tall with a spread of 18-24". Zone 3-9. 

Hemerocallis ‘Desert Flame’ – Considered a premium daylily, this one features vibrant red-orange flowers. Features strong and well budded scapes on foliage that stays neat all season long. A rebloomer that prefers full to part sun in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 36 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15990-Hemerocallis-EARLYBIRD-CARDINAL-tradeEndless-HeartPP16515-CPBRAF.jpgH. ‘Earlybird Cardinal’  A true break-through in daylily breeding! The first red, very early blooming, hardy daylily. In the garden, this daylily typically starts to bloom in mid-June. Plants can rebloom up to 4 times per year, showing up to nearly 100 days of color. The 4” wide, watermelon red flowers with a pie crust edge and chartreuse throat are produced on vigorous growing fans. The plants quickly grow to form a highly floriferous, robust clump. This evergreen daylily has proven to be hardy in Zones 4-9.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13839-HemerocallisElegant-Explosion.jpgHemerocallis 'Elegant Explosion'   Sparkling ruffled blossoms in orange- gold, that blooms in midsummer.  Rebloomer  creating wonderful color swaths in the landscape.  Blossoms are produced on top of strong  stems with up to 22 buds apeace. Grows 20” tall. Zone 3-9. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO12730-HemerocallisFire-King.jpgH. ‘Fire King’  A profusion of brilliant orange flowers with heavily ruffled petals, a slightly darker red-orange halo, and a yellow-orange throat are produced atop strong, straight, well-branched, heavily budded scapes. A dra­matic improvement over older orange daylilies. 30” tall.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO7828-HemerocallisFooled-Me.jpgH. ‘Fooled Me’  The large flowers are radiant golden yellow with a striking deep red eye and matching picotee, pie crust edge. Multi-Awards Winner.Grows to 24”.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13852-HemerocallisFunny-Valentine.jpgH. ‘Funny Valentine’  Dark blue green foliage all season and large, sunfast rose red blossoms. Ruffled flowers with a bright green throat are produced on four-way branched scapes, up to 25 buds per scape. Grows 28”. 



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO5200-HemerocallisGoing-BananasPP17164-CPBR3454.jpgH. ‘Going Bananas’   An improved ‘Happy Returns’ with larger flowers and nearly continuous bloom right into early fall. Lemon yellow flowers open just above the foliage, typically 10-15 per scapes. Grows 19-22” tall. Flowers to 4”.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1696-HemerocallisHappy-Returns.jpgH. 'Happy Returns' We can't say enough about this stunning new re-blooming daylily!This elegant offspring of the popular Stella de Oro daylily lights up the garden with its soft canary lemon yellow blossoms. Happy Returns blooms profusely, producing fragrant, ruffled flowers from mid-June until frost on compact 18" stems. Its soft, lovely color works well with other colors in the perennial garden. Vigorous and disease free summer. Long-lived Happy Returns thrives in almost all condi­tions from sun to part shade and in any soil making it a perfect landscaping plant. 

H. 'Joan Senior'  5" creamy white blooms with ruffled, recurved petals. A rebloomer with an extended bloom time. Evergreen foliage in most climates. Grows 30" tall. 


WaltersGardens-LO18990-HemerocallisMarque-Moon.jpgHemerocallis ‘Marque Moon’ A new daylily that will surely make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. The cream colored blooms have a gorgeous ruffle on the edges and are said to sparkle in the sunshine and take on a slight peach tone when cloudy. This daylily boasts heavy budding, said to have up to 40 buds per scape! This premium daylily has excellent tolerance to cold, poor soils, urban conditions, Black Walnut, and salt. Resists rabbits and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Full sun to part shade. Zones 3-9

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18994-HemerocallisMighty-Chestnut.jpgHemerocallis 'Mighty Chestnut'   Unique coloration is guaranteed to stand out in the croud, producing russet red-orange (some call it chestnut) fragrant blossoms with a deep burgundy eye and a gold throat.  Produces well branched strong budded scapes.  Blooms midseason “July”  and is bound to draw a crowd.  Grows 30” tall. Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17581-HemerocallisPrimal-Scream.jpgH. ‘Primal Scream’  A spectacular award winner! Enormous, glimmering tangerine orange, gold dusted blossoms have narrow, twisted, ruffled petals. This one just screams with color! Grows 34” tall. A Proven Winner.



Hemerocallis_Red_Hot_Returns.jpgH. ‘Red Hot Returns’ This daylily is a rebloomer, it can bloom anytime from spring to fall. The ‘Red Hot Returns’ is red with a yellow and green throat. It prefers full sun to part shade and average, well-drained soil. Grows 24-28 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Tolerates poor soils, slopes, urban conditions, salt, and can be planted near black walnut trees – very adaptable.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16022-HemerocallisRuby-Spider.jpgH. ‘Ruby Spider’  Gigantic, dark ruby red flowers with long, spoon-shaped petals open very wide and flat displaying the large, golden yellow throat and matching midribs. Makes a huge visual impact! A Proven Winner. 

H. 'Siloam Double Classic' Double blooms in a peachy-pink featuring a gold halo and green throat. Incredibly sweet fragrance. Grows to 26” with a spread between 18-24”.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13948-HemerocallisSiloam-Peony-Display.jpgH. ‘Siloam Peony Display’  Produces an elegant display of large, fully double, fragrant flowers with ruffled petals in midsummer; re-bloomer.  Peach, diamond dusted blossoms with a rose blush near the center.  Grows 18” tall.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO5003-HemerocallisSouth-Seas.jpgH. 'South Seas’   Absolutely gorgeous!  Uniquely colored flowers are coral tangerine with a reddish-coral band and yellow throat.  Smooth, rounded petals have beautifully ruffled edges. A vigorous grower to 30” with healthy foliage and tons of buds.

H. 'Stella D' Oro'  The world's most popular daylily. Early summer bright gold blooms will return throughout fall. Deadheading is beneficial for reblooming. Grows 15" tall with a spread of 18-24".   

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17983-HemerocallisStephanie-ReturnsPP18538.jpgH. ‘Stephanie Returns’  Named for perennial diva Stephanie Cohen. A short daylily with nearly continuous bloom. Unique bicolor blend of light peachy pink, ruffled petals with a narrow, purple eye, radiant yellow throat, and deeper rose purple sepals. Grows 16-18” tall.

WaltersGardens-LO21533-HemerocallisStolen-Treasure.jpgHemerocallis ‘Stolen Treasure’ – Considered a premium daylily, it features a ruffled flower in light and dark shades of pink. Takes full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows to 26 inches tall and spreads 18-24 inches. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and resists rabbits. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO1608-HemerocallisStrawberry-Candy.jpgH.  ‘Strawberry Candy’   A re-blooming daylily.  Winner of the 1988 Stout Silver Medal as the number one daylily among enthusiasts!  Strawberry –pink with rose-red eye zone and golden green throat.  A tetraploid  that represents a breeding breakthrough.  Beautiful and popular and a strong grower to 26”.

HEUCHERA (Coral Bells)
This is a large genus of lovely plants, many of which also have showy flowered.  The very green leaves are rounded’ rounded heart- shaped or triangular and have long slender leaf stalks.  They prefer rich, moist, well-drained soil.  All varieties make excellent groundcovers and do well with part shade.  Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries in Port­land, Oregon has changed the world of coral bells with exciting new colors, metallic sheens, and marbled foliage. Coral bells are great in wood­land gardens and part shade borders. We are pleased to be one of the first nurseries in the country to offer many of the very new hybrids from the Heims breeding program. These are wonderful collector plants so don't miss out! 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16133-HeucheraBerry-SmoothiePP21871-COPF.jpgH. ‘Berry Smoothie’  Big, bold habit with excellent color year round. The large round leaves have colors from purple rose to rose pink. A delicious blend of heat loving H. villoa and cold tolerant H. americana. Great Midwest va­riety for part shade to shade. Must have good drainage soil. Grows 18” tall and wide. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO7879-HeucheraGeorgia-PeachPP19375-COPF.jpgH. ‘Georgia Peach’  Huge peach col­ored leaves with a very showy white overlay and a large bush habit. This plant makes a Host-a­like bold foliage statement, except, of course, its evergreen. Foliage color changes from peach orange tones in the spring to rose to rose purple through winter, and always with a decorative white veil. Bred for heat and humidity tolerance. Best in shade to part shade in moist well drained soil mix low in peat. Grows 14” tall by 24” wide.


