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This is a listing of plants that we will have in the spring.  Not all items are kept in stock throughout the summer and fall, so please call before coming to inquire about availability.  Phone # 618-483-5798.

Photos courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc., Willoway Nurseries Inc., Missouri Botanical Garden, Greenleaf Nursery, and Iseli Nursery

AESCULUS (Buckeye)

A. parviflora  Bottlebrush Buckeye  A great choice for early flowering shrubs, blooms in spikes of white flowers in early summer. Multi-stemmed shrub with palmate leaves does well in part to full shade environments. Growsbetween 6-12’ tall and spreading between 8-15’. Zone 4-8

ARONIA (Chokeberry)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/AroniaAutumnMagic.jpgA. melanocarpa 'Autumn Magic'  A distinguished cultivar with better form, larger fruit, and superior fall color.  In spring it bears clusters of white flowers. Grows 3-6' with a 4-7' spread.  Zone 3-8.

A. ‘Viking’ – Glossy, dark green leaves turn an attractive shade of red in fall. Blooms fragrant, white flowers in spring followed by purple-black berries in summer. Grows between 3-6 feet tall and wide. Plant in full sun to part shade. Zone 3-8


Azalea ‘Millenium’ – Features a blue-green foliage with silvery undersides. Blooms red flowers in early to mid July. Plant in part sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 4-6 feet tall and spreads 3-4 feet. Zone 4-8

BERBERIS (Barberry) 

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/5646_Berb_thun_Admiration.jpgBerberis ‘Admiration’  A unusual specimen with a blaze of orange- red foliage with yellow margins.  Color holds up well in the summer heat.  Considered a dwarf only reaching 12-15” in 4 years.  Has a broad, upright growth habit.  Zone 5.


B. Bonanza Gold® – A dwarf barberry with bright golden leaves that are resistant to sunscald. Grows to 18 inches tall and to 36 inches wide. Plant in full to part sun. Zone 4-8


B. t. ‘Cabarnet’    An extremely dense, compact form of ‘Crimson Pygmy’ which requires essentially no pruning. Bright crimson new growth is followed by rich burgundy to purple foliage. Drought tolerant once established. Grows 2’ tall by 2-3’ wide.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/2725-1_BerbthunConcordeJapaneseBarberry.jpgB. t. 'Concorde'  A dwarf ball with velvety, deep purple foliage. An improvement over 'Crim­son Pygmy'. Grows to 18". Zone 4.


B. ‘Rose Glow’ – This barberry features rosy-pink leaves mottled with splotches of purple-red. Grows between 3-6 feet tall and 4-7 feet wide. Plant in full sun to part shade. Zone 4-8

CALLICARPA (Beautyberry) 

C. dichotoma 'Early Amethyst' 
  Early, bright purple ber­ries cover this great landscape plant. Can be used in mass or as a single specimen. rows 3-4' tall and 2-3' wide. Zone 5. 

C. d. 'Issai'  Small pink to lavender blooms followed by a heavy spray of violet purple berries. This variety stays small and rounded growing 3-4' tall with a 4-5' spread. Zone 5



C. d. f. albafructa ‘Duet’  A different kind of beautyberry, this one features variegated foliage, white flowers, and white berries. Showy in fall. Grows 4-6’ tall and spreads 5-7’. Zone 5-8


C. Purple Pearls® – A new beautyberry with dark purple foliage. Blooms clusters of pink flowers in late summer then on to a fall display of purple berries. It has an upright growth habit, growing 48-60 inches tall and wide. Plant in full sun with an average, well-drained soil. A Proven Winner®. Zone 5-8


C. First Editions®Sapphire Surf™ - A bluebeard that features an abundance of dark blue flowers on dark green foliage. Grows 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide in full sun. Zones 5-9

CORNUS (Dogwood)

 C. hessei  ‘Garden Glow’  Chartreuse colored foliage set on red stems, blooms white flowers in summer giving way to white-light blue berries. Best in part to full shade. Grows 3-4.5’ tall and spreads 3’. Zone 2-7


C. stolonifera ‘Arctic Fire’  A compact, non-suckering growth habit and features bright red stems forwinter interest and cut-flower arrangements. Grows 3-5’ tall and wide. Zone 2-7


C. s.  Pucker Up!®  This variety of red-twig dogwood grows 3-4 feet tall and spreads 4-5 feet. Grows best in full sun to part shade in moist to average, well-drained soil. It features puckered leaves that are highlyresistant to leaf spot. Bright red stems are left to make good winter appeal. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-8

Cornus oblique ‘Red Rover’ – This little dogwood brings multi-season interest. Blooms white flowers in summer which are a good source for pollinators, flowers turn into blue berries in fall, leaves go from green to purple to red for fantastic fall color, and the bold red stems give it winter interest. Plant in full to part sun with average to moist, well-drained soil. Grows 48-60 inches tall and wide. A Proven Winner®. Zone 4-8


D. Yuki Cherry Blossom™ – a small, compact shrub that blooms pink flowers in spring. Foliage turns red in fall. Grows 1-2 feet tall and wide and prefers full sun. Deer resistant. A Proven Winner. Zone 5-8

Deutzia g. ‘Yuki Snowflake’    This small shrub only grows 1-2 feet tall and spreads 1-3 feet with a neat, rounded growth habit. Blooms white flowers in spring and a lot of them. Deer resistant. Performs best in full to part sun with a moist, well-drained soil. Zone 5-8

DIERVILLA (Bush honeysuckle)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/diervillacoolsplash.jpgD. sessilifolia  ‘Cool Splash’
Bush Honeysuckle has clusters of yellow trum­pets atop the striking variegated foliage that holds even in the shade. This densely branched deciduous shrub forms underground suckers, and it is tolerant of inhospitable soil types. Grows 3-4’ tall and wide. Zone 4-7. 



Euonymous alatus ‘Chicago Fire’ – A burning bush that is said to turn its brilliant fall red color sooner than other varieties. Deer resistant. A larger variety, this one grows between 8-10 feet tall with an 8 foot spread so be sure to give it plenty of room. Plant in full sun to part shade in average, well-drained soil. Zone 3-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/euonymusalatuscompact1-0534.jpgE. alatus 'Compactus' (Dwarf Burning Bush). Zone 4-8. Dwarf form of winged burning bush. Bushy, compact, corky barked plant. Excellent for hedges. Brilliant scarlet fall color. Mature height 5', spreads 5-6'. Grows in sun or shade.


