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This is a listing of plants that we will have in the spring.  Not all items are kept in stock throughout the summer and fall, so please call before coming to inquire about availability.  Phone # 618-483-5798.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.


WaltersGardens-LO18338-Andropogon-gerardiiIndian-WarriorPP24999A. ‘Indian Warrior’ Forms an upright clump of green foliage that starts to turn purple in mid-summer. In the fall the foliage is a deep purple with red highlights. Full sun. Easily adapted to a wide range of soil conditions. 5-6’ tall 18-24 inches wide. Zone 3-9




http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18394-Arundo-donaxPeppermint-Stick.jpgA. donax ‘Golden Chain’ Green and creamy-white variegated foliage retains its vivid color even in the heat of the summer! Grows to 12’. Zone 6-11.



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3461-Calamagrostis-acutifloraKarl-Foerster.jpgC. x a. 'Karl Foerster'  Showy, feather plumes with striking, erect, wheat-col­ored seedheads. 5' tall.  Zone 5-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO18080-Calamagrostis-brachytricha.jpgC. arundinacea var. brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) This me­dium green clump form is a rather tidy plant that grows 2' tall and wide. In September, dozens of 3' tall refined looking pink plumes top the clump. The pink color gives way to a bronze tone that stays until winter. Very impressive in mass plantings. Will tolerate hot summers much better than C. a. 'Overdam'.  An awesome accent plant-one of the Best!  Zone 5-9.  Sun, part shade.  (It may take considerable shade.) 


C:\Users\user\Downloads\WaltersGardens-LO4940-Carex-siderostichaBanana-Boat.jpgC. ‘Banana Boat’ Showy banana yellow and green striped leaves. Spreads gradually to form a dense mass. Deer resistant. Partial shade to full shade. 6-12” tall. Zone 5-9



 C. ‘Everillo’ – Forms a mound of bright green leaves that turn gold. Grows 12-18 inches in full to part sun. Excellent for container or ground use. Deer resistant. Zone 5-10

WaltersGardens-LO8992-Carex-morrowiiIce-Dance.jpgC.  ‘Ice Dance.’ Dark green leaves with bright white variegation. Vigorous plant that is easy to grow. Shows up well in the shade. Full shade to nearly full sun. 12-16” by 12-24”. Zone 5-9


D. cespitosa ‘Pixie Fountain’ A miniature tufted fountain grass. Deer resistant. Adds all season interest.  Full sun to light shade. 20-24” by 18-20”. Zone 2-7

ERIANTHUS  (Hardy Pampas) 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3498-Erianthus-ravennae.jpgE. ravennae  Tall stately silvery white plumes 9-12' tall. Lovely autumn color.  Zone 5-9.




Love.grass.jpgE. spectablis ‘Love grass’ Fuffy red plumes over green blades that turns a bronzy red in the fall.  Adds wonderful texture to any garden. Full sun. Drought tolerant.  18-24” tall by 2-3 ft. wide. Zone 5-8

FARGESIA (Clump Bamboo) 
See Bamboo Listing

FESTUCA (Blue Fescue)

Festuca ‘Beyond Blue’ – A new fescue grass with color that is described as an intense blue giving this grass year-round interest. Works well planted in mass or used as accent plants. In summer, blooms light blue flower spikes that fade into brown. A low maintenance grass, this one thrives in poor soils, heat and humidity. Deer resistant. Plant in full sun. Grows 10-12 inches tall, spreads 15-18 inches. Zone 4-10

F. glauca 'Boulder Blue'  
 Season long mounds of metallic blue. Just a hint more blue than 'Elijah Blue'. Grows 8" tall. Zone 4-8.


H.All.gold.jpgH. ‘All Gold’ Bright gold leaf blades create a bright spot in the shade garden. 15-20 inches tall. Zones 6-9



H. macra “Naomi’ Bright green and white variegated blades that turn a beautiful purplish-red in the fall. 8-16” tall. Zone 5-9


J. inflexis Blue Mohawk® – A warm season ornamental grass with upright, blue foliage. Grows 24-36 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide. Plant in full sun to part shade in the ground or it can be used as a water plant. A Proven Winner. Zones 5-9


L. muscari – Commonly known as lilyturf, this versatile, grass-like perennial can be used for borders, accents, groundcovers, and more! Grows 12-18 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide, blooms purple flowers in late summer/early fall, and will handle full sun to full shade. Zone 5-10

MISCANTHUS  (Maiden Grass, Eulalia) 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/adagio.jpgM. sinensis 'Adagio'  A superb dwarf maiden grass. Flowers emerge pink, becoming white. A superior performer. Thin silver gray foliage to 2'. Flower spikes to 4'. A Kurt Bluemel selection. Zone 6-9.


WaltersGardens-LO21926-Miscanthus-sinensisAutumn-AnthemPPAF.jpgMiscanthus s. ‘Autumn Anthem’ An ornamental grass that takes on an excellent round shape, foliage is dark green with a white stripe midrib and produces a mass of feathery white plumes in early fall. Grows to 5-5.5 feet tall and spreads to 5 feet. Full sun to part shade. Deer resistant. Zones 5-9


Autumn.light.jpgM. s. 'Autumn Light'  One of the hardiest.  Vigorous, with creamy plumes in late summer. 6-8'. Zone 5-9.