Heuchera ‘Lime Ruffles’ Lovely mounded habit with large ruffled lime green leaves with a frosty white overlay. Should show more heat tolerance. Attractive white flowers in the spring. Shade to part shade. 11 inch plant with 24 inch flower spikes, 18 inches wide. Zones 4-9


Heuchera ‘Lava Lamp’ – This selection of coral bells features coppery-purple leaves with dark purple undersides. New growth emerges a bright coppery orange before deepening to purple. Blooms white flowers on dark scapes in early summer. Grows in full sun to full shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 16 inches tall and 28 inches wide. Flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds, resistant to deer. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4193-HeucheraObsidianPP14836-COPF.JPGH. 'Obsidian'  Black, really black, with shiny, broad, and smooth, rounded leaves. It's darkness sets off any bright flower in the garden or container. A must have that holds its color all season! Grows 16" tall and up to 24" wide. Zone 4-9. 


Heuchera Paprika.jpgH. ‘Paprika’   Mounding foliage is an eye-catching orange-red and grows 8” tall and spreads 16”. Flowers bloom in late spring to early summer, are creamy white, and grow to 12”. Full sun to full shade. Zone 4-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Heuchera_Southern_Comfort_4m.jpgH. ‘Southern Comfort’ Huge cinna­mon-peach leaves and a lush habit. This plant makes a bold foliage statement. Creamy white flowers erupt in late summer. Foliage color changes from cinnamon peach to burnished cop­per to amber. Bred for all parts of the country. Likes shade to part shade. Grows 14” tall by 24” wide. Zone 4-9. 

Heuchera Zipper.jpgH. ‘Zipper’  Foliage is ruffled with color-changing leaves. Appears bright orange in spring and fall then takes on an amber color in summer and persistant throughout the winter. Underside is magenta. Good cold tolerance. Foliage grows 8” tall and spreads 12”, white flowers appear in late spring and grow to 18”. Full sun to full shade. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4602-HeucheraCaramelPP16560.jpgH. x villosa ’Caramel’ Has glowing apricot new growth fading to soft amber by summer. Fall color is an intense salmon red clean foliage. Hardy and unsurpassed for longevity, even in the prolonged heat and humid conditions of the South and Midwest. Grow 12-18”. Zone 4-9.

HEUCHERELLA  (Foamy Bells)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13684-HeucherellaAlabama-SunrisePP19611-COPF.jpgH. ‘Alabama Sunrise’ Changes color with the seasons! The deeply cut foliage, in spring to mid-summer, is gold with red veins. In late Summer, the leaves go to green with red veins. In fall, the older foliage turns orange pink. Small white flowers. Grows 12” tall by 20” spread. Zone 4-9

H. ‘Solar Power’ The lobed yellow gold to lime green leaves are splattered with deep red. It forms a large mound of color in sun or part shade. This Heucherella takes higher light levels than any yellow Heuchera or Heucherella we’ve seen. Seems to do well in full sun and when grown in full shade it stays lime green with splatters of deep red. Grows 12” tall by 16” wide. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16168-HeucherellaSweet-TeaPP21296-COPF.jpgH. ‘Sweet Tea’  Huge cinnamon star are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea colored borders. A new, instant classic for containers and gardens. Undeniably the most intensely colored Heucherella ever! The big palmately cut leaves darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. Its H. villosa breeding gives i a big bold habit and heat and humidity tolerance Prefers part shade to morning sun. Grows 20 tall by 28” wide. Zone 4-9.  


HIBISCUS  (Rose Mallow)
Rose mallows bloom late summer with large impressive flowers. They are hardy but an extra mulch for winter protection is a good idea. It's one of the last plants to come up in the spring. We are carrying the Disco Belle series in separate color of white, rosy red, pink and also have a color mix.

Hibiscus_Cherry_Cheesecake.jpgH. ‘Cherry Cheesecake’ This variety of perennial hibiscus grows 4-5 feet tall and 5-6 wide. The blooms, white with pink edges and deep red center, are huge at 7-8 inches across. Likes full sun to part shade with an average well-drained soil. The flowers bloom from mid-summer into early fall. Attracts butterflies. Once plant is done blooming, cut stems about 1-2 inches from the ground. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13893-Hibiscus-SUMMERIFIC-tradevar-Cranberry-CrushPP21984-CPBRAF.jpgH. 'Cranberry Crush'   Near-black buds open up to present 7-8" deep scarlet red blooms on compact clumps.  Purple tinged foliage.  Grows 3-4' tall.  Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO7918-HibiscusJazzberry-JamCPBRAF.jpgH. ‘Jazzberry Jam’ Fabulous 9” wide deep magenta flowers with a red eye and heavily ruffled, overlapping petals are produced on beautifully upright, very full and robust plants. Grow 4-5’ tall. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18570-HibiscusMidnight-MarvelPP24079.jpgH. 'Midnight Marvel'  The offspring of 'Cranberry Crush' and 'Summer Storm'. Deep wine-purple, maple-like foliage with red-scarlet flowers that reach 8-9" across. Grows to 4' with a 4.5' spread. Zone 4-9.

Hibiscus ‘Mocha Moon’ – A beautiful contrast of dark foliage with large, 7-8 inch, white flowers with a red eye. Unlike other varieties that bloom only at the top, this one blooms from the bottom to the top. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows to 4 feet tall and spreads 5.5-6 feet wide, forming a neat clump. Attracts butterflies, deer resistant. Zone 4-9

WaltersGardens-LO20503-HibiscusPlum-FantasyPP25986.jpgHibiscus ‘Plum Fantasy’ – A stand-out variety that features large, 8-9 inch, magenta-red flowers with a unique, wrinkled pattern in the bloom. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 4.5-5.5 feet tall and wide. Zone 4-9


WaltersGardens-LO25186-HibiscusStarry-Starry-NightPPAF.jpgHibiscus ‘Starry Starry Night’ – Features the darkest foliage yet against large, 7-8 inch flowers with light and dark pink shades making a beautiful contrast in late summer. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 3.5-4 feet tall and wide. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO15135-Hibiscus-SUMMERIFIC-trade-Summer-StormPP20443-CPBRAF.jpgH. ‘Summer Storm’  Everything you have ever wanted in a Hibiscus; deep wine purple foli­age, a compact habit, 8” diameter pink flowers with rose veining and a deep magenta eye, and an extra long bloom time thru early fall. Grows to 4'’. Zone 4-9.


IBERIS (Candytuft)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2350-Iberis-sempervirensAlexander-s-White.jpgI. sempervirens 'Alexander's White' A low-growing and compact variety to 10" tall. Blooms early.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19319-Iberis-sempervirensLittle-Gem.jpgI. s. 'Little Gem'   A very compact dwarf selection forming a dense mound of narrow dark green leaves.  This evergreen foliage is covered in clusters of snow white flowers in early spring.  Its compact and short nature makes it great for an edging.  Grows 5-8” tall.  Zone 3-9.


WaltersGardens-LO2353-Iberis-sempervirensSnowflake.jpgI. s. ‘Snowflake’  White blooms blanket evergreen foliage from mid to late spring with better consistency in the growth habit. Great choice for edging and borders. Grows 8-10” tall and spreads 12-24”. Full sun. Zone 3-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16896-Iris-ensataLion-King.jpgIris ensata (Japanese Iris) . ‘Lion King’ Large Iris with heart-shaped white flower petals and a purple border. Grows to 30” tall. Zone 4-9.