E. x macrantha  First Editions®Lotus Moon™ - Commonly known as a pearlbush, this small shrub blooms in spring. Buds appear like round, white pearls and bloom into white flowers. Flowers on old wood. Grows 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Plant in full sun. Zone 4-7


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/forsythiashowoffstarlet2-9503-.jpgF. ‘Show Off™’  Proven Winner Color Choice Selection. ‘Show Off’ has abundant, large, golden flowers and dark green foliage. A compact, rounded plant with a full and showy flower display from the ground up. Grows 3-6’. Zone 3.

F. x  ‘Show Off™ Starlet’  Fabulous flower display in a small package.   Bright, yellow spring flowers from base to tip. Grows 24-36” tall and wide. Zone 5-9. A Proven Winner.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/gold_tide.jpgF. x  ‘Gold Tide’   A dwarf low spreading variety.  Attractive feathery, fresh, light green foliage delivers wonderful texture.  Us as a groundcover or for massing.  Grows 24-30 inches tall by 4 feet wide.  Zone 5-9.

GENISTA (Dyers Greenwood)

G. lydia  Bangle® In late spring, this low growing shrub will burst out in yellow flowers. Drought and heat tolerant, deerresistant, and low maintenance. Interesting texture when not in bloom. Looks great planted in mass. Grows 12-24” tall and wide.  A Proven Winner®.  Zone 4-9

HIBISCUS  (Rose of Sharon)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Hibiscus_FE_Bali.jpgH. syriacus First Editions® Bali™  Upright shrub blooms semi-double white flowers with a red-purple center from late summer into fall. Grows to 5-8’ tall and spreads 4-7’. Full sun. Attracts butterflies. Zone 5-8

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/6898-1_Hibiscus_syr_FE_Fiji.jpgH. s. First Editions® Fiji™  Buds are a medium pink as they open and change into a light pink semi-double flower with a splash of deep red in the center.  Beautiful exotic looking plant with a medium to dark green foliage.  Grows 5-8’ tall and 4-7’ wide.  Zone 5-8.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Hibiscus_FE_Hawaii.jpgH. s. First Editions® Hawaii™  Blooms large blue flowers with a red-purple center from late summer into fall. Upright growth. Attracts butterflies. Full sun. Grows 5-8’ tall and spreads 4-7’. Zone 5-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Hibiscus_FE_Tahiti.jpgH. s. First Editions® Tahiti™   This variety of rose of sharon grows 5-8 feet tall and spreads 4-7 feet. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Double blooms in a gorgeous deep pink-purple flower with a dark red eye. Blooms from July until October. Attracts butterflies. Zone 5-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/6096-1_HibiscussyrLilKimPPAF-whitewredeye.jpgH. syriacus ‘Little Kim’  A Proven Winner. The only miniature Rose of Sharon. A unique little shrub with dainty little white flowers punc­tuated with a showy red eye. Flowers last for three days instead of the typical one day before falling. Great for mixed containers, mixed pe­rennial beds, or for around decks. Mature height is 3’-4’. Zone 5-8.

H. s.  'Sugar Tip' The bluish-green leaves have lovely creamy-white
margins and are topped with loads of clear pink, double flowers. Non-invasive, nearly seedless. Grows 8-10 feet and spreads 4-6 feet. Zone 5-8.



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/7309-1_HydrangeaarbIncrediball.jpgH. a. ‘Incrediball’  Clusters of massive white flowers on sturdy stalks in summer. Flow­ers the size of basketballs open a Key lime color that matures to a creamy white. Grows 4-5’ tall and 4-6’ wide. Zone 3-7.

HYDRANGEA macrophylla (Big Leaf Hy­drangea)

Of all the summer flowering shrubs, these cultivars offer the greatest color diversity and the boldest of blooms. Hydrangea macrophylla grows best in moist, well-drained soil and will benefit from partial shade. They are hardy to Zone 5, but flowering is more consistent in the north if the plants are grown in a microclimate and mulched over during the winter.  Untimely pruning can result in a lack of blooms. Flower buds are over-wintered on the previous year's growth. Shearing in the spring will remove the flower buds and you will have to wait another year. If shearing is necessary, do it right after flowering. Winter protection also protects the bud and will improve flowering. Hydrangea are fast and easy to grow.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Hydrangea_Bloom_Struck.jpgHydrangea macrophylla Endless Summer® Bloom Struck  A new addition to the Endless Summer collection, this hydrangea reblooms on old and new wood, filling the shrub with 3.5-5 inch, mophead style flowers. Flowers are a rose-pink in alkaline soil and a rich purple-blue in acidic soil. Grows 3-4 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. The glossy green foliage has red veins, on red petioles on red stems, making the plant stand out before it blooms. Prefers full sun to part shade in rich, medium, well-drained soil. Great specimen plant or cut flower.  Zone 4-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/4481-1_HydmacBlushingBrideEndlessSummer.jpgH. m. Endless Summer® ‘Blushing Bride’  Pure white flowers mature to soft pink. Reblooms on new wood for endless summer color. Grows best in part to full shade. Grows 3-6’ tall and wide. Zone 4-9.

H. m. Endless Summer® The Original  The first Big-leaf Hydrangea that blooms on both new and old wood for repeat blooming color all season long. The plant produces big, showy flower mops - clear pink blooms in alkaline soils and blue blooms in acidic soils with sufficient aluminum. If spent flowers are removed, the plant will bloom from June to frost. Unusually hardy, even in Zone 4 climates. Grows 3-5' in width and height, making it an excellent choice as a border plant to define boundaries or planting areas, a foundation planting, or to provide a backdrop for other flowering plants.


Hydrangea m. Everlasting™ Opal – Clusters of mophead flowers emerge in lavender-pink then change to a lime green with a pink picotee edge. Plant in part sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 3-4 feet tall and wide. Zone 5-9

H. m. ‘Expression’ Pink to Blue    A new hydrangea with impressive re-blooming flowers featuring double blooms that are pink to blue. Starts blooming in late spring until frost. Grows 3-4 feet tall and wide, prefers part sun and an average, well-drained soil. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/lemon_daddy.jpgH. m. ‘Lemon Daddy’ A sport from Big Daddy, this plant lights up the shade garden. The lemon yellow foliage is shiny and thick. The robust habit makes it a winner. Grows to 4’ x 4’. Zone 5.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafLetsDanceBigEasy.jpgH. m.  'Let’s Dance® Big Easy'  Reliable re-bloomer, blooms on both old and new wood. Exceptionally large mophead flowers progress from pink/green to pink and often back to green, ph sensitive. Grows 2-3 feet and 2-3 feet spread. Zone 5-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafLetsDanceMoonlight.jpgH. m. 'Let's Dance® Moonlight'
  A rebloomer with a compact habit.  Mophead flowers of pink or blue, depending on soil ph. Grows 2-3' tall and wide. Zone 5-9.

