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Some of these items and their specific varieties are not always available every year – please call us about availability if interested in edibles.
Photos courtesy of Burpee, Hummert, HPS, Walters Gardens, Willoway Nurseries
ANNUALS: Vegetables and Tomatoes

Marketmore 76 cucumber.jpgMarketmore 76 – Dark green color, disease resistant, performs well in summer heat.



Saladmore Bush cucumber.jpgSaladmore Bush – (Pickling) Bush-type growth habit makes this one perfect for containers or limited spaces. Dark green skin with a sweet, crisp flavor.



Sweet Slice – (Burpless Slicer) Produces excellent yields of dark green fruit with tender skin, free from bitterness.



Tasty Green cucumber.jpgTasty Green – (Burpless) Early high yielding plant bears green fruit that is crisp, juicy, tender. Smooth skin has small white spines.


Hansel eggplant.jpgHansel – Prolifically produces clusters of dark purple fruit all season. Always non-bitter taste under thin and tender skin –no peeling.


Orient Express eggplant.jpgOrient Express – Produces earlier than other varieties, able to set fruit in cool weather and under heat stress. Tender with a delicate flavor, cooks quickly.



Baron hybrid pepper.jpgBaron hybrid – Produces large yields of heavy, sweet fruit. Widely adapted red bell.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/California_wonder.bmpCalifornia Wonder  - A sweet bell pepper that is blocky and thick walled. Starts out green and matures to red.

Cayenne Slim.jpgCayenne Long Red Slim - HOT! A variety said to be rich in vitamin C and A. Long, thin peppers mature from emerald green to scarlet red. 


Fooled You jalapeno.jpgFooled You – The first jalapeno with no heat! Bears loads of of large, thick-walled fruits that mature from green to red.



Golden Calwonder pepper.jpgGolden Calwonder – A sweet pepper with thick flesh, shaped like the California Wonder. Starts out green and matures to yellow.

Jalepeno.jpgJalepeno - HOT! Thick walled, highly pungent pepper. Starts out with a dark green color maturing to a bright red. 

Major League jalapeno.jpgJalepeno Major League – Large fruits are early and attractive with a mildly pungent flavor. Holds green color for a long time but will eventually turn red. 


Mucho Nacho jalapeno.jpgMucho Nacho –  This jalapeno sets fruit a week earlier and features high yields of fruit that is larger, fatter, thicker, and hotter than a regular jalapeno. Green color matures to red.


Pablano pepper.jpgPablano -  One of the mildest of the chilies with thick skin. Known as ancho chilies when dried. Dark green color matures to red and deepens until almost black in color.


Serrano chili pepper.jpgSerrano Chili -  HOT. Small, slim fruits that can be picked when green for mild flavor or when red for hot flavor.


Serrano cocula pepper.jpgSerrano, Cocula – High percentage of large fruit. Medium thick walls. Green color maturing to red.


Super Chili Pepper.jpgSuper Chili Hybrid– HOT. A great choice for containers or limited space, this pepper was bred to be compact and still produce high yields of fruit. Color matures from green to orange to red.

Sweet Banana.jpgSweet Banana - Produces and earlier havesting fruit that starts out a banana yellow color maturing to scarlet when fully ripe. Elongated, 6" peppers stay sweet and mild.


Sweet Orange Blaze pepper.jpgSweet Orange Blaze -  A crunchy sweet pepper, features early maturity and excellent disease resistance. Green color matures to bright orange.


Yolo Wonder pepper.jpgYolo Wonder – Large,thick-walled sweet pepper. Starts out green and matures to red.


All tomato varieties are indeterminate, meaning they will continue to grow until frost. Caging and/or staking is recommended to ensure good air flow between plants and to keep fruits off the ground.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/amish_paste_2.bmpAmish Paste - A  bright red plum tomato, 8-12 ounce fruits, with a juicy, meaty flavor and plenty of tomato tang.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/beefmaster.bmpBeefmaster - Not unheard of to see fruits up to two pounds from this variety.  A high yield variety that likes a long growing period. Fruit has a red, meaty interior. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/better_boy.bmpBetter Boy - An improved version of Big Boy, known for its dense foliage, high yield and large fruit.  A globe-shaped tomato with a deep red, meaty interior. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/big_beef.bmpBig Beef - Bred for disease resistance and great taste! These high yield plants produce fruit up to one pound! 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/chocolate_cherry.bmpChocolate Cherry - Boasting the most flavorful tang of all cherries. Bunches of 8 mature from green to a rich purple. Best if picked a day or two early and left to ripen on a window sill to prevent cracking.