Iris pseudacorus (Flag Iris) 'Berlin Tiger'  A variation of the classic marshland plant. Yellow blooms with intricate brown veins.  Prefers moist soil. Grows 3-4' and spreads 22-30". 

Iris siberica (Siberian Iris) Zone 3. Me­dium-sized beardless flowers. Easy to grow and relatively pest free. Performs best in a rich, moist soil but will tolerate dry soil and partial shade. Begins blooming in June after the tall bearded but before the Japanese.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19752-Iris-sibiricaContrast-in-Styles.jpgIris s. 'Contrast in Styles'  A particularly showy selection of iris with incredible contrasting color patterns.  Flowers are 3-5” and have a rich wine purple standard and falls of lighter blue-purple.  Semi flaring falls display prominent white and yellow signals with purple veining.  This wonderful contrast is truly eye catching.  Foliage is narrow, green and disease resistant and remains attractive throughout the summer. Grows 28-34” tall and 18-24” wide. Zone 3-9.

KALIMERIS (Double Japanese Aster)

K. incisa ‘Blue Star' An easy grown, ever blooming compact plant with pale blue daisy flow­ers over deep green foliage from June to October. Known in Europe, but new to the U.S., and deserv­ing of landscape and container use. Sun-part shade. Grows to 18”. Zone 5-9.

KNIPHOFIA  (Tritoma, Red Hot Poker)

Torch lilies grow 3-5' tall. The dense spikes of tubular flowers bloom over ever­green tufts of stiff narrow grey-green leaves. Plant 2' apart in average to rich, very well-drained soil in full sun. Established clumps are best left undisturbed.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14159-KniphofiaFirst-SunrisePP16036.jpgK. 'First Sunrise'  This floriferous hybrid sets the garden ablaze with loads of solid fluorescent orange, torch-shaped flower spikes. Forms a relatively compact clump of green, strappy foliage. A colorful perennial for hot, dry areas. Grows 30-36 inches tall. Zone 5-9

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO8085-Kniphofia-hirsutaFire-Dance.jpgKniphofia 'Fire Dance'  Coral red and yellow flower spikes form above a low growing thick clump of narrow blue green foliage.  This variety is shown to be very hardy.  Is a shorter variety well suited to a smaller garden.  Grows 30-36”tall. Zone 4-9.

LAVANDULA  (Lavender) 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO19143-Lavandula-angustifoliaEssence-PurplePPAF.jpgL. 'Essence Purple'  Early blooming with a bright blueberry colored flower.  Shown to form a perfect round, uniform, dense clump of green , aromatic foliage.  A great “English Lavender” shown to have a consistently outstanding performance.  Grows 18” tall.  Zone 5-9.

Lavendula ‘French Perfume’ – An award winning selection of English lavender, this variety features grey-green foliage that forms a neat mound topped with intensely fragrant, deep purple flowers in mid-summer. Prefers full sun in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 12-16 inches tall and wide. Resistant to rabbits and deer. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17848-Lavandula-angustifoliaHidcote.jpgL. a. 'Hidcote Blue' 
 Excellent choice, com­pact 12" plant, deep blue-purple flowers. Perfect landscape plant.

L. a. 'Munstead'  A compact, early flowering English variety. Lavender-blue flowers on spikes that appear in late spring.  Foliage and flowers are very fragrant. Grows 12-18" tall and wide. Zone 5-8.

WaltersGardens-LO22273-Lavandula-x-intermedia-PHENOMENAL-tradeNikoPP24193.jpgLavendula PHENOMENAL™ –  A large variety that grows 2-2.5 feet tall and spreads an incredible 4-4.5 wide. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Makes a great cut flower, fresh or dried, and can be used for potpourri or culinary purposes. Resistant to rabbits and deer. Zone 4-9

Lavender_Sweet_Romance.jpgL. a. ‘Sweet Romance’ This variety of English lavender grows 12-18 inches tall and wide. The rich violet blooms tend to come out a little sooner than other varieties. Likes full sun and an average well-drained soil. This aromatic perennial is great for containers, cottage gardens, rock gardens, and herb gardens. This shorter variety would be good for borders and deters rabbits and deer from getting into your garden. Zone 5-9


 LEUCANTHEMUM (Shasta Daisy)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14466-Leucanthemum-superbumBanana-CreamPPAF-CPBR4203.jpgL. x s. ‘Banana Cream’  Superb selection! Four inch flowers open lemon yellow, then brighten to light butter yellow as they mature many axillary buds ensure summer-long bloom Vigorous grower with excellent disease resis­tant, compact foliage. Grows 15-18”.  

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17542-Leucanthemum-superbumBecky.jpgL. x s.  'Becky'  Big, single white flowers in June and July. Shiny deep green foliage. Old favorite, hardy and long-lived. Does not require staking.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17659-Leucanthemum-superbum-DAISY-MAY-regDaisy-DukePP21914-CPBR4376.jpgL. x s. ‘Daisy May’  Impressive, highly floriferous selection that is super compact and grows 20-24” tall. Blooms early into late summer with 3”, single, pure white, daisy-like flowers that form a solid dome of blooms. A Proven Winner.

L. ‘Whoops-a-Daisy’ – Forms a dense mound of dark green foliage that is covered in white flowers with yellow centers from early to midsummer. Grown as an improvement to ‘Snowcap’. Grows 1-1.5 feet tall and 1.5-2 feet wide in full sun. Zone 5-9

LIATRIS (Blazing Star, Gayfeather)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2496-Liatris-spicataKobold.jpgL. spicata ‘Kobold’  One of the most popular for home gardens.  Bears ense spikes of violet flowers on stiff stems.  Only 2’ tall.


LIGULARIA (Leopard Plant)

Ligularia Bottlerocket.jpgL. ‘Bottle Rocket’  A neat clump of green foliage and brown stems support the fantastic mustard yellow flowers that bloom in midsummer. A compact variety, this one shows no bare stem between the foliage and blooms. Upright growth habit, even in the heat of summer. Grows 28-34” tall and spreads 24-28”. Attracts butterflies and resistant to deer. Part shade. Zone 4-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2500-Ligularia-dentataBritt-Marie-CrawfordPP16113.jpgL. dentata “Britt Marie Crawford’   Broad, glossy dark chocolate leaves with dark purple under-sides make an extremely bold statement in the garden.  Golden-orang, daisy-like flowers on purplish-black stems.  Need part shade and lots of moisture.  Grows 3-4’ tall and 3’ wide.  Zone 4-9.

LILIUM  (Lily)

L. ‘After Eight’  This compact selection has petals of deep cherry pink with a crisp white edge, perfect for cut flowers. The same intoxicatingly fragrant blooms of ‘Stargazer’, but much shorter in habit.

L. ‘Bamako’  Blooms in midsummer with a cluster of fragrant, pink blooms on sturdy stems. Grows 20-24” tall. Full sun. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/CasablancaLily.jpgL. ‘Casablanca’   Large fragrant white flowers. Grows to 40’.


L. ‘Star Gazer’   
Upright facing flowers with crimson centers. Light edges and plenty of freckles.  Tall plants to 48”.

Lily Sunny Bonaire.jpgL. ‘Sunny Bonaire’  Upward facing blooms are soft pink and appear in midsummer. Grows 12-18” tall, spreads 15-18”. Zone 4-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WillowayTinyBee.jpgL. 'Tiny Bee'  Bright yellow flowers with tiny black speckles. Tiny Series is bred to have high bud counts and long lasting blooms. Grows 12-14" tall with a spread of 10-12'. Zone 4-7.