H. m. Let’s Dance® Rhythmic Blue – A reblooming hydrangea that features mophead flowers that bloom in early summer and again in late summer. Flowers are a rich pink in alkaline soils and the most vibrant blue when planted in acidic soils. Grows 2-3 feet tall and wide. Plant in full to part shade. Zone 5-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafLetsDanceStarlight.jpgH. m. 'Let's Dance® Starlight'
  A repeat bloomer on old and new growth.  Pink or blue mophead flowers, depending on soil ph. Another compact variety, grows 2-3' tall and wide.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/hydrangea_twist___Shout.jpgH. m. Endless Summer® ‘Twist & Shout’  Lacy deep pink blooms on sturdy red stems and deep green foliage. A new lace cap member of the ‘Endless Summer’ family. Blooms on old and new wood. Best grown in partial shade. Grows 3-4’ tall wide. Zone 4-9.

HYDRANGEA paniculata - Panicled Hydran­gea 

H. paniculata is easy to grow. Used properly in the landscape, these species can be quite el­egant. It is extremely adaptable and will grow in acid and alkaline, moist and dry soils as long as drainage is respectable. It even prospers in the heavier clay and clay loam soils of the Midwest.
H. paniculata flowers on new growth. Pruning should be undertaken in the winter months. Old flowers can be removed in early fall as they are turning brown or earlier if you want to use them for dried flower arrangements. 

H. paniculata ‘Bombshell’ – A dwarf variety with white, star-shaped flowers that mature into pink and bloom in mid to late summer. Plant in full sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 2-3 feet and spreads 3-4 feet. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Bobo_hydrangea.jpgH. p. 'Bobo'  A dwarf variety that reaches 2.5 to 3 feet tall and spreads 3 to 4 feet wide. Starts blooming white flowers, that take a pinkish tinge with age, from mid-summer into early fall and the flowers get bigger and fuller with time. Takes full sun to part shade with an average, well-drained soil. Zone 4-8


Hydrangea p. ‘Firelight’ – This hydrangea boasts huge, full flowers on sturdy stems. Flowers are white and mature into bold red sooner than other varieties. Plant in full to part sun in average, well-drained soil. Grows 54-72 inches tall and wide. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-8

H. p. First Editions® Great Star  Blooms clusters of large, white, star-shaped flowers from midsummer into late fall. Very showy. Grows 6-7’ tall and spreads 7-8’. Zone 3-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/4220-1_HydrangeapanLimelight.jpgH. p. 'Limelight'  
Exquisite bright lime-green flowers. The color is breathtakingly beautiful and adds much needed color to the late summer land­scape. Excellent vigor and floriferous blooming Grows 6-8'. Sun. Zone 3. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/7395-1_Hydrangea_pan_Little_Lime.jpgH. p. Little Lime™  This hardy, dwarf variety fits easily into smaller landscapes. Green summer flowers appear on new wood and turn pink and burgundy in fall. Soil pH does not affect bloom color. Grows 3-5 ft. tall and 4-6 ft. wide at maturity. Zone 3-7.

H. p. Mega Mindy®  A fast grower with strong stems to hold up the large, white flowers that turn pink-red in late summer. Excellent cut flower. Compact growth habit. Grows 4.5-5.5’ tall and spreads 3.5-4.5’

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/hydrangeapanpinkywinky4616-8.jpgH. p. ‘Pinky Winky’  Proven Winner, an incredible Hydrangea with unique, two-toned flowers, heads in mid-summer. Truly incredible sight to watch! The large 12-16” long flower heads emerge white, turn pink and continue to push new white flowers from the tip of the panicle. Flowers are held upright on strong stems Blooms regardless of climate, soil, ph or prun­ing. Use as a specimen or spectacular flowering hedge. Grows 6-8’. Zone 4.

H. p. Quick Fire®    Flowers of deep pink in late May or June, a little sooner than other varieties. Rarely to NEVER fed on by Japanese Beetles! It has a height and spread of 6-8'. Zone 4-8.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90H. p. First Editions® Strawberry Sundae®  A more compact version of the Vanilla Strawberry®. Flowers emerge whitethen turn pink and mature to red. Grows 4-5’ tall and spreads 3-4’. Zone 4-8

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90H. p. First Editions® Vanilla Strawberry™  Large flower panicles come in creamy white and then turn to a strawberry pink to red, on upright red stems.  New blooms give the plant a multi-colored effect for late summer/early fall. Grows 6-7' tall with a 4-5' spread. Zone 4-8. 

HYDRANGEA quercifolia-Oakleaf Hydran­gea

A plant of excellent foliage and numerous white flower heads that fade to pink. The oak-like leaves turn a divine wine in autumn. Best planted in moist, fertile, well-drained soil in sun to par shade with some shade being the best choice Mulch to maintain a cool, moist root environ­ment.
Blooms in mid-July, flower clusters are erect panicles 4-10" high, outer florets sterile. Leaves about the shape of Red Oak. White flowers turn pink in August. Will grow in sunny and dry conditions, but will do well in shade also.

Hydrangea quercifolia Gatsby’s Gal®
 – This oakleaf features large, white flowers that mature into pink in early summer and leaves turn red in fall. Plant in full sun to full shade with average to moist, well-drained soil. Grows 60-72 inches tall and wide. A Proven Winner®. Zone 5-9

H. q. Gatsby Star® - Incredible white flowers with double blooms that feature a pointed edge bloom in early summer. Green foliage turns red in fall. Grows 6-8 feet tall and wide. Plant in part shade. A Proven Winner. Zone 5-9

H. q. ‘Munchkin’ – A compact oakleaf, this one only grows to 3 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Blooms white flowers in early summer that are said to remain upright, even after a heavy rain. Dark green foliage has brilliant fall color. Plant in part shade. Zone 5-9