Early Girl.jpgEarly Girl - An old reliable variety known to be the earliest slicing tomato. Delivers heavy-bearing, 4-6 ounce fruits with smooth red skin. Great disease resistance! 


Early Goliath tomato.jpgEarly Goliath™ – All the goodness of the original but with the bonus of an extended growing season. Produces an abundance of sweet, 8 ounce fruits.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/goliath.bmpGoliath™ - Produces fruit up to 10 ounces with smooth red skin.  Widely adaptable and disease resistant. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/juliet.bmpJuliet - An All American Selections winner and all time favorite grape tomato. Fruits weigh about 1 ounce and are crack resistant. Big flavor in a bite-sized treat!

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/kellogs_beefsteak.bmpKellogg's Breakfast - One of the best heirloom tomatoes, this one bears bright orange fruit and juice.  Puts out giant fruit weighing anywhere between 16 to 32 ounces. 

Lemon Boy tomato.jpgLemon Boy - This plant prefers a very sunny location getting 6+ hours of full sun a day.  A unique variety with eye-catching lemon yellow fruit weighing and average of about 7 ounces. 


Patio hybrid tomato.jpgPatio hybrid -  A dwarf plant with compact vines perfect for containers or limited spaces. Produces firm 4 ounce fruits



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/whopper.bmpPark's Whopper - Produces big, juicy tomatoes that are crack resistant.  This meaty variety is great for slicing.  Excellent disease resistance.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/pink_girl.bmpPink Girl - A great pink variety that produces 8 ounce fruits with good flavor and crack resistance.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/roma2.bmpRoma - An Italian style tomato that is thick and meaty with a small seed cavity. Excellent for making sauces or pastes.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/sun_sugar_2.bmpSunsugar - A golden-yellow cherry tomato with a high sugar content and excellent tomato "tang". Ripens early and despite the thin skins, they are crack resistant. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/super_sweet_100.bmpSupersweet 100 - A sweet and tasty cherry tomato that boasts the highest vitamin C content of any tomato! Bright red, 1 inch globes produced with great disease resistance!


Tumbling Tom Red.jpgTumbling Tom yellow.jpg Tumbling Tom (red & yellow) – This one is ideal for containers or hanging baskets, will cascade to 20 inches or more. Produces loads of sweet 1-2” fruits in red or yellow.


Dixie Summer – Consistently produces high yields of shiny, lemon-yellow, crookneck fruits. Matures early, uniform growth.

Ambassador Zucchini.jpgZucchini Ambassador – Compact, bushy, open growth habit that has the potential to produce high yields over a long season. Matures early. Fruit is uniform, smooth, and straight with a glossy green skin.


Gold Rush Zucchini.jpgZucchini Gold Rush – Bright yellow, smooth, waxy skin exterior with a white fleshy interior. Resistant to bulbing, widely adapted.


Portofino Zucchini.jpgZucchini Portofino – Narrow, cylindrical shape with a crisp, distinct nutty flavor exclusive to Romanesco types. Bushy growth habit.

PERENNIALS/ - Vegetables


WaltersGardens-LO5283-AsparagusJersey-Giant.jpgJersey Giant - Superior variety consistantly yields 2-3 times more spears than others. Produces 7-9" green spears with purple bracts.  Likes full sun but tolerates part shade. Grows 4-5' tall with a 3' spread. 

WaltersGardens-LO18118-AsparagusPurple-Passion.jpgPurple Passion - Smoky purple spears with a refined, sweet flavor which turns mildly nutty and green when cooking.  Thick spears are tender from top to bottom, no wasted stringy ends. Full sun to part shade. Grows 3-4' tall with 18-24" spread. Zone 3-10.