L. ‘Tiny Dancer’ A new Asiatic variety, ‘Tiny Dancer’ is a bicolor of deep pink with white centers. Grows 12-14 inches tall and spread 10-12 inches. They like full sun to part shade with an average well-drained soil. The flowers appear in summer and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Lilium_Tiny_Double_You.JPGL. ‘Tiny Double You’ A new Asiatic variety featuring double blooms in a soft orange color. Grows 12-14 inches tall and spreads 10-12 inches. Prefers full sun to part shade with an average, well-drained soil. Flowers appear in summer and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

L. ‘Tiny Hope’  Plentiful, red flowers on compact stems. Has a high bud count and long lasting blooms. Plants that work.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WillowayTinyPadhye.jpgL. ‘Tiny Padhye’  Unique and distinct flowers of raspberry on white. Also bred for high bud counts and long-lasting blooms. Plants that work.



MONARDA (Bee Balm) 

WaltersGardens-LO21966-MonardaBubblegum-BlastPPAF.jpgMonarda ‘Bubblegum Blast’ – Forms a nice mound of dark green foliage that will be covered in bubblegum pink flowers in midsummer. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well drained soil. Grows 24 inches tall and 32 inches wide. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, resists deer. Good powdery mildew resistance. Zone 4-8

WaltersGardens-LO21973-MonardaCherry-PopsPPAF.jpgM.‘Cherry Pops’ This bee balm is part of a brand new series called SUGAR BUZZ™. The beautiful red flowers won’t be taking over your garden as this plant stays controlled in its spot. A smaller, compact plant, this one grows to only 20 inches tall and spreads 26 inches wide. Foliage is aromatic and can flavor teas. Boasts above average resistance to powdery mildew. Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Full sun to part shade. Zones 4-9

WaltersGardens-LO21983-MonardaGrape-GumballPPAF.jpgMonarda ‘Grape Gumball’ – Forms a rounded mound of dark green foliage topped in midsummer with bright magenta-purple flowers. Grows 20-24 inches tall and spreads 16-24 inches. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, resists deer. Good powdery mildew resistance. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2599-MonardaGardenview-Scarlet.jpgM. 'Jacob Cline'  One of the most mildew resistant varieties. From mid summer to fall, it blooms in bright red clusters.  Grows 2-3' tall with a 1-2' spread. Zone 4-9.



Monarda ‘Pardon My Cerise’ – A compact plant with red flowers, grows only 14-18 inches tall and spreads 10-12 inches. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, resists deer. Good resistance to powdery mildew. Zone 4-8


monarda_pardon_my_pink.jpgM. ‘Pardon My Pink’  Bold pink flowers bloom on fragrant foliage that is resistant to powdery mildew. Attracts bees and butterflies and resists deer. Short and compact, it grows 10-12” tall and spreads 8-12”. Full to part sun. A Proven Winner®. Zone 4-9


monarda_pardon_my_purple.jpgM. ‘Pardon My Purple’  Striking purple flowers on fragrant foliage that is resistant to powdery mildew. Attracts bees and butterflies and resistant to deer. A short variety, it grows only to 10-12” tall and spreads 7-10”. Blooms mid to late summer. Full to part sun. A Proven Winner®. Zone 4-9
M. d. 'Purple Rooster'   True royal purple flowers on sturdy, clean, mildew-free foliage. Does not require staking. Grows to 36" in height with a 26" spread. 


NEPETA (Catmint)

Nepeta_Cats_Meow.jpgN. ‘Cat’s Meow’ This variety of catmint grows 17-20 inches tall and spreads 24-36 inches. Unlike other catmints, this variety tends to keep a neater appearance. Long lasting pale blue flowers bloom from early summer into fall. Prefers full sun and an average well-drained soil, but tolerates poor soils. The cats may like it but the deer and rabbits do not. Good for borders, cottage gardens, herb gardens, and naturalized areas. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-8

N. ‘Junior Walker’ – a  sterile and dwarf form of ‘Walker’s Low’, this variety has soft, gray-green aromatic foliage and blooms in spikes of purple. Excellent ground cover or for cascading off walls. Grows 14-16 inches tall, spreads 2.5-3 feet wide. Plant in full to part sun. Zone 5-9

WaltersGardens-LO21554-Nepeta-faasseniiPurrsian-BluePP24788.jpgN. ‘Purrsian Blue’  Growth habit is compact and neat, will spread double the first year growth in the second year. Aromatic foliage produces periwinkle flowers from early summer into early fall. Full sun. Grows 14-18” tall and spreads 18-30”. Zone 3-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2630-Nepeta-faasseniiWalker-s-Low.jpgN. f. x ‘Walkers Low’  The most compact of the faassenii (mussinii) group.  Compact 10” mound of gray-green foliage is covered with lavender-blue flowers from April through fall.  Prolific Bloomer!  Zone3-8.



OENOTHERA (Evening Primrose)

Oenethera Lemon Drop.jpgO. ‘Lemon Drop’  Produces bright yellow flowers all summer. Tolerant of poor soils. Grows 8-12” tall and trails up to 24”. Full to part sun. A Proven Winner®. Zone 5-11


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2641-Oenothera-missouriensis.jpgO. macrocarpa ‘Missouri Primrose’  A 6” inch sprawling native plant with glossy dark green leaves and large deep yellow flowers.


OPHIOPOGON (Lilyturf, Mondo Grass)

O. chingii ‘Sparkler’
  Fine leaved dwarf  with rich, deep green leaves adorned with spar­kling white flowers followed by blue berries. A must for the small or miniature garden. Grows 5-6” tall, 8” wide. Zone 5.

ORIGANUM  (Ornamental Oregano)

O. rotundifolium 'Kent's Beauty' (Kent's Dit­tany)  Semi-prostrate branching stems covered with hop-like pods and lavender florets in summer and fall.  Grows 7- 14". Needs well drained soil. Incredible in containers or growing over a boulder. Rated Zone 5. We have had it in our gardens for several years.


P. 'Dr. Alexander Fleming'   Fragrant, double pink flowers appear in early summer.  Central petals tend to curl inwards giving the bloom a spherical shape.  Grows 30" tall and 18" wide. Zone 3-8.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2664-PaeoniaDuchess-de-Nemours.jpgP. lactiflora ‘Duchess de Nemours’  Double, fra­grant, white globe-shaped blooms with green carpels and a yellow center glow. A prolific bloomer with attractive foliage and strong stems. Grows 34”. Zone 3-8.

WaltersGardens-LO16070-PaeoniaFelix-Crousse.jpgP. ‘Felix Crousse’  Produces fragrant, red, double blooms in early summer. Grows to 28” tall and spreads 18”. Full sun to part shade. Zone 3-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16073-PaeoniaKarl-Rosenfield.jpgP. l.  'Karl Rosenfeld' Mid-season blooming. The finest all-around pure deep red. Double flow­ers on strong stems.


P. l. ‘Kansas’ – Huge double red blooms on a sturdy and compact plant. Excellent for cut flowers. Grows 1.5-2 feet tall, 2-3 feet wide. Full sun. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/PeonySarahBernhardt.jpgP. l. 'Sarah Bernhardt'  An old standard that features very large, very fragrant, double rose-pink flowers. Grows 2.5-3' in height and spread. Zone 3-8.

P. suffruticosa  (Tree Peony)  Unlike the herbaceous peonies, this species does not die to the ground in winter and should NOT be cut back after frost. In fact, they require no pruning at all, unless plants become leggy, then a moderate pruning in the fall will be sufficient.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2702-Paeonia-suffruticosaHanakisoiFloral-Rivaly.jpgP. s. 'Hanakisoi'  Apricot pink petals with a soft pink edge. Semi-double blossoms. Grows 4-5'. Zone 4-8.