H. q. 'PeeWee'  As the name suggests, a compact variety with smaller leaves, smaller flowers, and a more restrained habit with less suckering.  Attractive fall leaf colors of bronze and purple. Grows 3-4' tall with 2.5-3' spread. Zone 5-9.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Hydrangea_q_ruby_slippers.jpgH. q. ‘Ruby Slippers’   This variety of oakleaf hydrangea has huge, 9 inch flowers that open white and age to a dark pink beginning in late spring. A compact plant, grows to 3-4 feet tall and spreads to 5 feet. Prefers full sun to part shade in a rich, medium well-drained soil. The oakleaf-shaped foliage turns red in the fall. Makes a great specimen or accent plant, good for shrub borders or informal hedge. Zone 5-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/4155-1_HydrangeaquerSikesDwarf_CC.jpgH. q. 'Sikes Dwarf' Grows 3-4'. A low growing dwarf with handsome, closely spaced foliage and numerous white flower heads. Great  for smaller gardens. As a young plant, it may be somewhat tender and should be protected in Zone 5. Stems and buds may be injured when winter temp goes much below -10º.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0592-1_HydrangeaquerSnowQueenOakleaf.jpgH. q. 'Snow Queen'  Big, bold and showy, 'Snow Queen’ blooms in June with large creamy white flower panicles that take on a hint of pink in late summer. Large, deeply lobed, oak-like leaves are another attribute that makes this plant a real standout. Grows 8' tall by 10' wide in a broadly pyramidal shape. Zone 5-9.

Hydrangea serrata-Mountain Hydrangea

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/PWTuffStuff.jpgHydrangea serrata 'Tuff Stuff'  Attractive mature reddish-pink, semi-double to double florets that create a mass of color.  This plant continues to produce new buds and flowers until frost with improved bud and stem hardiness with the ability to flower on new wood. Grows 2-3' tall and wide. Zone 5.

 (St. John's Wort)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Hypericum_CobaltnGold.jpgH. kalmianum First Editions® Cobalt-n-Gold   This variety of hypericum stays small, growing 2-3 feet tall and spreading 4-5 feet. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Starts blooming from late spring to early summer in a blanket of bright yellow flowers that butterflies can’t resist. Foliage has great fall color, turning yellow, orange, and red and reveals the exfoliating bark. A drought and deer resistant plant that works great as an informal hedge or accent planting. Zone 4-7 

H.  k. ‘Sunny Boulevard’  This tightly branched shrub is noted for its long bloom time, beginning in July and flowering until Septem­ber. The flowers are a rich yellow, small but numerous, and the leaves are willow-like. Full sun to part shade. Grows 2-3’. Pruning best done after blooming in late summer. Drought resistant once established. Hardy Zone 4. 

H. frondosum 'Gemo'  A tightly branched habit with a long bloom time, July through September.  Numerous small, bright yellow blooms.  Grows 2-3' tall. Zone 4.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0593-1_HypericumfrondSunburstStJohnswort_CC.jpgH. f. 'Sunburst'  Zone 5-7. A golden St. Johnswort variety that produces bright golden-yellow flowers from June to mid-October. Foli­age is a very handsome, distinct bluish green. An excellent border plant, the 'Sunburst' cultivar has proven superior in Midwest trials. Grows in full sun or shade, drought tolerant. Mature height 2-3', spreads 2-3'.

ILEX (Holly)

I. verticillata Berry Heavy®  The leaves drop earlier on this variety exposing the massive amount of large, bright orange-red fruit. Use ‘Jim Dandy’ to pollinate. Grows 6-8’. Hardy to Zone 3.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0607-1_IlexvertJimDandyMaleWinterberry.jpgI. v. 'Jim Dandy'  Formerly called "Dwarf Male". The male pollinator for all North­ern types, slow growing. Blooms heavily over an extended period. Pollinates Afterglow, Red Sprite and others. A Simpson introduction. Grows to 5'. Hardy to Zone 4.

I. v. 'Red Sprite'  2001 Illinois Nurseryman's Assoc. SHRUB of the Year.Most dwarf of any Winterberry, with the largest fruit of all. Slow growing 3-4' tall and broader than tall, bright red fruits to half inch in abun­dance, on very short stems. Leaves are broad, oval, small dark green. Deep red fruit is persistent through winter and edible to birds. Plant in full sun to part shade. Like moist, well-drained soil. Will grow in acidic or neutral, clay, loamy or sandy soil. Tolerates flooding. Jim Dandy and Apollo pollinate. Hardy Zone 4-8.

ITEA (Virginia Sweetspire) 

I. virginica   
Zone 5-9. Shrub valued for its racemes of fragrant white flowersthat occur in June and July when few other shrubs are in flower. Prefers moist or wet areas and wil do well in sun or shade.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0613-1_IteavirginicaHenrysGarnetSweetspire.jpgI. v. 'Henry's Garnet' An up-right, deciduous shrub that blooms profusely in June or July. A native plant excellent for naturalizing in moist or wet areas. Its foliage is bright green in summer changing to fluorescent red in fall. Mature size 4' x 10'. Can be trimmed to keep in check. Zone 5-9. Sun to part shade. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0614-1_IteavirgLittleHenrySweetspire_CC.jpgI. v. 'Little Henry' (Dwarf Sweetspire). This variety grows 18-24" by 3'. The sweetly scented pure white flowers shoot like fireworks in the early summer horizon. Low mounded, compact stature is perfectly suited for flooding large banks beds and borders. If burning bush has good fall color, then this plant is a wildfire. What more could you want in a plant?

Itea ‘Merlot’  This sweetspire shrub is a more compact version of ‘Little Henry’, growing 3 feet tall and spreading 4 feet. Can take full sun to part shade and prefers a moist, well-drained soil and can tolerate wetter soils. Blooms white, fragrant, flowers in summer and the green foliage turns a burgundy color in fall. Deer resistant. Zone 5



L. ‘Cherry Mocha’ – This crapemyrtle features burgundy stems, burgundy leaves and in late summer, clusters of red flowers compliment the dark foliage. A dwarf variety, this one grows 2-2.5 feet tall and wide. Plant in full sun in average, well-drained soil. Deer resistant. Zone 6-9

L. ‘Dynamite’  Foliage emerges red, matures to dark green, then turns orange in fall. Cherry red flowers appear midsummer into fall. Grows between 6-10’. Zone 6-9



 L. ‘Frappe Pink’ – Dark green foliage is topped in late summer with red buds that open into clusters of pink flowers. A dwarf, this one grows 2-2.5 feet tall and wide. Plant in full sun in average, well-drained soil. Deer resistant. Zone 6-9

 L. First Editions® ‘Plum Magic’ – a semi-dwarf crapemyrtle that blooms dark, fuchsia-pink flowers in summer. Foliage emerges a plum color before maturing to dark green. Excellent resistance to leaf spot and powdery mildew. Grows 6-10 feet tall and wide in full sun. Zone 7-9

L. First Editions® Ruffled Red Magic™ - Blooms carnation-like, ruffled red flowers in summer. Dark green foliage turns orange-red in fall. Resistant to leaf spot and powdery mildew. Grows to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide in full sun. Zone 7-9

L. ‘Victor’  A more compact shrub with an upright-rounded growth habit. Produces dark red flowers from midsummer into fall. Grows 3-6’ tall and spreads 2-4’. Zone 6-9.