M. s. ‘Cabaret’ Wide ribbon like foliage with creamy white and green variegation. Useful for specimen planting, as an accent, or in mass plantings. 9’ tall. Zones 5-10

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO4473-Miscanthus-sinensisDixieland.jpgM. s. 'Dixieland'  A dwarf form of M.s. 'Variegatus'. Similar variegated foliage but shorter and more compact. Does not need staking. Showy, silky pink plumes. Grows 4-5' tall. Zone 6-9.

Cabaret.jpgM. s. 'Ferner Oster' (Far East)  A compact strong grower. Dark foliage with bright silver mid­rib. Beautiful deep wine inflorescence starting late July into August, eventually turning cream. Grows 4-5'. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3531-Miscanthus-sinensisGracillimus.jpgM. s. 'Gracillimus'  Upright arching stalks with feathery, fan-shaped pale pink panicles. 5-7' tall.

M. s. ‘Kaskade’  An earlier blooming Miscanthus variety. Narrow bladed and upright, its pink-tinted plumes rise high above its foliage in midsummer. Very choice grass. Grows 6-7’. Zone 5-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3546-Miscanthus-sinensisLittle-ZebraPP13008.jpgM. s. 'Little Zebra' (Dwarf Zebra Grass) Like M.s. 'zebrinus' but shorter and more upright Keeps its color all season. Reddish-purple plumes are produced reliably. Grows 3-4' tall. Zone 5-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3549-Miscanthus-sinensisMorning-Light.jpgM. s. 'Morning Light' Quite fine blades with distinct variegation of green and white stripes. 5-7' tall. Zone 5-9.



WaltersGardens-LO21921-Miscanthus-sinensisOktoberfestPPAF.jpgMiscanthus s. ‘Oktoberfest’ This ornamental grass has deep green foliage with a white stripe midrib that turns into fall colors with red and purple highlights. Plumes emerge earlier than other miscanthus in a dark color maturing to a creamy white. Growth habit is tall and upright, grows 6-7 feet tall and spreads 3-4 feet. Full sun to part shade. Deer resistant. Zones 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/WaltersGardens-LO3563-Miscanthus-sinensisStrictus.jpgM. s. 'Strictus' (Porcupine Grass) Horizontal golden banding on bright green leaves.  Stiff upright clumps, very similar to Zebra Grass except more erect.  Unique specimen plant.  5-6' tall. Zone 5-9.

Zebra.jpgM. s. ‘Zebra Grass’ Yellow and green banding. Pinkish copper tassels in summer. 5-7’ tall. Zone 5-9




PANICUM (Switch Grass)

Panicum ‘Cape Breeze’ –Foliage that is said to stay green until Halloween!  This switchgrass also features a compact size, early flowering, and an upright growth habit. Plant in full to part sun in average to dry, well-drained soil. Deer resistant.  Grows 24-30 inches tall, spreads 20-24 inches. Zone 4-9

Dallas.blues.jpgP. v. 'Dallas Blues'  One of the best wide-leaved, blue Panicums.  Grows 6-8' tall.  A blue switch grass with soft, pastel-pink seed heads.  Wonderful in mass or groups.  Great contrast color.  Works in sun to part shade.  Very hardy! Zone 5-9.


Hot.rod.jpgP. v. ‘Hot Rod’ Beautiful switch grass whose blades emerge blue-green and redden quickly to a rich maroon-red. 36-40” tall. Zone 4-10


Ruby.ribbons.jpgP. v. 'Ruby Ribbons'  Soft green foliage emerges in the spring on upright, clumping plants.  The foliage takes on a wine red color in early summer.  Grows 4' tall.  Zones 4-10.



WaltersGardens-LO12750-Panicum-virgatumNorthwind.jpgP. v. ‘North Wind’ Forms a dark green upright clump. This fast grower blooms in late summer with beautiful airy plumes. 5-6’ by 3-4’. Zone 4-9



PENNISETUM  (Fountain Grass) 

WaltersGardens-LO22153-Pennisetum-alopecuroidesDesert-PlainsPP20751.jpgP. a. ‘Desert Plains’ One of the best hearty fountain grasses. Makes a great focal point in any sunny garden. Has an upright, vase-shaped habit. 3-4’ tall and wide. Zone 5-9



P. ‘Hameln’ – A compact version of fountain grass with dark green foliage that turns gold in fall and blooms silvery flowers. Grows only 1.5-2.5 feet tall and wide in full sun to part shade. Zone 5-9

Piglet.jpgP. a. ‘Piglet’  This 2007 introduction is half the size of ‘Hamlen’, showier than ‘Little Bunny’. It has a clumping habit 18” tall by 24” wide. Works well in mass plantings or inter-planted with other perennials. Grows in full sun to light shade; moist, well-drained soil. Hardy Zone 5.





The.blues.jpgS.s. ‘The Blues’ Beautiful, low maintenance plant. Blades are an intense blue until fall when they turn purple. Needs full sun and well drained soil. 48” tall. Zone 3-10



S.s. ‘Smoke Signal’ – Foliage emerges as blue-green and changes to red and purple tones in late summer. Keeps a strictly upright growth habit growing 3-4 feet tall and 1.5-2 feet wide in full sun. Zone 3-9

SPOROBULUS (Prairie Drop Seed)

WaltersGardens-LO12688-Sporobolus-heterolepis.jpgS. heterolepis   
Fine textured, hair-like, medium-green leaves that turn golden with orange hues in the fall. Flower panicles appear in late summer and have a surprising frangrance that has been compared to coriander. Grows 2-3' tall and wide. Zone 3-9.