P. s. ‘High Noon’ – An impressive display of large, lemon-scented flowers that bloom in late spring and possibly again in fall. Grows 4-5 feet tall and wide, prefers part shade.  Zone 4-7

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17726-Paeonia-suffruticosaHokiSweet-17.jpgP. s. 'Hoki'  Lipstick red, semi-double blooms. Makes a dramatic statement in the garden. Grows 4-5'.



PAPAVER (Poppy) 

Ori­ental poppies have an arresting presence when in bloom. Huge flowers with crepe-like petals mea­suring an average of 4-6” across open from nodding buds atop the wiry, pubescent stems. In the center of each flower rests a very large, velvety-black seed capsule surrounded by prominent, dark purple stamens. After the bloom cycle is complete however, their leaves disappear until cooler weather of fall returns. New leaves will then sprout, last all winter, and then grow again the following spring. (New varieties are usually only available in the fall).


WaltersGardens-LO2731-Papaver-orientalisBeauty-of-Livermore.jpgP. orientale ‘Beauty of Livermore’  From late spring to early summer produces one of finest red flowers you can get in a poppy. Grows 30” tall, spreads 18-24”. Full sun. Zone 3-7

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO9009-Papaver-orientaleFlamenco-DancerPP20123.jpgP. o. ‘Flamenco Dancer’  Large, true red flowers with fringed petals. A sport of the ever-popular ‘Turkenlouis’. Grows to 30”. Zone 3-7.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2740-Papaver-orientalePink-RufflesPP12712-CPBR1657.JPGP. o. ‘Pink Ruffles’  Pink flowers with fringed petals, 4-6” across. Grows to 24”. Zone 3­-7.

WaltersGardens-LO2748-Papaver-orientalisQueen-Alexander.jpgP. o. ‘Queen Alexander’  Salmon-pink blooms can appear from late spring into early summer. Grows 30” tall, spreads 18-24”. Full sun. Zone 3-7


PENSTEMON  (Beard-Tongue)

P. b. ‘Riding Hood Delft Blue’  Stunning blue flowers appear in early summer and will repeat blooming in fall if cut back after blooming. Grows 24-30” and spreads 18-24”. Full sun. Zone 5-8

P. b. ‘Riding Hood Red’   Produces bright red flowers in early summer and will repeat blooms in fall if cut back after blooming. Grows 24-30” and spreads 18-24”. Full sun. Zone 5-8

P. digitalis ‘Husker Red’  Maroon-red foliage has a dark green underlay and is eye-catching. Produces white flowers, with a tinge of pink, in early summer. Grows 30-34” tall and spreads 15-18”. Full sun. Zone 3-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14170-PenstemonDark-TowersPP20013.jpgP. ‘Dark Towers’  Glossy bronze-red foli­age is topped with masses of pink flowers in July and August. Foliage is much darker than P. ‘Husk­ers Red’, stays darker, and does not flop. A tough carefree plant which tolerates high heat and hu­midity. Zone 3-8.

PEROVSKIA  (Russian Sage) 

P. ‘Denim-n-Lace’ – Strong stems hold up the mass of blue flowers that appear in late summer. Fragrant foliage deters pests. A Proven Winner. Grows 28-32 inches tall and 34-38 inches wide. Zone 4-9

P. a. 'Lacey Blue'  A tight growth habit with dense branching prevents flopping. Sprays of large blue blooms last all summer.  Heat, cold, and drought tolerant. Grows 12-18" tall and 24-36" wide.


WaltersGardens-LO19949-Perovskia-atriplicifolia-PEEK-A-BLUE-regWALPPBPPAF.jpgP. a. PEEK-A-BLUE®  Attractive foliage is silvery with a lacy cut to the leaves. Produces lavender-blue flowers from midsummer into fall. Grows 24-28”, spreads 20-28”. Full sun. Zone 4-9


WaltersGardens-LO22049-Perovskia-atriplicifoliaRocketmanPPAF.jpgP. ‘Rocketman’
 This Russian sage is great for those with smaller gardens. It stays small and compact and has sturdier stems that will not flop. Gray-green leaves are aromatic and topped in midsummer with a fluffy display of lavender-blue flowers that attract hummingbirds. Grows 2.5-3 feet tall and wide. Deer resistant. Full sun. Zones 4-9

P. ‘Lacey Blue’ This compact Russian Sage forms a nice mound covered with lavender blue flowers from mid-summer on. Perfect for smaller gardens. Drought tolerant when established. Full sun. 18-10 inches tall by 18-23 inches wide. Zones 4-9

P. ‘Tiaga’ – This variety of Russian sage features deep blue flowers on silvery foliage. Drought and heat tolerant. Prefers full sun in an average, well-drained soil. Grows 24-36 inches tall and spreads 24-30 inches. Zone 5-9

PHLOX  (Tall Phlox, Gar­den Phlox)

Phlox are garden favorites among wildflower fanciers and perennial lovers They are easy to grow, have prolific blooms and a great fragrance.

PhloxForever Pink
Compact foliage covered with showy, bright pink flowers. Long blooming from summer to fall. Strong stems prevent flopping. Drought tolerant.  Full sun. 16 inches tall by 18 inches wide. Zones 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO17620-PhloxMinnie-Pearl.jpgP. x 'Minnie Pearl'  A natural hybrid between P. maculata and P. glaerimma. Explodes into bloom in early summer, long before most varieties of Phlox Paniculatas. Minnie Pearl has clean white flowers for several weeks and mildew resistant. Has a slow to medium spreading habit gradually expanding to a 12-18" tall groundcover of glossy green leaves. Zone 5-9.

Phlox_Triple_Play.JPGP. glaberrima ‘Triple Play’ This variety of smooth phlox grows 12-15 inches tall and spreads 8-15 inches. The clusters of deep pink flowers appear in late spring/ early summer on top of variegated white and green foliage. Prefers part to full sun and an average well-drained soil. Great addition to the cottage garden, good for containers and even works well as a cut flower. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.





Phlox Bubblegum pink.jpgP. p. BUBBLEGUM PINK CANDY STORE™ (‘Ditomfra’)  Bright pink flowers with a dark pink eye appear from early summer into early fall. Grows 18-24”, spreads 12-18”. Mildew resistant. Full sun. Zone 3-7

Phlox Coral Creme.jpgP. p. CORAL CRÈME DROP CANDY STORE™ (‘Ditomdre’)  Sweetly fragrant and bright coral colored flowers  with a rose eye appear from early summer into early fall. Grows 18-24” tall and spreads 12-18”. Mildew resistant. Full sun. Zone 3-7

Phlox Grape Lollipop.jpgP. p. GRAPE LOLLIPOP CANDY STORE™ (‘Ditomsur’)  Bold purple flowers with a red eye appear from early summer into early fall. Grows 18-24” and spreads 12-18”. Mildew resistant. Full sun. Zone 3-7

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2810-Phlox-paniculataDavid.jpgP. p. 'David'  Grows 3-4'. Bright white, fragrant. Mildew resistant.

Phlox_Flame_Coral.jpgP. p. FLAME™ Coral  This variety of tall garden phlox grows 15-18 inches tall and spreads to 18 inches. Clusters of bright coral flowers appear in mid-summer. Likes full sun and an average well-drained soil. The FLAME™ series have great disease resistance, fragrant blooms, and stay small and compact. Perfect for containers/patios, cottage gardens, prairie gardens, and rain gardens.

Phlox p. FLAME™ ‘White Eye’ – Another variety in this series of dwarf phlox, this one features large clusters of white flowers with a tiny pink eye. Blooms in midsummer on clumps of green foliage. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Grows 15-18 inches tall and spreads 18 inches. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and has good disease resistance. Zone 3-8

P.p. ‘Glamour Girl’ – Blooms bunches of hot pink flowers on strong stems. Good resistance to powdery mildew. Grows 32 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide. Plant in full sun. Zone 4-8

P.p. ‘Nicky’
– said to have the darkest color of any phlox, it blooms panicles of dark magenta flowers on strong stems. Good resistance to powdery mildew. Grows 30-36 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide in full sun. Zone 4-8

P. p. 'Party Punch'  Fragrant pinkish-orange flowers blooms from June to August. Mildew resistant. Grows 36" tall. Zone 3-8.