L. i. x fauriei ‘Pocomoke’  A miniature hybrid that stays small growing only 12-18” tall and spreads 2-3’. Dark pink flowers appear from summer into fall on dark green, glossy leaves. Zone 6-9


L. i.  ‘Red Filli’  This bright red flowered, dwarf and hardy crapemyrtle reaches only 12-18” in height. The leaves turn a purplish tint in fall. Hardy to Zone 4.

L. ‘Tonto’ – Blooms large clusters of fuchsia-red flowers in summer. Foliage turns red-orange in fall. This variety is mildew resistant and tolerates heat and drought. Grows to 8 feet tall and wide in full sun. Zone 6-9

L. i.  ‘Violet Filli’   With lovely violet flowers, this dwarf crapemyrtle grows to only about a foot in height and width. Hardy to Zone 4.


L. thunbergii ‘Gibralter’ – commonly known as bush clover, this shrub has a beautiful arching, fountain-like habit that bursts into rosy purple flowers in late summer through early fall. Grows 4-5 feet tall and can spread between 4-10 feet wide. Plant in full sun to part shade. Zone 4-8

L. t. ‘Pink Fountains’ – this bush clover forms an attractive, fountain-like growth habit that blooms dark pink flowers in late summer to early fall. Grows to 5 feet tall and wide. Zone 5-8



 NANDINA (Heavenly Bamboo)

Nandina ‘Harbor Belle’ – An attractive evergreen shrub, the foliage emerges with a pink tinge in spring and turns burgundy in fall and holds the color in winter. Known as heavenly bamboo, it makes an effective ground cover or works as a specimen. Grows 1-2 feet tall and wide. Plant in full to part sun with average, well-drained soil. Zone 6-11

N. domestica Obsession™  A dwarf nandina said to have a dark green foliage at maturity but emerges a bright red and holds that red while it grows. Stays short growing 24-30 inches tall and spreading 20-24 inches. Prefers full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Good for slopes or mass plantings. Zone 6-10

N. d. ‘Tuscan Flame’  Distinguishable by compactbushy habit and year round bright red foliage that displays an overall lacy effect. Grows 4-5’ tall and 3-4’ wide in full sun to part shade. Zone 6-9.



P. First Editions® Snow White™ ‘Snowwhite Fantasy’  A repeat bloomer, this one will bloom in spring and again in summer. Flowers are 2”, pure white, double, and fragrant. Upright arching growth habit had a graceful appearance. Grows 5-6’ tall and spreads 4-5’. Full sun. Zone 4-8.

P. ‘Snow White Sensation®’   A graceful upright and arching growth habit. Pure white double flowers are fragrant and appear in spring and repeat blooming in summer. Grows 5-6’ tall and spreads 4-5’. Zone 4-7.



P. x virginalis ‘Minnesota Snowflake’  A larger shrub with a rounded growth habit. Pure white double flowers bloom in spring. Grows 8’ tall and wide. Zone 4-8.


Physocarpus First Editions ‘Amber Jubilee’  Striking foliage of orange, yellow and gold makes this one a show stopper.  Has a round dense habit making it great as a specimen or as a hedge.  Has a delicate white bloom in spring.  Fall foliage with tones of red and purple, make for year round intrest.   Grows 5-6’ tall and 4’ wide.  Zone 2-7. 

P. opulifolius ‘Little Devil’  
Will add deep burgundy foliage color to your garden in a compact, easy to grow and maintain shrub. An exciting improvement to ninebark selections. Very useful for smaller gardens and spaces where low maintenance is desired, as it needs little or no pruning and is free from pest and disease issues. The dark foliage is beautifully offset by button-like white-pink flowers in June. Grows 3-4’ tall and 3-4’ wide. Zone 3-7.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/PhysocarpusSummerWine.jpgP. o. 'Seward' SUMMER WINE   A cultivar noted for its deeply cut, wine-red leaves and retaining a compact form.  Pinkish-white blooms appear in spring. Has a height and spread of 4-6'. Zone 3-8.

RHAMNUS (Buckthorn)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/4618-1_RhamnusfrFineLineBuckthorn_CC.jpgR. frangula 'Ron Williams' FINE LINE A really cool new plant. A narrow upright habit with fern-like foliage. Use it to create narrow hedges or screens, or as an accent specimen or in a patio container. Good choice for the perennial garden, and its narrow habit makes it a great choice for entrances and patio gardens. This cultivar pro­duces very few fruit, none of which have been shown to be viable. This non-invasive cultivar is an excellent, responsible replacement for older weedy varieties. Grows up to 5-7'. Can use in full sun to shade. Hardy to Zone 3.


Encore® Azaleas are the world’s best reblooming azalea. They require 4-6 hours of sun and hold their attractive foliage all year around.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafAutumnAmethyst.jpgR. azalea Encore® ‘Autumn Amethyst™’  A repeat bloomer with a dark pink single form flower.  Has a nice green foliage in summer and purple in winter.  Most cold hardy of the Encore series Grows 4’ tall and 4’ wide.  Zone 6.

R. a. Encore® ‘Autumn Carnation™’  
Has true pink, semi double, extra full, medium width blooms in spring, late summer and fall. The glossy bright green foliage turns purple in winter. Matures to a size 4-5’ 
tall and has a spread of 4’. Zone 6.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafAutumnLilac.jpgR. a. Encore® ‘Autumn Lilac™’
 A compact, medium growth Azalea that has lavender-violet blooms with darker freckles. A drought tolerant repeat bloomer that has a mature height of 3.5 feet with an equal spread. Zone 6.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafAutumnRouge.jpgR. a. Encore® 'Autumn Rouge™'  
Double form, deep red-pink flowers against  shiny green leaves.  Upright growth, drought tolerant, rapid grower, and repeat bloomer. Grows 4.5' tall with a 4' spread. Zone 6. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafAutumnRuby.jpgR. a. Encore® 'Autumn Ruby™'  A faster growing variety that has neat, narrow foliage and blooms in red all season.  Grows to 2.5' with a slightly larger spread. Zone 6.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafAutumnSundance.jpgR. a. Encore® 'Autumn Sundance™'
 Evergreen foliage with a tint of red in the winter. Deep pink blooms that last all season. Grows to 3.5' with a slightly larger spread. Zone 6. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafAutumnTwist.jpgR. a. Encore® 'Autumn Twist™'  
Evergreen foliage with white to light pink blooms striped in purple (with the occasional soild purple bloom).  Drought tolerant and a repeat bloomer. Zone 6.