WaltersGardens-LO3431-RhubarbVictoria.jpgVictoria - A slightly green variety that is said to be not as sweet as other rhubarbs. Great for canning/preserving.  *Remember, only the stalks are edible, ALL other parts of the plant are poisonous.

Fruits & Vines

Ficus (Fig)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/brown_turkey_hardy_fig.JPGFicus carica 'Brown Turkey' - edible fig hardy to zone 5! Bears bronze colored fruit with amber flesh. Fruits on new wood and bears loads of it! 

F. ‘Chicago Hardy’ – highest content of minerals and more fiber than any other fruit. Fruit interior is a strawberry red. Ripens in late summer-early fall. Zone 5-8

Fragaria (Strawberry)
F. ‘All Star’ – A June-bearing variety that produces sweet fruit with vigorous growth. Good disease resistance. Zone 2-9

F. ‘Éclair’ – A June-bearing variety that produces gourmet berries with a hint of raspberry and citrus flavors. Disease resistant. Zone 5-10

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Fort_laramie.bmpF. 'Fort Laramie' - Everbearing, heavy producer of large, sweet berries. Bred for improved cold hardiness. Good disease resistance. Zone 3-10.

F. 'Surecrop' - 
Low maintenance and productive, this variety is vigorous and disease resistant. Produces flavorful berries. Disease resistant and more adaptable to poor soil types.

WaltersGardens-LO19161-Strawberries-Fragaria-ananassaTristan.jpgF. ‘Tristan’ – An ever-bearing strawberry that features gorgeous hot pink flowers. A compact variety that produces few to no runners so it stays neat in a container. Produces small, bright red, sugary-sweet fruits all season.

Lonicera (Honeyberry)
loniceraborealis-9188-.jpgL. caerulea ‘Borealis’ – Produces a larger and sweeter berry than other varieties. Grows 4-5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

loniceratundra1-9187-.jpgL. c. ‘Tundra’ – Produces the largest berries with firmer skin than other varieties. Grows 4-5 feet tall.


Rubus (Raspberry, Blackberry)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/boyne.bmpR. 'Boyne' Red Raspberry - A sturdy plant that needs no trellis. Produces loads of sweet berries in mid July.  Grows 3-4' tall with a 2' spread. Zone 3-6.

3912-1_RubusCarolineRaspberry.jpgR. ‘Caroline’ Red Raspberry– Produces 2 sets of crops, first in late June and then again in August until frost. Grows 4-8 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. Disease resistant. Zone 4-8


R. ‘Fall Gold’ Raspberry– Everbearing variety with yellow-gold fruit that is very sweet. Vigorous growth, very hardy. Zone 3-10

R. ‘Heritage’ Red Raspberry – An everbearing variety that produces a moderate summer crop then a heavy crop from August to frost. Strong & productive plant, spreads fast. Zone 3-10

WillowayRaspberryShortcake.jpgR. ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ Red Raspberry– From Brazelberries®, this thornless variety is perfect for containers. Produces sweet fruit in midsummer. Prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Grows 2-3 feet tall and wide. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/chester.bmpR. hybrid 'Chester' Thornless Blackberry - Prefers full sun and average-draining soil. Produces loads of tasty berries. Grows 4-6' tall with a 3-4' spread. Zone 3-8.

Vaccinium (Blueberry)

Most blueberry varieties prefer full sun and acidic soil AND more than 1 variety should be planted to ensure cross-pollination unless specified.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/bluecrop.bmpV. 'Bluecrop' - Heavy crops of medium-sized berries.  Fruit ripens midseason.  Plants grow 5-6' tall with 3-4' spread. Zone 4-8.  

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/blueray.bmpV. 'Blueray' - Sweet, light blue fruits that resist cracking. Ripens in July.  Plants grow 4-6' tall with a 3-4' spread. Zone 5-8.  

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/chandler2.bmpV. 'Chandler' - A self-pollinating variety that boasts the largest berries you've ever seen!  This variety produces loads of large, sweet, juicy berries. Ripens in July. Grows 4-5' tall and wide. Zone 4-7.