Phlox_Red_Riding_Hood.jpgP. p. ‘Red Riding Hood’ These cherry-red flowers are appealing to the eyes and the nose. This tall garden phlox variety grows 22 inches tall and spreads 16-20 inches. Likes full sun and an average well-drained soil. A nice compact plant that looks good in prairie gardens, cottage gardens, and rain gardens.

Phlox subulata ‘Coral Eye’ – This variety of creeping phlox features near white to blush pink colored flowers with a hot pink eye. Healthy looking foliage grows evenly and consistently. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 12-18 inches. Attracts butterflies. Zone 2-9

PHLOX subulata (Moss Phlox, Creeping Phlox) Widely grown on slopes and banks and in rock gardens. We have all the favorite colors and some new ones. 

WaltersGardens-LO25346-Phlox-subulataPurple-Beauty.jpgPhlox subulata ‘Purple Beauty’ – A must-have ground cover, this creeping phlox blooms true purple flowers in spring. Works well in borders, slopes, and rocky areas. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 12-18 inches. Zone 2-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2853-Phlox-subulataBlue-Emerald.jpgP. s. 'Blue Emerald'   Delicate lavender blue flowers. Grows 4-6" tall and spreads 12-18". Zone 2-9. 

WaltersGardens-LO2860-Phlox-subulataEmerald-Pink.jpgP. s. ‘Emerald Pink’  Long flowering selection of pink flowers in spring. Grows 4-6” and spreads 12-18”. Full sun. Zone 2-9

P. s ‘North Hills’  Bright white flowers with a prominent violet purple eye. Grows 4-6”. Zone 2-9.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2866-Phlox-subulataRed-Wing.jpgP. s. 'Red Wing'  Creeping Phlox with color that is a striking crimson, with dark red center. Grows 4-6" tall and spreads 12-18". Zone 2-9.

PHYSOSTEGIA (Obedient Plant)
P. virginiana ‘Pink Manners’  Clump forming, pink flowering selection. Spikes of pale pink to white buds open to lavender pink flowers with a white throat. Strictly upright plant. Grows to 36” tall. Zone 3-9.



POLYGONATUM  (Solomon's Seal) 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14598-Polygonatum-odoratumVariegatum.jpgP. falcatum 'Variegatum'  Green leaves edged with broad creamy-white stripes. Creamy white tubular flowers on arching stems. Brightens a shady site. Grows 2' tall.

PULMONARIA  (Lung wort)

P. ‘Bertram Anderson’ – The attractive silver spotted foliage blends well with other shade plants. Blooms blue flowers in early spring. Grows 6 -12 inches tall and 1-2 feet wide in part to full shade. Zone 3-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2965-PulmonariaRaspberry-SplashPP12138.JPGP. ‘Raspberry Splash’  Very showy rasp berry-pink flower clusters and dark green, silver spotted leaves. Grows 10-12”. Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Pulmonaria_Trevi_Fountain_4m.jpgP. 'Trevi Fountain'  A superb, brightly silver-spotted beauty will give rise to profuse clusters of large cobalt-blue flowers in spring. A stunner! The best, true dark-blue. Grows 11' tall with spreading to 25". Zone 4-9. 

RUDBECKIA  (Black eyed susan, coneflower)

R. fulgida ‘City Garden’  Nice size for small gardens and containers. Produces loads of golden-yellow flowers with a brown cone. Long blooming. Grows 18-24”. Zone 4-10.

R. f. var. fulgida  Shiny, deep green foliage, small and finer than 'Goldstrum', blooms later and longer from mid July to October. Six weeks and 'Goldstrum' is brown, this plant is at its peak.  Average to dry soil. Grows 24-30". Zone 5-7. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO2991-Rudbeckia-fulgidaGoldsturm.jpgR. f. var. sullivantii 'Goldstrum'   A superior hardy variety. Nicely branched 2' plants. The PPA Plant of the Year for 1999. Zone 4-10.


R. f. var. s. 'Little Goldstar'   More compact and proportional, forming a short, bushy clump that puts out a spray of golden yellow blooms from midsummer to late fall. Grows 14-16" tall and wide. Zone 4-10.



RUELLIA (Wild Petunia)

Ruellia wild petunia.jpgR. humilis  A native to Missouri, this perennial produces lavender-lilac petunia-like flowers on pubescent foliage from spring to fall. Grows to 2’ tall and wide. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4-8


SALVIA  (Sage)

S. ‘Blue Marvel’ Beautiful large blooms that just won’t stop! Top notch perennial that gives you color all season long. Mounded habit. 10-12 inches tall and wide. Full sun. Zones 4-9

S. nemorosa COLOR SPIRES® ‘Crystal Blue’ – Forms a dense clump of gray-green foliage with an aroma that deters rabbits and deer. Blooms spikes of light blue flowers in spring. Grows 18-20 inches tall and 24-26 inches wide in full sun. A Proven Winner. Zone 3-8

S. n. COLOR SPIRES® ‘Violet Riot’ – Blooms spikes of bright violet-blue flowers in spring on aromatic foliage that deters rabbits and deer. Grows 22 inches tall and 20-24 inches wide in full sun. A Proven Winner. Zone 3-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3017-Salvia-nemorosaMay-NightMainacht.jpgS. nemerosa 'May Night'  1997 PPA Plant of the Year! Outstanding, deep purple, long flowering cultivar, 18" compact habit. Zone 3-8.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13536-Salvia-nemorosa-MARCUS-tradeHaeumanarcPP13322-CPBR1837.jpgS. n. 'Marcus'  A diminutive 'May Night' cousin covered in violet blue flowers in early summer. A good bloomer with compact and very short habit. Easy to grow. 10-12" tall. Zone 4-8.

Salvia_New_Dimension_Blue.jpgS. n. ‘New Dimension Blue’ This variety of perennial salvia has many great qualities. The growth habit stays short and compact reaching 14-18 inches tall with a spread of 18-24 inches. If grown in a container, heights may only reach 8-10 inches. Blooms blue-violet flowers in early summer and when cut back after, it will rebloom again in fall. Likes full sun and an average well-drained soil. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds while deterring rabbits and deer. Drought tolerant. Deadheading encourages a longer bloom period.

S. n. ‘Sensation Deep Rose Improved’
  A more uniform growth habit and brighter pink flowers than the ‘Sensation Rose’. Very floriferous from early summer into midsummer. Grows 16” tall and spreads 16-20”. Full sun. Zone 3-8


SEDUM (Stonecrop) 

Sedums are drought-tolerant plants with thick, succulent, waxy leaves and fleshy, often trailing stems. They work well as a ground cover in dry areas and in rock gardens. Attracts butterflies.


S. album ‘Athoum’ – Vibrant green foliage that has an interesting texture. Blooms pinkish-white flowers. Grows 2 inches tall. Zone 4-9

S. album ‘Coral Carpet’ – This evergreen sedum emerges with coral foliage that turns bright green and then reddish-brown in winter. Blooms white flowers in mid-summer. Grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 6-8 inches. Zone 3-9

Sedum Dazzleberry.jpgS. SUNSPARKLER® ‘Dazzleberry’  A solid mat of blue-gray foliage that blooms raspberry colored flowers in late summer. Grows 6-8” tall. Full sun. Zone 4-9


S. SUNSPARKLER®Firecrackers – this low grower creates a mat of strong burgundy foliage that will not split open in summer. Blooms pink flowers. Great for adding color to hot, dry areas. Grows 6 inches tall and 18 inches wide in full sun. Zone 4-9



WaltersGardens-LO22387-SedumFirecrackerPPAF.jpgSedum ‘Firecracker’ A new addition to the SUNSPARKLER® series and improvement to ‘Cherry Tart’, this sedum will provide a spread of color in your garden. The foliage is a beautiful burgundy-red that persist all summer and will not split. Blooms bold pink flowers in fall that will attract butterflies. Grows to 6 inches tall and spreads 18 inches. Rabbit resistant. Full sun. Zones 4-9



Sedum Lime Zinger.jpgS. SUNSPARKLER® ‘Lime Zinger’  Green foliage with a bright pink egde. Blooms hot pink flowers in late summer. Grows 4-6” tall. Full sun. Zone 4-9





Sedum Lidakense.jpgS. cauticola ‘Lidakense’  Intense pink flowers top small glaucous purplish-blue gray succulent leaves in September-October. A ‘must’ for rock garden, raised bed or container. Grows 12”. Zone 3-9.  