Deciduous Azaleas will lose their leaves before winter. They bloom in spring, hold a good shape all season, and prefer full sun.

R. a. Encore® Autumn Lily™ – one of the most cold hardy varieties, this one blooms single white flowers with an occasional purple stripe. Grows 4.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Zone 6-9

R. a. Encore® Autumn Royalty™ - Blooms single purple flowers. Voted Azalea of the Year by the American Rhododendron Society. Grows 4.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Zone 6-9

R. a. Encore® Autumn Sangria™ – a fast growing variety that bears large hot pink flowers. Grows  4.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Zone 6-9

R. a. Encore®Autumn Sunset™ - compact growth habit and impressive display of color from red flowers. Grows 3 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide. Zone 6-9

R. azalea  ‘Candy Lights’  Has intense Lavender-purple blossoms and flowers earlier than most others in the Lights series. Also has shown to have improved vigor and mildew resistance. Prefers sun to light shade and an acidic soil. Grows 3-4’ tall and wide. Zone 4-7.

R. a. Exbury ‘Gilbralter’  This variety lights up the landscape with flame-orange, ruffled flow­ers in the spring. Grows 4-7’ tall and spread width of 4-5’. Zone 5.

R. a. Exbury Lilac Lights™ – an improved form of Orchid Lights, this semi-dwarf has a more uniform growth habit and flowers are a deep lilac color that will not fade. Foliage turns yellow in fall. Grows 3-4 feet tall and wide in full sun to part shade. Zone 4-9

R. a. Exbury ‘Yellow’ – blooms yellow flowers in mid-spring. Grows 4-6 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Plant in full sun to part shade, or dappled shade. Zone 6-9

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0692-1_RhodGoldenLightsAzaleagold_CC.jpgR. a.   ‘Golden Lights’ Golden flowers appear in late may to early june.  They are smaller than that of  ‘Nothern Lights’ but are more striking.  Foliage displays great fall color and is more mildew resistant than most.  Grows 4-5’ tall and 3-4’ wide. Zone 4-7

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0696-1_RhodLemonLightsAzaleayellow.jpgR. a. ‘Lemon Lights’  Bright lemon-yellow flower. Grows 4-7’ tall and 4-5’ wide. Zone 5-7. 


R. a. ‘Mandarin Lights'  Blooms in early spring with bright, mandarin orange blossoms before it leafs out for summer. Grows 4-5’ tall and wide. Zone 4-7.

R. a. 'Northern Hi-lights'  Creamy white blooms with yellow upper lip petals.  Fall foliage is a burgundy purple.  Grows 4-5' tall with a 5' spread.  Zone 4-7.



R. a. ‘Orchid Lights’  A dwarf shrub with a compact form. Blooms earlier than the others in the Lights series. Flowers are a lilac purple and bloom in spring. Fall foliage is yellow. Grows 24-36” tall and wide. Zone 4-7

R. a. ‘Rosy Lights’  Flowers are a dark rose-pink. The spectacular display of fragrant flowers are produced in May or early June. Grows 4-5’ tall and spreads 5-6’. Very hardy. Zone 4-7.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/6197-1_Rhod_Westons_Popsicle_Azalea.jpgR. a.  ‘Weston’s  Popscicle’  Dark pink flowers with an orange flair are wonderfully fragrant.  Flowers open in late june after most azaleas have finished flowering extending the season.  Produces a large, upright shrub with lustrous green foliage that turns burgundy-red in autumn.  Grows 4-6’ in height and has a spread of 5’.  Zone 4-8. 

Evergreen Azaleas keep their green foliage all year around. They prefer part to full shade.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/girard_crimson.jpgR. a. 'Girard Crimson'  One of the finer, new hardy evergreen azaleas. Large flowers of bright crimson blanket the foliage. Beautiful in a mixed color grouping or a real 'stand out' specimen Mature size of 4' x 5'. Zone 5-8. 


R. a. ‘Girard’s Fuchsia’ – thirives in colder regions. Blooms single, red-purple blooms in spring. Grows 2-4 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide. Plant in full to part shade. Zone 6-9

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafGirardHotShot.jpgR. a. 'Girard Hot Shot'   Extremely hardy evergreen azalea with fiery red-orange to scarlet blooms.  Medium sized growth.  Zone 5.

R. a. ‘Girard’s Karen’ – Very hardy and reliable with a vigorous, upright growth habit. Blooms rich lavender purple flowers in spring. Foliage turns burgundy in fall. Grows 2-4 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide. Plant in full to part shade. Zone 4-9

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafPleasantGirard.jpgR. a.  ‘Girard Pleasant’  Large brilliant white flowers appear on strong sturdy foliaged branches.  Great compact plant that is extremely hardy. Evergreen foliage, grows 2-2.5’ tall and 2-3’ wide. Zone 5.

R. a. Girard ‘Renee Michelle’  Clear pink blooms on a compact evergreen shrub. Grows 18-24” tall and wide. Zone 5-7.



http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/GreenleafRoseGirard.jpgR. a. 'Girard Rose'  Evergreen azalea with deep rose-red blooms.  Brilliant red foliage in fall.  Grows 2-3'. Zone 5.

R. a. 'Rosebud'  Proven hardy, very popu­lar. Beautiful fully double rose-pink flowers on a dense, low growing plant. Especially showy in mass plantings; can also be used as a garden specimen. Mature size of up to 4' x 6' spread. Zone 5-8. 

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/stewartsonian.jpgR. a. 'Stewartsonian'  Single, brick-red blooms on an upright plant. Blooms early. Mahogany foliage in fall. Mature height 3-5'. 


A large, bold, broadleaf evergreen with a dense oval-rounded to rounded outline. Probablythe most durable and easily grown rhododendron for most gardens. Makes a stunning show at the edges of woodlands, in naturalized situations, or in the shrub border.