V. ‘Chippewa’ – Large, dark blue fruit ripens earlier and is sweeter than ‘Northblue’ but with comparable yields. Glossy green leaves turn bright red in fall. Grows 30-40 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Zone 3-7

Jellybean blueberry.jpgV. ‘Jellybean’ – From Brazelberries®, this tiny little plant produces a good crop of large, sweet fruit in midsummer.  Only growing 1-2 feet tall and wide, it is perfect for containers or in the garden border. Leaves take a red tint in cooler weather. Full sun. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Nelson.bmpV. 'Nelson' - Dependable variety that bears loads of light but firm berries with good flavor. Upright, spreading growth habit gives this variety little need for pruning. Grows to a height and spread of 4-6'. Zone 4-8.

V. 'Northblue' - 
A self-pollinating variety that bears 3-7 pounds of fruit. Ripens in July. Grows 2-3' tall and wide. Zone 3-7.

V. ‘Northland’ – Small, dark blue fruit with a wild flavor. Does exceptionally well in northern climates, strong branches will not break under heavy snow. Great ornamental plant with attractive foliage and a low, spreading growth habit. Zone 4-7

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/northsky.bmpV. 'Northsky' - Showy, pinkish-white flowers give way to a crop of sky-blue fruit that is exceptionally sweet. Makes an excellent hedge or specimen.  Grows 2-3' tall and wide. 

Peach Sorbet blueberry.jpgV. ‘Peach Sorbet’ – From Brazelberries®, this is a small plant that provides all season interest. In most climates, leaves turn purple in winter and hold for the season. Produces a crop of sweet blueberries in midsummer. Grows 1.5-2 feet tall and wide, perfect for containers. Full sun. Zone 5-10

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/pink_lemonade_blueberry(1).jpgV. 'Pink Lemonade' - A great plant with multiple uses! Makes an attractive formal-looking shrub bearing white-pink flowers in spring followed by crisp red-orange foliage in the fall. The best part is the fruit, deliciously sweet and bright pink! Adds creative color to desserts and salads. Grows 4-5' tall with a 3-4' spread. Zone 4-8.

Vitis (Grape)
Grapes require at least 8 hours of full sun with a slightly acidic soil. They will need a trellis, fence, or espalier for support.
V. ‘Canadice’ – A red seedless, produces clusters of large fruit. Good winter hardiness. Excellent choice for jams, jellies, or fresh eating. Grows 2-3 feet tall and spreads 15-20 feet long. Zone 5-8
V. ‘Concord’ – Everyone’s favorite grape for making jams, jellies, juice, and even wine. Produces clusters of dark purple, seedless fruit. Vines grow at least 15 feet. Zone 5-9

V. ‘Himrod’ – An early season grape that produces clusters of small, seedless, sweet fruit.  Ripens into a golden-yellow. Vines grow 20-25 feet each year. Zone 5-8

V. ‘Lakemont’ – Produces tight clusters of yellow-green fruit that ripens in late summer. Excellent for fresh eating. Grows 2-3 feet tall and spreads 15-20 feet. Zone 5-8
V. ‘Mars’ – A blue seedless variety that leafs out later in spring, a good choice for areas prone to a late frost. Produces clusters of large fruit with a mild flavor in June. Grows 2-3 feet tall and spreads 15-20 feet. Zone 5-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/white_niagara.bmpV. labrusca 'Niagara' - Vigorous vine with deep green foilage with bold texture. Bears large, full clusters of green-gold fruit. Sweet and juicy. Fast growing vine at 20-25' a year. Zone 4-8.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/reliance.bmpV. l. 'Reliance' - A seedless variety known for its early fruit, a mild, sweet flavor, and excellent cold hardiness. Produces clusters of medium sized pinkish-red grapes that ripen early midseason. Grows 15-20'. Zone 5-8.