S. hispanicum – Classic groundcover with blue-gray/green foliage. Blooms white flowers in early-mid summer. Grows 2-4 inches tall, 4-8 inches wide. Zone 2-9

S. kamtschaticum – This sedum has toothed green leaves that are semi-evergreen. Blooms bright yellow flowers in early summer. Grows 4-6 inches tall and 10-15 inches wide. Zone 3-9

S. pachyclados – Powder blue foliage is round and attractive. Blooms tiny pink flowers in summer. Grows 2-4 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide. Zone 5-9

S. reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’  Grows a mat of unique blue-green foliage that blooms yellow flowers in July. Makes a great groundcover for hot, dry areas. Grows 6-10”. Full sun. Zone 3-8

S. rupestre ‘Angelina’ – Forms a strong, low growing mat of spiky evergreen foliage that is bright yellow turning red-orange in fall. Grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 1-2 feet. Excellent ground cover. Zone 5-8

S. sexangulare – Foliage is cylindrical and bright green turning copper in fall. Blooms bright yellow flowers in summer. Grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 1-2 feet wide. Zone 3-9

S. spurium ‘John Creech’ – Forms a strong mat of round, scalloped-like foliage in green with red tips turning burgundy in fall. Blooms pink-red flowers in summer. Grows 1-4 inches tall and spreads 4-12 inches. Zone 3-8





Sedum Fuldaglut.jpgS. s. ‘Fuldaglut’  Best of the red groundcover sedums. A selection of ‘Dragon’s Blood’ that retains it’s red color all season. Blooms red flowers in summer. Grows 3-4”. Full sun. Zones 3-8


Sedum_Pool_Party_6m.jpgSedum ‘Pool Party’ Pleasing dense, mounding habit with succulent blue foliage. Showy light pink flowers in late summer. Drought tolerant. Full sun. 14-18 inches tall by 25 inches wide. Zones 4-10




S. s. ‘Red Carpet’ – Attractive green foliage with red margins. Forms a dense evergreen mat that turns burgundy in fall. Blooms pinkish-red flowers in summer. Grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 1-2 feet. Zone 3-8



Sedum_Touchdown_Teak_6m.jpgSedum ‘Touchdown Teak’ Lovely glossy red-brown to purple leaves, with red stems and a vigorous upright habit. Rose red flowers in summer. A favorite in many gardens! Full sun and drought tolerant. 8-9 inches tall and 16 inches wide. Zones 4-10


S. s. ‘Tricolor’ – Features foliage that is green with white margins tipped in pink. Blooms pink flowers in summer. Grows 4-6 inches tall and 12-18 inches wide. Zone 3-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/voodoo.jpgS. s. 'Voodoo' This variety of stonecrop has red stems, growing to 6 inches tall,  that support small, rosy red leaves with a hint of gray. Blooms continuously all summer in rose pink flowers. Prefers full sun and a dry, well-drained soil. Good for use in rock gardens and containers.



S. ‘Carl’  An English variety with a compact growth habit. Green leaves are slightly serrated and from late summer into fall, will bloom in large clusters of pink flowers on reddish stems. Grows 18” tall, spreads 18-24”. Full sun. Zone 3-9

S. ‘Class Act’  Compact, upright habit and full heads of the most stunning rose-pink flowers. Stays short and compact and doesn’t fall apart. Grows 14” tall. Zone 4-9.


S. ‘Lemonjade’  An upright, mounded sedum that will not split open. Blooms yellow flowers in early fall on toothed, green foliage. Grows 16-18” tall and spreads 26-28”. Full sun. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO5443-SedumMaestroPP20094.jpgS. ‘Maestro’  Sport of ‘Ma-trona’. Large blue-green leaves on bright purple, upright stems 5-7” flower heads bear red buds and light pink blossoms. Compact habit. Grows to 18”. Zone 3-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO8547-SedumMrGoodbudPP17671-COPF.jpgS. ‘Mr. Goodbud’ This new Sedum spectabile hybrid has tight foliage
and strongly contrasting colors between its light buds and dark mauve flowers. Richer tones and better foliage than S. ‘Brilliant’. Upright habit and short stature Grows to 14”. Zone 4-9.



S. ‘Pure Joy’  Forms a mound of unique blue-green foliage with sharply serrated edges. Blooms pink flowers in fall against deep pink seed heads. Grows 10-12” tall, spreads 16-20”. Full sun. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-9

S. spectabile 'Hot Stuff'  Sports bright pink flower heads.  A more compact form that is less likely to fall apart in mid-season. Grows 10" tall. Zone 4-9.


Sedum Xenox.jpgS. telephium ‘Xenox’  A compact dark foliage sedum. Clusters of red velvet buds open to rose flowers. Grows 20-24”. Zone 3-9.

SEMPERVIVUM  (Hen and Chicks)

Well-known succulents with evergreen rosettes of leaves surrounded by smaller "chicks". These are useful in rock gar­dens, edging borders, walls, or container gar­dens. Their main requirement is good drainage otherwise they are tolerant of a wide variety of soils, even pure sand. There are quite a few new varieties available nowadays. They now include both large and small rosettes, green, blue, red grey and multi-colored forms as well as various colors of flowers.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO12537-Sempervivum-Assorted.jpgS. 'Assorted'  A nice wide assortment of col­ors and rosettes.  Zone 3-8.


Sempervivum Red Beauty.jpgS. ‘Red Beauty’  Rosettes are gray-green and tinged with deep red. Produces pink flowers in summer. Full sun to part shade. Grows to 3”. Zone 4-10


Sempervivum_Silver_King.JPGS. ‘Silver King’ This variety of hens and chicks has large, silver-green and red leaves. Grows 2-4 inches tall and prefers a dry to medium, well-drained soil. Good for use in rock gardens and in containers.


SOLIDAGO (Goldenrod)

Solidago shortii ‘Solar Cascade’ – A short goldenrod that is NOT as aggressive as others. Developed to save this endangered species, it blooms golden yellow flowers that attract butterflies and bees. Excellent choice for native gardens. Grows 2-2.5 feet tall and 1.5-2 feet wide. Zone 6-9

STACHYS (Betony, Woundwort, Lamb's Ear) 

S. byzantina ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’  A popular selection with fuzzy silver-green leaves that will produce spikes of purple flowers in summer. Stays short and can be used as a groundcover or edging. Grows to 8” tall and spreads 12-24”. Full sun to part shade. Zone 4-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3142-Stachys-byzantinaHelene-von-SteinBig-Ears.jpgS. b. 'Helene von Stein'  (Giant Lambs Ear)  Velvety soft, green­ish leaves twice the size of 'Silver Carpet'. Listed as a non-flowering cultivar. Reported to be more tolerant of heat and humidity. Grows 8-10" tall. Zone 4-8.