Rhododendron catawbiense ‘Cheer’ – Thick, evergreen foliage is topped with clusters of flowers in light pink blotched with darker pinks. Plant in part to full shade with average, well-drained soil. Grows 10 feet tall and spreads 4-8 feet. Zone 3

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Rhododendron_Lakeview_Pink.jpgR.  Inkarho ‘Lakeview Pink’  A pH tolerant rhododendron from the Inkarho series, it can be planted in a wider range of soil types and not limited to acidic soils. A spray of soft, pink, flowers emerge in late spring. Grows 5-6 feet tall with a 4-5 foot spread. Prefers partial to full shade and an averagewell-drained soil. Works great as a specimenplant or in the woodland garden.Zone 5-7

R. ‘Inkarho Roseum Elegans’ – a vigorous grower that sports lilac-pink blooms. Inkarho rhododendrons are bred to have superior root structure and are pH tolerant. Grows 5-7 feet tall and wide. Plant in full to part shade. Zone 5-8  

R. ‘Lee’s Dark Purple’  Rich dark purple blooms are stunning against the deep green foliage Grows to 6’ tall by 4’ wide.


R. 'Nova Zembla'  The hardiest red. Grows sun to part shade. Mounding growth habit to 4' x 3' in 5 years. Mature can be 12' x 8'. Can take some shearing.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0688-10_RhodPJMmauve.jpgR. 'P.J.M.'  4-5' tall by 3-5' wide. Masses of lavender blooms in early spring. Evergreen. Zone 4-7. 


R. ‘P.J.M. Elite’ – A vigorous, compact rhododendron with glossy, dark green leaves and blooms lavender-pink flowers in spring. Grows 5-6 feet tall and wide. Plant in full to part shade. Zone 4-8

R. ‘Vulcan’  One of the last red rhodo­dendrons to bloom, with flowers of bright, fire-engine-red in late May. It grows into a magnifi­cent mound of green and is heat and sun tolerant. Vulcan grows well in part shade. Will handle full sun if extra water is used in summer. Rhodo­dendrons are shallow rooting so require regular watering during the summer, especially in late summer when flower buds form. Reaches 5’ in 10 years. It is sun and heat tolerant. Zone 5-9.

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0695-1_RhodxkostMollisAzaleaoryelsalmon.jpgRhododendron X  ‘kosteranum Mollis Azalea’  Large waxen blooms in orange, yellow and salmon cover the plants in may and june.  Foliage is a deep green growing well in sun or shade but best in partial shade.  Grows 4-5’ tall and 4-5’ wide.  Zone 4-7

http://alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/rhododendron_purple_gem_flower1_-5850.jpgRhododendron X  ‘Purple Gem’  Unusual purple- blue flowers are highly prized.  Desirable for its dense , slow growing, dwarf stature and azalea like, deep green evergreen foliage.  Prefers some protection from winter winds and a well-drained, acid soil.  Grows 2-3’ tall with a spread of 3’ . Zone 4-7 


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0721-10_RhustypTigerEyesCutleafSumac.jpgR. typina 'Tiger Eyes'  An amazing spectacle of color. The new growth is  vivid chartreuse green, quickly chang­ing to bright yellow. The leaf stems are a fuzzy purplish-pink and form a dramatic contrast with the lemon lime foliage. The branches angle upward while the deeply cut leaflets drape downward giv­ing the whole plant a rather elegant, oriental look. The colors are absolutely magnificent in the fall as it turns luminous combo of yellow, orange and intense scarlet. Tough and easy to grow, 'Tiger Eyes' differs from other Sumac in a number of ways. The most obvious being its small size, reach­ing a manageable height and width of just 6'. It spreads slowly and should not be considered inva­sive. Prefers full to part sun and is not particular about soil type and once established is quite drought tolerant. Zone 4-8.

SALIX (Willow)

S. integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’   (Dappled Willow) A graceful, arching growth habit. Leaves emerge bright pink and then mature into a variegation of white, pink, and green. Grows 6’ tall and 5’ wide. Part to full sun. Zone 3-7.



SAMBUCUS (Elderberry)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/4619-1_SambnigBlackLace_CC.jpgS. nigra  BLACK LACE  A Proven Winner selection. Intense purple black foliage is finely cut, giving it an effect similar to that of Japanese maple. Soft pink flowers in spring contrast nicely with the dark leaves. They are followed by blackish red fall berries which can be harvested for making elderberry wine or jam, or left for the birds. Very cold hardy and easy to grow. Full sun for best color. It can be used as a dramatic accent plant, planted en masse for a trouble free hedge, or incorporated into the mixed or perennial border. Left alone it will reach up to 8' in height, but can also be pruned back each year to fit into more formal settings. Zone 4.

S. racemosa Lemony Lace® - blooms white flowers in early spring before the finely dissected, bright yellow foliage emerges. This low maintenance plant grows 3-5 feet tall and wide though it can be pruned to stay smaller. Plant in full to part sun.  A Proven Winner. Zone 3-7

SORBARIA (Ural Falsespirea)

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0742-1_SorbariasorbAshLeafSpirea.jpgS. sorbifolia  Looks much like a giant, white Astilbe with its bold and dramatic 6-10" flowers during July and August. Bold tropical looking leaves and suckering habit. It is easy to grow and is site adaptable. Grows 5-10'. Sun to part shade. Zone 3. 


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Spirea_Glow_Girl.jpgS. betulifolia  Glow Girl™ Birchleaf Spirea  This particular spirea is an attractive shade of lime green that blooms white flowers in spring. Grows 3-4 feet tall and wide, growth habit is rounded and compact. Takes full sun to part shade in an average, well-drained soil. Deer resistant. Zone 3-8

S. b. ‘Tor’ – a birchleaf spirea in a compact form growing 2-3 feet tall and wide. Blooms tiny white flowers in spring. Birch-like leaves are dark green with fall colors of orange, red, and purple. Plant in full sun. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/spireamagiccarpet3-0761.jpgS. j.  ‘Magic Carpet’  A neat compact mound with vibrant new red leaves. Clusters of small pink flowers contrast with the bright gold mature foliage. Rich russet fall color. Grows 18” tall, 2’ wide. Zone 4-9.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/goldmound.jpgS. j. 'Gold Mound'. Bright gold foliage, pink flowers, and a low mounding form. Grows to 2'. Zone 4.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Spirea_Sundrop.jpgS.  First Editions® Sundrop™  A natural dwarf variety, this spirea only grows 12-15 inches tall and spreads 2-3 feet. Holds a golden yellow foliage throughout the summer heat and blooms tiny pink flowers in early summer. Requires little to no pruning. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Deer resistant. Zone 3-8