Cardinal – With an ornamental appearance, alluring aroma, and delicious flavor, this organic  basil features large leaves that are topped with dark red-purple celosia-like blooms. Makes an excellent garnish.
Genovese – Said to be the best for making pesto, this basil has a darker, sharper leaf than the Italian Large Leaf. Flavorful, much better than dried.
Italian Large Leaf – This one and the Genovese are the best for authentic Italian cooking. Leaves are smaller, lighter, and more delicate than the Genovese. Flavorful, said to be the best to flavor a tomato sauce.
Spicy Bush – A spicy, sweet flavor packed into a small, 1 inch leaves. Small, dome-shaped growth habit.
Sweet Thai – Authentic Thai flavor (anise-clove). Makes a great garnish for sweet dishes. Features green leaves with attractive purple stems and blooms.

Garlic – Garlic flavor. Leaves are slightly flattened compared to the standard chives. Produces a white bloom in August.
Onion (Standard) – Onion flavor. Crisp, round, hollow leaf. Produces purple blooms in June.

Bronze – Feathery, bronze-red leaves. Mild flavor.  

Sweet Marjoram – A compact plant with an aroma similar to oregano but with a sweeter flavor.

Mints in the garden need to be controlled as they can become invasive. Easier to control in containers but they will dry out quickly and require frequent watering.
Banana – Light green leaves with a strong banana smell and flavor. Use in tea, ice cream, smoothies, cookies, and muffins. Zone 5-9
Candy Lime™ – Boasts a superb sweet lime aroma that is said to get stronger after being stored overnight. Use in candies, cookies, cakes, salads, and even seafood. Zone 5-9
Citrus Kitchen™ – Predicted to be one of the most widely used mints in professional kitchens. Citric aroma and taste. Use it in stir-fry, fruit salads, fish, rice, and drinks – including orange juice. Zone 6-11
Fruit Sensations™ - Incredible flavor and aroma. Versatile, flavors anything! Zone 6-11
Italian Spice™ – Unique aroma combines the smells of Italian spices. Flavors pasta and other Italian dishes. Zone 6-11
Sweet Pear -  Gives off the aroma of ripe, sweet pears. Flavors tea and any other dishes that use mint. Zone 5-9

A curled leaf cutting celery. Easier to grow than regular celery with the same flavor. Good for mixing with salads.

Italian – Features a flat leaf with strong stems. Aromatic with fresh smells and flavorful, tastes like carrots. Easy to grow and a great variety for drying.
Moss Curled – The strongest of all the parsleys. Has a fresh, aromatic flavor of carrot greens.

Creeping – A low growing rosemary with a strong pine flavor and aroma. A fast grower with attractive blue flowers. Great for use as a groundcover or in rock gardens as well as herb gardens.
Hardy Hill – A drought tolerant and cold hardy variety with a pleasing flavor and aroma for cooking or making soaps. Retains a strong pine flavor when cut or dried. Upright and erect growth habit that blooms pale blue flowers.
Foxtail – Very aromatic with a plume-like growth that adds interest to the plant. Blooms pale blue flowers. Good with chicken, fish, pork, potatoes and flavors butter, oil, and vinegar.

Berggarten – Grown for ornamental and culinary purposes with attractive blue-gray foliage and purple-blue flowers. A unique and pungent aroma and flavor.
Purple – Grown for ornamental and culinary purposes. Foliage is an attractive purple color and blooms lavender-blue flowers. Use fresh or dried for cooking.

Doone Valley – Features dark green leaves that are tipped in gold in fall and winter. Will bloom dark pink flowers. Pleasant lemony fragrance. Drought tolerant once established.
Lemon (Green and Variegated) – Looks and grows just like English thyme but smells and tastes like lemon. Can be used in any recipe that calls for lemon flavoring. Leaves are solid green or a green and yellow variegation. Easy to grow and comes with a bonus – repels mosquitos!
Minus – Forms a flat mat of foliage crowded with tiny leaves. Blooms in clusters of tiny pink flowers. Works best as a small area groundcover or filler.
Winter – Very aromatic with a pleasant taste said to have a hint of clove. A stronger herb used in meat, poultry, and vegetables.
Wooly – A low, creeping variety with fuzzy, gray-green foliage. Occasionally produces pink flowers. Mostly used for groundcover purposes, works well between flagstgones and tolerates light foot traffic.


Mexican – Edible flowers and foliage on this easily grown plant. Flowers resemble marigolds. Features a rich aroma and anise-like flavor. Good substitute for French tarragon.