Stachys minima 
The most floriferous stachys. Pink-purple flowers bloom on 4-6” spikes in June and July. Forms a dense mound of dark, glossy green foliage. Small in size but huge in flowers. Well-drained soil. Grows 3-6”, spread 15-18”. Zone 4-8.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO16320-Stachys-monieriHummelo.jpgS. m. 'Hummelo' (Common Betony)  Green basal rosettes. Rose-lavender spikes. Grows 18-20" tall. One of Alwerdt's Gardens favorites in the garden. Hardy and long lived. 




S. officinalis Densiflorus – Glossy green foliage forms a neat clump and produces spikes of lavender-pink flowers in early to mid summer. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Grows 8-10 inches tall and 12-15 inches wide. Full sun. Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO14180-Stachys-officinalisPink-Cotton-CandyPP21436.jpgS. o. ‘Pink Cotton Candy’ Much like ‘Hummelo’ but with plump wands of cotton candy pink flowers. Forms a tidy clump of green, basal foliage topped with loads of showy flower spikes. Very attractive!! From the Chicago Botanic Garden. Grows to 24” tall. Zone 4-8.  

STOKESIA (Stoke's Aster)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3158-Stokesia-laevisHoneysong-Purple.jpgS. laevis  'Honeysong Purple' The darkest purple Stokesia available. A true royal purple with a hint of red that deepens as the flower ages. Contrast­ing white stamens and purple stems add to the appeal. Large 4" blooms. Impressive! 14" tall (PPAF).

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4347-StokesiaPeachie-s-Pick.jpgS. l. 'Peachie's Pick'  Lavender-blue flowers. Blooms much longer and a bit later than other types. Upright habit to 18" tall. Deep green foliage. Zone 5-9. 

TANACETUM  (Painted Daisy)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3172-TanacetumRobinson-s-Red.jpgT. 'Robinson's Red'  Large double painted daisy. Blooms June - August. Grows 2' by 18". Zone 3-7. 


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3191-Thalictrum-rochebrunianumLavender-Mist.jpgT. rochebrunianum . Magnificent sprays of delicate, lavender purple flowers are produced on tall, dark purple stems. Rarely needs staking, distinctive green foliage forms a nice low mound. Flowers can shoot up to 6'. Zone 3-7.



TIARELLA  (Foam Flower)

Foam flowers make exceptional ground cov­ers, with their lovely flowers and dense mats of weed-excluding foliage. Plant them in humus-rich, slightly acidic, evenly moist soil in part to full shade. Tiarellas are enjoying a new wave of popular­ity. Greatly appealing for their shade tolerance, early bloom season, fragrance, repeat flowering, and unusual leaf shapes. They set the stage for Hosta and other woodland plants in the spring and provide color in fall and winter. We are happy to introduce several new forms made available by Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries.

T. ‘Pacific Crest’  Selected for its highly cut leaves which are also extremely well patterned and glossy. Use as a groundcover or in a hanging basket in a shady location. Makes a great non-climbing Ivy replacement! Grows 4” tall by 36” wide. Zone 4-9.


Tricyrtis ‘Autumn Glow’ – Features green and yellow variegated foliage with a wide yellow band. In late summer into fall, it blooms tiny orchid-like flowers in hues of red-purple to blue-violet and white. Prefers part to full shade in an average to moist, well-drained soil. Grows 24-26 inches tall and spreads 24-36 inches. Zone 4-9

T. ‘Seiryu’ – Blooms light blue orchid-like flowers with purple spots. Grows 18-24 inches in full to part shade. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3231-TiarellaSpring-SymphonyPP12397-COPF.jpgT. 'Spring Symphony'  PPAF. What a plant. Not only is the foliage compact, cut, "pointed with black point along the midrib, palmate clumping, and neat, but the pink flowers are ASTOUNDING! A one of a kind classic. Humidity resistant. 7" tall. Zone 4-7.

TRICYRTIS  (Toad Lily) 
Unique easy to grow plants for shady areas Arching stems produce fall display of bizarre flowers that range from white to lilac with dark spots and blotches. One of my favorite groups of plants for their texture and flowering exotic effects. Plant them where you can appreciate them. Toad lilies have a subtle and unusual beauty that is best appreciated at close range. Plant them in evenly moist, humus-rich soil in light to part shade. They are long-lived and easy to grow.

Toad Lily Samurai.jpgT. ‘Samurai’  A compact form noted for the golden-edged leaves. Purple spotted flowers with yellow throats appear in late summer through fall. Grows 12-18” tall and spreads 6-8”. Part to full shade. Zone 6-8

T. ‘Sinonome’  Noted as one of the very best of the group for its drought tolerance and deep green shiny foliage that stays clean through fall.


 Vernonia (Iron Weed)

V. lettermannii ‘Iron Butterfly’  Dark green, fine foliage forms a neat mound that is covered with purple flowers in late summer. Native to Arkansas. Attracts butterflies. Grows 30-36” tall and wide. Drought tolerant. Full sun. Zone 4-9

VERONICA  (Speedwell) 

WaltersGardens-LO21898-VeronicaEnchanted-IndigoPPAF-CPBRAF.jpgVeronica ‘Enchanted Indigo’ A Proven Winner that boasts a compact and uniform growth habit. Blooms spikes of royal purple flowers in early to midsummer and can rebloom again in late summer to early fall. Grows 16-18 inches tall and wide. Attracts butterflies and resists deer. Full sun to part shade. Zones 4-8

V. ‘Tidal Pool’  Deep blue-violet flowers! A wonderful groundcover and also lovely over a rock wall. A Chicagoland Grows introduction. Sun to part shade. Grows 24-36” tall by 22-30” wide. Zone 4-8. Handles heat, humidity, rain and drought!


veronica hocus pocus.jpgV. Magic Show® ‘Hocus Pocus’  Produces long spikes of bright purple flowers from early to midsummer. Grows 16-20” tall and spreads 10-12”. Full to part sun. A Proven Winner®. Zone 4-8


Veronica prostrata ‘Aztec Gold’ – Forms a low spreading  mound of bright yellow foliage topped with sky blue flowers in early summer. Makes an excellent ground cover. Grows 6 inches tall and spreads 12 inches wide. Plant in full sun to part shade. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Veronica_Aztec_Gold_2m.jpgV. prostrata 'Aztec Gold'  Sunp-roof, brilliant gold foliage spreads in congested mats. Coupled with Bavarian-blue flowers in late spring makes a masterful combination. Considered better than V. 'Trehane'. Grows 6" height.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3324-Veronica-spicataRoyal-CandlesPP18932.jpgV. s. 'Royal Candles'   Attractive compact, up­right habit. Clean, deep green foliage. Bottom foliage does not die out like other Veronicas. Abundant violet-blue flowers all summer. Great for front of the border, edging, mixed containers, rock gardens or en masse. A Plant Haven Inc. intro. PPAF.

VERONICASTRUM (Culver's Physic)

V. virginicum 'Lavender Towers' Has el­egant pale purple spires towering over whorled leaves on un-branched stems. Outstanding! Grows 4-5' tall. Zone 5-8. 



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13929-ViolaEtain.jpgV. 'Etain'  
Rare and choice. This beautiful En­glish hybrid has extra large 2" pale lemon blooms with contrasting lavender margins. Very irresistable and fragrant also. Will flower from May to Octo­ber. Grows 8-10" tall.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4713-ViolaPainted-Porcelain.JPGV. ‘Painted Porcelain’  True to their name, these delicate-looking flowers are as pretty as ‘painted porcelain'! The large, creamy white blossoms have petals which are infused with lavender purple and deeper markings in the center. It blooms the heaviest in the spring to midsummer and often again in fall. Grows 6-8” tall. Best in part shade to filtered shade. Zone 5-8.

YUCCA  (Desert Candle, Adam's Needle)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO13640-Yucca-filamentosaColor-Guard.jpgY. filamentosa 'Color Guard'  White and cream on the inside and edged with green on evergreen sword-like leaves. Grows 3-6' in height with a 2-3' spread. Zone 4-10.