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This is a listing of plants that we will have in the spring.  Not all items are kept in stock throughout the summer and fall, so please call before coming to inquire about availability.  Phone # 618-483-5798.

Photos courtesy of Bailey Nurseries, Inc. and Willoway Nurseries, Inc.


Rosa Easy Elegance® ‘High Voltage’ – Blooms throughout the season in yellow, double blooms on neat foliage. It has a sturdy, vase-shaped growth habit and grows 4-5 tall, spreading 2-4 feet. Plant in full sun with an average, well-drained soil. Zone 4-9

Rosa Easy Elegance® ‘Paint the Town’ – All season flowering with blooms that resemble a hybrid tea rose in a medium red color on shiny green foliage. Takes more of mounded growth habit, growing 2-3 feet tall and spreading 2-4 feet. Plant in full sun with an average, well-drained soil. Zone 4-9
           Hansa Rose.jpg
Rosa ‘Hansa’ – A Rugosa rose with shiny green foliage and features a purple-red flower with a spicy clove fragrance. Plant in full to part sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows to 5 feet tall and wide. Very cold hardy. Zone 2-8



sweetfragrance3-4207 (1).jpgRosa Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance
Buds of coral, orange, and yellow open to fragrant apricot flowers. Matures to a salmon-pink. Makes a beautiful cut flower. Vigorous, upright growth habit with strong disease resistance. Full sun. 2-4 ft. tall by 2-3 ft. wide. Zones 5-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/home_run.jpg‘Home Run’  This flame-red offspring of the famous Knockout kicks the competition up a notch in regards to disease resistance. Rounded, bushy fast-to-flower and nearly always in color. We like the habit a bit more than Knockout and this deep red color is a Home Run. Born to Greatness! 


‘Pink Home Run’  Vivid, rich pink flowers. Just like ‘Home Run’, it is early to flower and produces fresh flowers every day. Home run is noted for disease resistance and heat tolerance. Grows 3-4 ft. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/knock_out.jpg'Knockout' 2000 AARS WINNER. Absolutely carefree and always performing, this shrub rose has won our hearts with its deep, almost florescent cherry red blossoms and dark moss green foliage. It never stops. The cycle of bloom and growth is never ending and it provides a continuous show of color from the first week in June well into the hard frosts of winter. Our new "No Fear Rose" does not need to be deadheaded for continuous color all summer. Grows 3'x3'. Zone 4-9.

'Pink Knock Out'  The Knock Out rose in a powerful pink color! Just like its parent, it thrives in humid climates where most other plants require spray and maintenance. It blooms non-stop in the early spring until the first hard frost.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/sunny_knock_out.jpg‘Sunny Knockout’  A new color in the most popular shrub rose family in North America. The yellow color stays stronger during the cooler times of the year. Winter Hardy to Zone 4.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/double_knock_out.jpg'The Double Knock Out'  The sister seedling of the famous Knock Out Rose is a true garden champion. The same disease resistance that makes 'Knock Out' so famous can be found in this new 'Double Knock Out' introduction. An abundance of small, almost miniature high centered double flowers cover this plant from spring till frost. With slightly smaller habit than 'Knock Out', it's perfect for small gardens and containers. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/pink_double_knock_out.jpg‘Pink Double Knockout’  The double knock out with a fabulous hot pink bloom! Hardy, drought tolerant upon establishment, this rose is a carefree showstopper. 


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/blaze.jpg‘Blaze’  A tough plant covered with impressive clusters of bright scarlet blooms through fall. Needs little maintenance. An excellent addition.

‘Eden Climber’   Probably the most popu­lar climber year after year. Sometimes slow to establish, but patience will be rewarded by an abundance of repeat blooms rarely seen with such large blooms. Extremely winter hardy and disease resistant. The combination between the soft color and the deep green glossy foliage has attracted gardeners world- wide.

'New Dawn'  12'. Own root. Double blush pink flowers. Recurrent blooming. Glossy, disease resistant foliage. Zone 5.

‘Winners Circle’  This new climber from the breeder of Knockout is sure to become a favorite. Winter hardy to Zone 5, it is one of the most floriferous climbers to date. The fire-en­gine red color is non fading and can take the heat. In the fall the foliage turns deep burgundy red and the plant is covered with bright orange hips. Grows 10-12’ tall.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/zephyrine.jpgZephirine Drouhin’ (Renaissance thornless  climber) Deep cerise pink blooms unfurl to completely cover the grass green foliage of this old fashioned climber. A strong bourbon fra­grance fills the air around each large bloom. Thornless canes and a petite habit make this the perfect climber for a decorative arbor or trellis. Blooms reliably in spring and fall. Grows 8-10' tall with medium, semi-double blooms.

AboveAll Rose.jpgRosa Above All™ – A climbing rose that features gorgeous salmon orange flowers with a fruity fragrance. A disease resistant plant with excellent vigor. Plant in full sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 10-14 feet. 



Westerland Rose.jpgRosa ‘Westerland’ – Blooms an apricot orange flower  with a spicy fragrance on glossy green foliage. Blooms and reblooms on old and new wood in its first season. Plant in full sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 10-12 feet.





Drift Roses are the great choice for small gardens. They are repeat-bloomers that are tough, disease resistant, winter hardy and virtually main­tenance free. Drift Roses are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniature roses. From the former, they kept toughness, disease resistance and winter hardiness. From the minia­tures, they inherited their well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. Continuously bloom­ing from spring to frost, they are naturally dwarf, with attractive foliage. Winter hardy to Zone 5. Prune back to 4” in early spring (after the last hard frost) for best performance. Regular dead­heading encourages re-blooming. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/apricot_drift.jpg'Apricot Drift'
 Double apricot colored flowers begin in spring and display a season long show of color. Grow 1-2’ tall and spread 2-3’. 

‘Coral Drift’  Large vibrant coral-orange blooms cover this 1.5’ tall groundcover rose.  This bright eye-catching blooms persist from Spring through fall.  The foliage of the plant is disease resistant.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/peach_drift.jpg‘Peach Drift’  Peach drift is one of the most floriferous dwarf shrubs available. Soft apricot-salmon blooms cover the plant from mid-spring to the first hard freeze. The mature plants are approxi­mately 2’ x 2’. Strong disease resistance.


‘Popcorn Drift’   This 1.5’ tall groundcover rose has glossy green foliage and yellow flower buds that open to a creamy white.  Thus the name ‘Popcorn Drift’.  It will reach a width of 2.5’.

‘Red Drift’  The most petite of the series, Red Drift is perfect for container gardening as well as for use in front-of-the-border. Mature height is less than a foot with a similar spread. Great flower power and disease resistance. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/sweet_drift.jpg'Sweet Drift'  Clear pink double flowers seem to float in clusters atop dark green glossy foliage. Most double-flowered of all the Drifts. Grows 1-2’ tall, 2-3’ wide.