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90S. prunifolia Bridalwreath Spirea   In early spring the arching branches produce a mass of double white flowers before the leaves appear. Vase-shaped growth habit. Grows 5-9’ tall and spreads 6-8’. Full sun. Zone 4-7


S. x vanhouttei ‘Renaissance’   Selected for having more disease resistant foliage, it is also resistant to drought and deer. Vase-shaped growth habit. Produces white flowers in spring. Grows 5-7’ tall and spreads 6-8’. Zone 3-7



 S. x Double Play® Big Bang – Spring foliage emerges orange and matures to bright yellow. Blooms a mass of pink flowers in summer. Grows 2-3 feet tall and wide in full to part sun. Deer resistant. A Proven Winner. Zone 3-8

S. x Double Play® Blue Kazoo® – Features a blue foliage that turns a rich red in fall. Blooms white flowers in spring that attract hummingbirds. Deer resistant. Plant in full to part sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 24-36 inches tall and wide. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-8

 S. x Double Play® Red – Emerging spring foliage is burgundy changing to green and features true red flowers unlike any other spirea. Plant in full sun to part shade with average, well-drained soil. Grows 24-36 inches tall and wide. A Proven Winner®. Zone 3-9


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0787-1_SyrmeyeriPalibinDwfKoreanLilaclilac_CC.jpgS. meyeri 'Palibin' (Dwarf Korean Lilac) 4-5'tall by 5-7' wide. An unusual dwarf variety with excellent, uniform habit. Reddish- purple buds open to single, pale lilac, fragrant flowers. Profuse blooms at an early age. Zone 3-7.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0792-1_SyrpatMissKimLilaclilac.jpgS. patula 'Miss Kim'  6-7' tall by 5-6' wide. A new, hardy lilac from Korea. Purple buds open to single, fragrant, pale lilac flowers when other lilacs have finished. Beautiful burgundy-red fall color. Zone 3-7.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0798-1_SyrvulgCommonPurpleLilacpurple_CC.jpgS. vulgaris (Common Purple Lilac) 12-15' tall by 8-12' wide. Extremely fragrant, purple flowers in May. A perfect informal hedge or screen. Great as a cut flower. Zone 2-7.

S. v. ‘Elsdancer’ Tiny Dancer™ – A smaller and more compact form of the common lilac, this variety stays smaller but still blooms large, fragrant flowers perfect for cutting. Blooms on old wood so its best to prune right after flowering. Grows 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide in full sun. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/syringa_bloomerang.jpgS. x Bloomerang®  A color choice plant. It is a remarkable new lilac with fragrant purple flowers that burst forth in spring and then again in midsummer and continue right up until frost. It has a compact, full growth habit and small leaves that make it the perfect shrub for smaller gardens. Grows 4-5’ tall and 4’ wide. Full sun to partial shade. Hardy to Zone 3. Do not plant in heavy clay or wet soils.

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/Syringa_Bloomerang_Dark_Purple.jpgSyringa x Bloomerang® Dark Purple
This variety is a bit bigger than other Bloomerang® varieties growing 4-6 feet tall and wide. Bears dark purple flowers in spring with a repeat performance anywhere from
mid-summer to fall. Prefers full sun and an average, well-drained soil. Zone 3-7


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/tamarix.jpgT.r. ‘Summer Glow’  Rosy flower spikes all summer. Has feathery, silver-blue foliage. Can grow to 8-10 feet and spread 6-8 feet. Compactness can be improved by hard pruning in the spring. Zone 2-7.


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/3403-1_VibcarlesiiKoreanspice_CC.jpgV. carlesii (Koreanspice Viburnum) Spicy sweet fragrance fills the air in early spring when the pink buds expand to white snowball flowers. Beautiful burgundy fall color is icing on the cake. Grows 6-8' tall. Zone 4.

V. nudum 'Brandywine'  A Proven Winner selection. Delivers loads of breathtaking berries that transform from green to shades of vivid pink and blue. Showy, glossy leaves change to incredible dark maroon-red in autumn. Grows 5-6'. Zone 5-9.


V. burkwoodii – A hybrid that blooms incredibly fragrant white flower clusters in late spring. They can grow anywhere between 8-10 feet tall and 6-7 feet wide. Plant in full sun to part shade. Very tolerant of a wide range of soil. Zone 4-8

Viburnum All That Glows PW.jpg V. dentatum var. deamii All That Glows® - An arrowwoof viburnum with glossy green foliage and sports hundreds of white flower clusters in spring. With a pollinator nearby (recommended pairing with All That Glitters®), the flowers mature into shiny blue fruit. Grows 4-5 feet tall and wide. Plant in full to part sun. A Proven Winner. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/0838-1_Vibxjuddi.jpgV. x juddi Judd Viburnum.
 Lovely blooms in spring are highly fragrant, the buds are a dark pink and open to white. Forms a large rounded shrub with dark green foliage which has good disease resistance to bacterial leaf spot. Can grow 6-8' tall with a spread of 4-6'. Zone 5-8.


Vitex Blue Puffball.JPGVitex Blue Puffball™ – This small shrub has a natural ball-shaped growth habit. Blooms fragrant, blue flowers from June to September. Plant in full sun with average, well-drained soil. Grows 3 feet tall and wide. Zone 6-9




http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/2878-1_WeigelaflorDarkHorse.jpgW. ‘Dark Horse’  A compact, dark leaved, pink-flowered variety. Grows only 2-3' tall and wide. Is a dense, rounded shrub that works well in smaller spaces. Best in full sun. Zone 3-8.




Weigela Midnight Wine.jpgW. f. Midnight Wine® - this dwarf features burgundy-purple leaves and pink flowers. Because of its small size, pruning is not necessary. Grows 10-12 inches tall and 18-24 inches wide in full sun. A Proven Winner. Zone 5-8


http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/sonic_bloom_pink_weigela-0631.jpgW. Sonic Bloom™ Pink & Red  The Sonic Boom™ series are the strongest reblooming weigelas starting in May and continuing in waves until frost, deadheading not required. They grow 4-5 feet tall and wide, taking full to part sun in an average, well-drained soil. Blooms are a hot pink or lipstick red. Attracts hummingbirds. Zone 4-8

http://www.alwerdtsgardens.com/attachments/Image/PWSpilledWine.jpgW. ‘Spilled Wine’  Has dark red, wavy leaves and a spreading habit with hot pink-magenta flowers. Grows 24” tall and 36” wide. Zone 4-8. A Proven Winner.