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We have a new root stimulator called Root & Grow. When you purchase a tree or shrub, the correct size bottle of Root & Grow, and at least 1 bag of any soil amendment, Bonide will guarantee your trees/shrubs for 2 years! We'll give you all the necessary paperwork & if your tree/shrub dies at any time in the 2 years, Bonide will send you a voucher for 100% of the amount you spent on the tree/shrub(s) & that is for you to come back & spend on anything you wish here at the garden center. Please note that you must purchase all 3 (plant, root stimulator, soil amendment) for Bonide to honor the deal. For all trees, you must purchase the gallon size bottle, 5 gallon shrubs require the quart sized bottle, and 3 gallon and less require the pint sized bottle. Soil amendments include 3-way mix, mushroom compost, mulch, topsoil, & Espoma fertilizers. This deal includes rhododendrons & azaleas, currently not covered by our own 6 month guarantee, but DOES NOT INCLUDE ROSES (which are covered by our own guarantee). 




If you haven't heard, succulents are one of the biggest horticultural trends going on right now & we have a huge selection again this year! Come see our succulents in pre-planted containers or pick out a few to make your own.


Tropicals/HOUSEPLANTS are Coming mid-april 2019!

We have an amazing variety of tropicals/houseplants coming in this year as well as more succulents AND air plants!

Containers/pottery/fountains/garden décor/

For 2019 we have an incredible selection of pottery and containers in all shapes, sizes, and colors for your outdoor and indoor plants as well as making succulent and air plant arrangements. New fountains are in this year and will be on display inside our sales shop and outside. We have so much garden décor this year our sales shop is full. You’ll have to come out and see all of it, there’s too much to list!




Pottery Discount

Assorted pottery pieces are marked 20% off. Pottery marked with a red dot are available for the discount.